Memory Lost Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: The Hazy Morning Part 3

Xu Si Bai is leaning over to the side of the car window.  The sound insulation is very good. The scenery outside is quiet yet bustling.  A few of the criminal investigators are discussing something inside of the car, but it's nothing to do with him, so he's not really listening.

Every now and then whenever he lifts his head, he sees the police car from not far away with the two of them like a painting; both beautiful and standing closely.

Xu Si Bai doesn't really want to look at them.  But they seem to appear in this field of view all the time.

"Forensic Investigator Xu," a criminal investigator greets smiling as he hands him a bottle of water.  Xu Si Bai takes it absentmindedly saying thanks softly. The person smiles as he's already used to Forensic Investigator Xu's quietness and desolateness.

Xu Si Bai twists open the cap and drinks from the bottle slowly.  He knows that he shouldn't, but he understands that it's really a feeling of stubbornness.  After being let go by her, he truly feels unreconciled. He puts the bottle down mocking himself.  His eyes look in their direction again.

He's stunned.

It's empty beside the police car.

Where did they go?

His eyes are like the wind as they search through the crowd quickly and anxiously.  And through the dark tinted windows, he can only see many people bustling on the streets with dazzling lights.  There is no sign of the two of them.

He opens the door, gets out, and starts looking around.

At the same time, as if it knows his anxiousness, the walkie talkie that he left behind on the car seat suddenly makes a noise.  And all of the walkie talkies that the other criminal investigators are carrying also receive the signal.

"It's Han Chen.  Target has been spotted.  I repeat, the target has been spotted," even through the walkie talkie, that man's voice is deep and powerful.  But Xu Si Bai doesn't like his voice and everything about him. From the first day they met, he never liked him.

It's probably because it was the first time he saw the way she looked at him.  It was full of elements that he could not grasp.

And back then he knew that she would never look at him the same way.

All the criminal investigators are nervous.  Xu Si Bai is standing beside the car looking indifferent.  They then hear Han Chen continue, "Contact Qin Wen Long immediately and be on full alert."  His breathing is quick and there's a bit of the sound of the wind. He seems to be running, "Request a large amount of police support to maintain the order of the crowd.  Also, have the swat team on standby and prepare to attack by force if necessary."

The criminal investigators all get to work immediately like a cat on a hot tin roof.  Those who need to make phone calls are making phone calls; those who need to search for others are searching for others.  They are all well trained, so the news is spread to the others very quickly. At an instant, the tens of officers at the peninsula have already received the order.  They gear up and head towards the Century Hotel. They also connect to Qin Wen Long through the phone at the same time to tell him everything.

Xu Si Bai is also a little nervous.  He knows very well that if it is really what Han Chen suspects it is, today will be the seven-member organization's final fight.  Su Mian, being at the front-end of it, will be in great danger. Where are the two of them right now? Where is she?

His face is fair white and cold, yet his eyes are searching through the crowd furiously.  He's actually able to spot a familiar figure below a building rather far away among the ma.s.sive crowd.

The crowd is still peaceful and full of energy.  The sun is s.h.i.+ning brightly and everyone's face seems to look relaxed.  It's actually not hard to find them. It's because they stand out so much.  Two shadows, one tall and one graceful, are das.h.i.+ng through the crowd quickly toward the Century Hotel.  They pursue to their destination without looking back.

Xu Si Bai suddenly feels a kind of bitterness yet gentleness surging up in his heart quickly.  They're clearly heading toward danger, yet he's taking her with him. But it's the same feeling that he gets every time when he watches them leave together.  He's been by her side for three years, but not once has he ever accompanied her for real like Han Chen.

Han Chen's voice comes on the walkie talkie again, "Send two people over to support me and Xiao Bai.  We're……" he announces his location.

Two criminal investigators carry their firearms and hop out of the car with a stern look on their faces.

Xu Si Bai keeps quiet for a second before standing in front of them, "I'll go."

The criminal investigators are shocked.  Someone says, "Mister Forensic Investigator, this is a fight with real weapons.  Our opponents are tough criminals. It's best that you……" Before he finishes, Xu Si Bai pulls out a gun from his waist.  His moves aren't very quick, but he definitely has good reflexes. Since no one thought that he would be carrying a gun, the criminal investigators are caught off-guard.

Everybody is struck dumb while he lowers his arm with the gun in his hand.  He says calmly, "If it's a physical fight, a forensic investigator is also trained to defend and fight and his skill is comparable to a criminal investigator.  Let's go."

He says these words like it's a matter of fact, yet his expression is as cold as ice.  The others can't find a reason to reject him. One of the most skillful criminal investigators looks at the others and nods, "I'll go with mister forensic investigator then.  You guys keep a close watch and be prepared to call for more support."

The rest of the men nod and they watch the two of them leave running.  But someone can't help but murmur in his heart: it looks like after the kidnapping incident last time, Forensic Investigator Xu seems a little different.  But then again, he's still quiet, cold, and proud as usual. It's hard to explain how he's different.

And Xu Si Bai is running through the crowd with a gun in his hand as he stares at the couple far away.  He clears his head and has only one thought in mind——if today is really the last fight from the seven-member organization, he just wants to protect her.

Even if she has no feelings for him.

He can't bear to lose her and don't want to lose her.


Han Chen and Su Mian close in on the Century Hotel area.  From the outside, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong.  The glamorously built architecture stands in the sun; its garden is filled with colorful plants and trees, extravagant like a palace.  The bellboy is directing cars and taking the luggage. Since it's only been open for a few days, there aren't a lot of people. There are customers and workers walking past them occasionally.

The two of them observe the entrance for a while.  Their support arrives. Han Chen doesn't show any change in his expression seeing Xu Si Bai.  But Su Mian is a bit stunned. Xu Si Bai looks calm as he walks to her side and looks at her with gentleness in his eyes.

Su Mian immediately understands the meaning behind his gaze.  She remains quiet for a moment before whispering, "Be careful."

"You too," he answers.  He's not wearing a police uniform; he's still in his usual light colored jacket accompanied by a pair of soft textured pants.  He's tall and thin. He stands by her side just like this.

Han Chen is standing on her other side looking indifferent.

The other criminal investigator who has come is called, Ding Jun.  He observes the situation for a moment and then asks, "Leader Han, do we go in?"

Han Chen's eyes are solemn as he shakes his head, "Don't act rash.  Let's wait until everything is ready on Qin Wen Long's end."

Memory Lost Chapter 140

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