She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan Chapter 15

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Author: しまもん  (s.h.i.+MAMON)

Decades have pa.s.sed since the men had departed with determination in their hearts.

The man had lost both his eyes.

It wasn't just his eyes, there was nothing below his knees either.

He could not move his right arm any further from the elbow.

And the part that represented a man had been torn into shreds.

On his skin were traces of burns and painful wounds that served as proof of his injuries.

All of these were the remains of tortures and execution attempts.

He had led his group to different countries, propagating the faith.

And as a result, faith towards the G.o.ddess had been restored but in return, the man had lost various things.

The man walked down the hallway.

He leaned on his cane and his lost legs were already replaced with prosthetic ones, he was in no state to continue walking freely.

In the first place, he was already at an old age and the old man could no longer walk on his own.

Finally, the man's balance breaks and is on the verge of falling.

In an instant, several hands extend from all sides to support the man.

Voicing out their anxiety and concerns for the man as they supported him.

「Great Priest! Are you hurt!? Do you have any injuries!?」

「Great Priest! Please! I beg of you! Please use my back! No matter what happens! We shall protect the Great Priest!!」

「As thought, it may be better to stop for today…」

To the worrying men, the man replied with a gentle voice.

「Everyone, thank you. But, there's no need for worry. I'm still doing perfectly fine.」

Using his cane to support himself, he stood back up all on his own and continued walking.

Around the man were several special priests who wore the same white garment as the man did.

All of them had received the G.o.ddess's blessings.

The special priests all worried about the man as they walked down the hallway together with the man, slowing down their pacing as to match the man's.

As the group continued down the ever so long hallway and neared the balcony, voices from the outside could be heard.

When the man heard those voices, he paused for an instant before placing more effort onto the cane and his prosthetic legs and walked with even more rigour.

The special priests standing by either side of the door connected to the balcony pushed it open, and the men stepped out.

When the men appeared, a loud cheer rang out.

The men were currently at the headquarters of the G.o.ddess's church, a temple as well as home to the only Great Priest in the world.

The man appeared on the balcony of that magnificent temple.

Below the men were believers who had gathered from all over the country.

The crowed numbered in the tens of thousands.

A lady who held the statue of the G.o.ddess in her hands was moved to tears when he came to view.

The gathered religious students began to recite the first chapter of the New Testament.

Scattered throughout were groups who started singing hymns.

The man was no longer capable of seeing that scene but he could sense it.

And tears flowed out from his blinded eyes.

「…O G.o.ddess… Are you watching…」

「…Finally… Finally… The world has finally returned to how it's supposed to be…」

After letting out a voice no one could hear, the man knelt down in prayer.

Then the buzzing crowd as well as the special priests around the man followed the man's example and began praying.

Here, the G.o.ddess's belief has been completely restored.

Clap clap clap, A clapping sound resounded through the artificial island.

The young girl stood up from her chair and applauded the man as tears dripped down her cheek.

If, this man was not a human but rather a gemstone, which gemstone would he be?

Would that unclouded soul become a transparently clear diamond?

Would those eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with burning pa.s.sion become a sapphire?

Would his steady but strong steps become a ruby?

Would his unfathomably deep love for people become an amethyst?

Any instant in his life was just like a gem!

There's no need for any boorish acts like cutting or polis.h.i.+ng!

It's beautiful the way it is!

It s.h.i.+nes the way it is!

If he was a gemstone!

Definitely!! I would love for him to be added to my collection!!

As the girl's mind grew lost in those delusions, she continued her applause.

After that, the man continued to spread the faith.

There was no discrimination.

To the man, everyone was someone to be guided.

Just like the 'G.o.ddess' the man poured his never ending love to people.

And with the same amount of pa.s.sion, he eradicated the Satanists.

Royalty was thoroughly executed and exposed to the world.

Those who revered the kings and those who honoured the Special Forces were all destroyed.

To the man, they were very clear 「enemies」.

He never held back against his enemies, those who he should not save.

That was not all.

Throughout the world, stories that praised the Special Forces were discarded.

If anyone was to tell the tiniest part of that story, they would be executed on the spot.

In exchange, stories that belittled the Special Forces were created along with songs and plays.

The story of how those hopelessly foolish and irredeemable pieces of sc.u.m had pointed their blades towards the sacred G.o.ddess.

It was spread throughout the world.

In the temple, tales of foolish kings who willingly became the servants of Satan and instigated the populace to turn against the G.o.ddess were shown as theatrical plays.

The oppression against the G.o.ddess as well as the ludicrous invasion performed two weeks later were all recounted through the plays.

And how they all met endings befitting of their crimes.

The G.o.ddess's protection on the world weakened allowing for Satan to send in many powerful demons into the world

As a result, the Magic State which was thought to be the world's largest power at the time had collapsed in just one night due to the invasion of many powerful demons.

However, even with the pa.s.sing of a great nation causing the world's balance to crumble, the foolish kings still continued to direct their blade at the G.o.ddess.

And a despicable was finally to be conducted by the Special Forces.

The G.o.ddess's powers had weakened even further.

The entire world was dominated with darkness, as though to beckon the end of the world.

But, the G.o.ddess worked a miracle.

Bestowing her protection upon just one man, imparting upon him words of to spread the faith.

This scene was the most impressive throughout the play.

Many believers had been deeply moved to tears.

He and his companions overcame the many obstacles that came their way in order to save the world and spread the faith.

The play ended with the scene of the many people the man had lead wors.h.i.+ping the G.o.ddess.

「Like this, the world is gradually returning to its original ways.」

「Even now, the G.o.ddess is watching over us.」

「Here, let us pray. Let us thank the G.o.ddess for today's peace…」

The dialogue signalled the conclusion of the play.

This theatrical play was performed weekly.

In order to see this, many pa.s.sionate followers would come once every week from temples built in their respective countries.

Several days had pa.s.sed since the sermon was performed on the balcony of the giant temple.

Today, the man was also preaching the teachings of the G.o.ddess to the gathered followers inside the temple.

When the man was preaching, I was complimenting the man's life and attempted to sing the G.o.ddess's hymn.

I took a deep breath in, opened my mouth, and was just about to sing… In that moment.

<An emergency situation has occurred! An emergency situation has occurred!>

…A message from the artificial island rang out.

In the end, in front of me who wasn't able to sing the hymn was a giant hologram being projected.

The hologram displayed the solar system but that was not only the thing being projected.

It’s number wasn’t normal, it was as if it was trying to consume the solar system.

It looked as though a red barrier had formed around the solar system.

What exactly are those red dots?

<The verification has been completed>

The artificial intelligence of the island continued to report.

<As a result of SIF verification, it is confirmed that a s.p.a.ce fleet belonging to the Earth Army is currently surrounding the solar system>


I stood motionless on the spot.

…and a new cliffhanger!

She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan Chapter 15

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