What is a Yandere? Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

TL: flarewk

"After you've fainted, I fought with that s.l.u.t, and I managed to slice her arm~ a pity that my strength wasn't enough, so it wasn't completely sliced off....that s.l.u.t doesn't love Hiroto at all, she just ran away just like that, so I carried Hiroto home~ when I was carrying Hiroto back home Hiroto had that s.l.u.t's scent all over, so after I licked Hiroto's entire body three to four times then that s.l.u.t's scent finally vanished, damm it."

I suddenly remembered an important thing: "What time is it right now, let's hurry up and go to school!! Otherwise we'll be late already, wait...? Did you just say lick........."

Miwa got off the bed, walked to behind my back and hugged my neck as she chuckled whilst saying: "That's right, licking~ Hiroto is so delicious, as for the school Hiroto doesn't need to worry about it, I already applied for leave with Sensei, so Hiroto just need to stay together with me, no one will disturb the both of us~"

Even through my clothing, I can still distinctly feel the voluptuousness of Miwa's b.r.e.a.s.t.s from my back.

I can completely feel my face burning up, and hastily struggled out of Miwa's hug: "Miwa, umm well then I'll be going first, thanks for your care."

Miwa continued to stand at her original spot in the nude as she smiled towards me: "Hiroto loves me, so he will definitely come back~"

(What joke is this, I don't even like you at all, so how will I come back.)

The moment I walked out of the room towards the living room, I got stunned upon seeing the scenery in the door's direction.

The door was actually blocked by a pile of furnis.h.i.+ngs, the fridge....television....tables.....all sorts of items were piled up before the door, and there wasn't any gaps in between. I tried to stretch forward my hands to move these away.

(Damm it, I can't move these at all, so Miwa had already placed these here all along?)

I tried to search for something that looked like a wooden pole in the living room, hoping that I might use the principle of levering to slowly move off the items one by one.

I'm not sure why the living room is slightly dark, which resulted in me searching for half a day in futile, afterwhich I scratched my head in vexation: "It's so dark, there's actually nothing around that's like an wooden pole, even if it's a broom it would do...looks like I can't exit here already..................since I can't go out through the door, well then can't I exit via the windows? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaah I'm such a genius!"

I hastily ran to the windowside and opened up the windows; I originally thought that I could exit from here, but reality hit me once again.

The windows actually were nailed shut from outside using wooden boards, and even though I exerted my entire's body strength into trying to push away the wooden boards nailed onto the windows, the boards didn't even budge an inch.

"No wonder the house was rather dark, so Miwa had planned this all along from the start? What's she up to exactly?"

I angrily rushed back to Miwa's room, and forcefully pushed open the door, to notice that Miwa was still in the nude lying on the floor and had her face buried into the chair that I had sat on earlier, she was rubbing her face onto it.

(I think I started to feel a little disgusted towards Miwa actions, so gross...)

When Miwa saw that I had returned, she stood up from the ground and hugged my head into her arms: "Hiroto, you've returned, so you've really loved me hehee, I knew that Hiroto would never leave me behind and not caring about me."

Miwa hugged me so tightly that I had difficulties in breathing, I tried to push Miwa away, but my strength really paled in comparison to Miwa's.

"Miwa, can you let me go? Your hugging really made me having a hard time to breathe."

"No way, what if Hiroto got s.n.a.t.c.hed away by another woman again?"

Hearing this made me slightly mad: "So what if I was to be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by other women? Miwa-san, we really only knew each other for just a few days only, I'm very thankful that you were by my side comforting me when I was in depression, but your this state right now really made me rather vexed, can you let go of me?"

Miwa got stunned, afterwards tears welled up within her eyes as she bit her lips trying her best to resist the tears from falling out. Her voice became a little shaky as she said: "Hiroto......."

"Enough with the nonsense, hurry up and let me go."

Miwa let go of me as she hugged her head while kneeling onto the floor and screaming: "Impossible, impossible, Hiroto would never talk to me like this, Hiroto would always be gentle towards me, it must be because that Hiroto is seduced by that woman then he'll speak to me right now isn't it? Didn't that woman only had a slightly better figure than me only, Hiroto come touch my b.r.e.a.s.t.s too, it's also large as well."

After she said that, she pulled over my hand to grope onto her b.r.e.a.s.t.s; the soft bouncy sensation kept reverberating throughout my palms, which I could not help but give off a shudder, and my body subconsciously had a reacted; I hastily pulled back my hands.

After Miwa had saw my reaction she immediately became happy as she smiled: "That's great Hiroto, see, your body is way more honest than you, Hiroto sure enough loves me very much ♡~"

"Are you crazy already? Just anyhow letting other people grope your chest like this, right now I'm very disgusted by the current you, was it all an act as well when you were shy the first time you saw me?"

Miwa frantically waved her hands to me as she said: "No it's not, no it's not, I'll only let Hiroto do this, and why I did all of this for Hiroto, is because..........I love you.."

"Hiroto, I love you, I really love you till I cannot control myself, I love Hiroto's smile, I love Hiroto when he's shy, I love the sensation of Hiroto stroking my hair, I love Hiroto when he's gentle, and even the books Hiroto give me, the mineral bottle that I've drank, I all kept them properly.............Hiroto, will you be my boyfriend please?"

Seeing the Miwa in front of me incessantly confessing nonstop, she even cried a bit of tears while doing so, which made me bewildered momentarily; it's my first time being confessed to, and I was a little touched and embarra.s.sed at the same time.

I lowered my head and rubbed my hands: "Miwa, can you please give me a little time......."

Miwa happily smiled: "Mm, I'll give Hiroto some time, so Hiroto can you not let me be disappointed, alright?"

"Mm.........then right now, Miwa can I go off already, Yamazaki's bound to worry about me when I didn't return home for a night."

"Of course you can, Hiroto wait here for awhile, I'll go tidy up the stuffs at the door entrance."


Miwa went out to tidy the entrance, and I sat alone on the chair waiting for her.

(I'm so excited from my very first confession ever, and after a few months later I'll be an adult already, so it'll be normal for me to have a girlfriend, right....those guys from the school, I don't know how much times they had changed their girlfriends already, furthermore Miwa is so pretty too..............dammit what am I thinking of right now.)

While thinking an thinking my face suddenly became bright red, and just sat on the chair foolishly imagining; after roughly half an hour later, Miwa walked in with a short-sleeved s.h.i.+rt, matched with denim hotpants, and she wore overly long blue-white stockings on her long slender legs as well, which I could not help but gulp down my saliva.

"Hiroto you've waited long enough, I've finished tidying already, but I got a little dirty when tidying, so I took a bath as well."

I stood up and said to Miwa: "Miwa, since it's all tided up already, then I'll head on back first."

"I'll send you to the door entrance then."


I've just exited the entrance when Miwa suddenly blurted out a sentence: "Hiroto, remember to give me a reply by tomorrow~"

"Ah? ahhhh.."

After I finished saying that, I dashed off quickly with a reddened face.

Seeing my figure slowly disappearing from her sight, Miwa shut the door and laughed wildly, "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa, so I didn't waste my efforts arranging all of these, Hiroto would soon be only belonging to me ♡ Hiroto~ today he groped my chest, his warmth still seemed to be on my chest still~"


Author's note: I was a little afraid that, there might be quite a few amount of people who didn't know that I was rewriting the earlier chapters, and thought I didn't renew for a week already. Please take notice of the synopsis more, I wrote the frontal part quite badly, and I had a little OCD so I chose to rewrite the front chapters, and now I felt that it's a little improved already (smirking face)

Also since I didn't renew this yesterday, I put out this chapter right now, so if there's time tonight I'll rewrite chapter 5, but if I don't have enough time please don't blame me _(:з」∠)_ , also everyone try not to stay up late too often, I every night stayed up late to write this, and I'm really worn out already.



-ch 29 end-


(2203 words to tl)

TL: yeah it applies to translators too -evil smile- so I should update 1 chapter per week or per month XD

furnis.h.i.+ngs = the author actually meant 'debris', but it wouldn't make any sense, so I subbed in furnis.h.i.+ngs

sensei = 'teacher' in j.a.panese


What is a Yandere? Chapter 29

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