She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

No one from the audience was able to respond to the man’s voice.

They were still scared stiff from the King’s intimidation, unable to speak.

But the man spoke on.

「Right now! There is a hoax in this world that tells the lie of the G.o.ddess creating the demons!! 」
「This is a grave mistake! The G.o.ddess would never do such a thing!!」
「Even now! She wishes for the peace of people! And is protecting us!!」

At that time, another contrasting voice echoes across the colosseum.

「What are you saying!! You Satanist!!」

The owner of the voice was the king.

The king objected to the man’s words, causing the man to glare in the direction towards the king’s seats.

The king continued.

「You Satanists place Satan on a high pedestal! You guys were the ones who lead the world into destruction!! You’re a disgrace to humanity! 」

The king stood up and placed a hand on the handrail, leaning himself on there as he reb.u.t.ted the man.

The man then spoke back.

「What are you saying! You royalty are the true enemies of the world! You are the real Satanists that are being deceived by the true Satan!! 」

The audience became puzzled from the man’s words.

They who had finally been freed from shock began to secretly whisper to one another.

「Hey, what is that guy saying?」

「S-, Something, about there being a true demon king I think?」

The man continued.

「The G.o.ddess is not the one who had created the demons that prowl this world! It is the true Satan who aims to dominate this world!!」

「The true Satan thought! That the G.o.ddess that protects

this world is nuisance! And so he plotted a certain plan! 」

「That plan was!! To weaken the G.o.ddess’s influence! Then take over the world!! For that!! Satan had manipulated those foolish rulers!!」

「It then happened!! The eradication of the G.o.ddess’s faith」

「They stole the power of faith from the G.o.ddess!! And weakened the G.o.ddess!! Sent in demons into this world! And is now trying to take over the world!!」

The king refutes the man’s words.

「Nonsense!! The true demon king you say!? Keep your delusions to yourself!!」

「In the first place!! If your G.o.ddess had not created the demons in the first place, none of this would have happened!! 」

「Your so called G.o.ddess is the enemy that is trying to destroy humanity!!  And you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who put faith in her are also the enemy of humanity!! 」

The man becomes agitated from the words from the king.

「If!! The G.o.ddess is trying to wipe out humanity!! Then why!! Why were the Alliance fleet able to come back unharmed!?」

「Why! Why did the G.o.ddess not attack the Alliance fleet!?」

「Not only that!! Why!! Why did the G.o.ddess smile towards the leaving Alliance Fleet!! Why did she even wave her hands! Why!!」

「It was because the G.o.ddess was hoping!! That humanity’s misunderstanding would end there!!」

「By not fighting back at all!! By sending the battles.h.i.+ps back uninjured!! The G.o.ddess had personally proven that she was not the enemy of humanity!! 」

The man then called out to the audience.

「However!! The foolish rulers that were manipulated by the true Satan!! They continued their attacks towards the G.o.ddess!! Because of that, the G.o.ddess’s power has

has weakened even further!!」

「As a result!! The G.o.ddess’s power which protects this world had weakened!! And so Satan succeeded in sending in the ma.s.sive amounts of demons into this world!! 」

「That large amount of demons!! Had destroyed that great country within just one night!!」

To the man who had continued speaking out from the centre of the arena, the red-faced king refuted.

「Stop spouting your nonsense!! Where is the proof!!」

「Everyone should know!! Right now!! Exactly what is happening with the Devil’s Island!! 」

「Right now!! There are ma.s.sive numbers of giant demons that surround the Devil’s islands!! Those demons!! Protect the master of that Devil’s Island!!」

「Even the miko-sama that we sent in!! She was killed by those demons!!」

「Do you still think that the G.o.ddess is an ally of humanity!?」

The man stood amazed by the king’s words.

「Did you really think that!? Did you seriously believe that those demons are protecting the G.o.ddess!?」

「What!? Do you think they need to protect her against!? This is the G.o.ddess that had even repelled the Alliance Fleet!! What do they need to protect her from!!?」

「Those demons are not her elite guards!! Those demons are!! They are the demons that were sent by Satan to kill the G.o.ddess!!」

「As evidence!! Are the demons not moving away from around the G.o.d’s Island!! 」

「They are attached to G.o.d’s Island!! They are not scattering throughout the boundless ocean!! That is the proof that they are in fact attacking the G.o.ddess!!」

「If!! The G.o.ddess is the enemy of humanity!! Why! Why is it that she has not attacked with all that battle potential!? 」

「That is the

is the proof that the G.o.ddess is not the enemy of humanity!! The proof that the G.o.ddess cannot control the demons!! 」

The king wavered before the words from the man.

But he could not afford to stand down here.

「In the first place!! You haven’t been killed by the demons because you are a follower of Satan! That’s why you have not died!!」

To the king’s remarks, the man pointed towards his foot.

「What are you saying!! Do you not see the bones that are scattered around me!?」

「Even if! If I was a follower of Satan!! Then why were these people killed by the demons!!」

「The reason the demons would kill the priests from the G.o.ddess’s church!! That is to weaken the strength of faith towards the G.o.ddess!!」

The audience began to stir from the man’s words.

「Come to think of it… That’s true」

「If he was the follower of Satan, then wouldn’t it be meaningless for the demons to a.s.sault them?」

The king faltered from his statement.

As one who protected the country, he could not pull back here.

「Then why! Why do the demons not attack you!!」

To the question of the king, the man responded with a face full of confidence.

「What a foolish question!! The embodiment of a foolish question!!」

「Citizens!! Listen up!! The reason as to why I’m not attacked by the demons! That is!! That is because I have gained the blessing of our G.o.ddess!!」

「The G.o.ddess had spoken to me!! She said to spread the faith!! She said to awaken the people!!」

Those words caused the king to fl.u.s.ter.

「Don- Don’t spout that bulls.h.i.+t! Hey!! Execute this man immediately!! 」

The panicking immediately!! 」

The panicking king ordered his subordinated to execute the man.

But that was a bad move.

「What about it is bulls.h.i.+t!? Erasing the voice that spoke the truth! You fool who had pledged alliance with the true Satan!!」

The man turned back to the audience.

「You have all seen the att.i.tude of the king!! Which side is right!! Even a baby would know by now! 」

「If! If you truly think that you are correct! Then why!! Why did you try to immediately try to execute me!! 」

「That is because the king is lying! Not recognising his own mistake!! Even trying to crush the truth!! 」

The man spoke out once again to the populace.

「Even so! And yet! The G.o.ddess still loves humanity!!」

「My existence in itself! Is evidence in that our G.o.ddess still loves humanity!! The proof that she still believes in humanity!!!!」

「Still!! We can still make it!! Our G.o.ddess still hasn’t fallen!! It is the time to repent now! Let us restore the faith towards the G.o.ddess!!」

The man’s speech caused the audience to become excited

「I see… Then that man’s words are the truth!!」

「So the king was deceiving us!?」

「What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!! Did you have fun watching us suffer from that throne!!」

「KILL THE KING–––!!  」

The man pulled out the sword that was stuck in the ground and pointed it towards the king.

「The people who stand there!! They are the enemy of humanity! The enemy of the world!! Defeat him!! And revive the faith towards our G.o.ddess!!」

「O lost lambs!! Us humanity has the protection from the G.o.ddess!! Don’t be afraid of meagre minions of Satan!!! 」

She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan Chapter 13

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