The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 53

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Published at 9th of August 2019 05:36:25 AM Chapter 53

Each time I see Master, I can hardly hold myself back to kiss you and even want to tear . . . (1)

Mu Chen flew out of Pill City at one sitting, with the rage flaring in his heart and the seemingly familiar and strange smell hanging over his mouth, which kept stimulating his nerves overwhelmingly . Actually, Mu Chen felt more bewildered than angry, pondering that his little disciple he cherished all the time finally grew up but should have so treacherous a thought .

The lovely child who hugged him around his leg like a clingy kitten versus this youngster who dared to force him a kiss, the huge contrast just drifted Mu Chen’s mind far away from wits .

Following Mu Chen at a distance, Chen Mo didn’t expect that he would see the other in such a helpless state . With this confusion in his mind, he looked around for a reason, only to find the little disciple who’d always stayed with Mu Chen in a doting manner didn’t show up!?

Having sensed that someone was gazing at him, Mu Chen turned his head solemnly and found it was Chen Mo, asking with a surprised voice, “How come you are here?”

Chen Mo responded sulkily, “I’ve been following you all the way . But you didn’t notice me till now . If I were your enemy, you could already be dead . What’s exactly in your mind?”

Mu Chen looked down, “You don’t have the power to kill me now . ”

Chen Mo went speechless . Those words were quite heartbreaking . He explained with resignation, “I saw someone like you and just followed to figure out what was going on . So, what happened? Where is your disciple?”

Mu Chen didn’t answer him, his face getting dim .

“You had a quarrel?” Chen Mo felt it incredible . Although he had just met once with Gu Yunjue, this disciple’s filialness was so impressive that his irritating master seemed simply out of the question .

Mu Chen bowed his head, asking faintly, “Why would a teenage conceive rebelling thought?”

Chen Mo looked for a stone and sit down, saying in all earnestness with a smile on his face while giving Mu Chen a motion to come over . “A teenage boy is right at the age of impulse . Even you yourself are the same back to decades ago when you were so petulant and irritable that you dared to break into the ancestral temple without regard to overall situation . But now you have a balance in your mind . Despite his wrong ideas, you have much time to rectify his road . So long as he hasn’t buried himself in some earthshaking evil deeds, it’s never too late . ”

Mu Chen rubbed the corner of his mouth, feeling some headache, ‘Is it possible to correct him right now?’

Thinking to himself that Gu Yunjue just got attacked by someone who he even hadn’t figured out and then was again thrown into danger with injuries all over his body, Mu Chen suddenly felt regretful . It was all right for him to escape from the situation regardless but hard to say that his sensible disciple alone might think something skewed . If he went astray again like what had happened in his last life, didn’t those ten years of education end in vain?

When Mu Chen was hesitating whether to go back, a devastating devil wave exploded abruptly out of the highest inn in Pill City .

Devil cultivator!

Mu Chen felt a sting in his heart and instantly disappeared in the spot, sparing no time for a deep thought .

Chen Mo hastened to run after him but was dumped far away by this anxious master .

Back over the inn, Mu Chen hadn’t even had a chance to fly down before seeing a black shadow attacking his disciple’s head . His mind suddenly went blank, with nothing about treachery or recklessness but all worry for his little disciple, ‘Yun’er might be killed!’

His body reacting rather faster than his mind, Mu Chen struck a palm directly to counterattack the black shadow . The immortal and the devil spirit powers collided to generate a strong airflow that threw Gu off the roof . Seeing little disciple on the edge of dying like a kite with a snapped string as if a blast would blow him away, Mu Chen flashed behind him at once and held him tightly in his trembling arms .

Seeing Mu Chen get back, the devil cultivator immediately stopped the attack and disappeared in the dark . Mu Chen hadn’t any attention to scrutinize but worried about his injured disciple wholeheartedly, all in a fl.u.s.ter .

He transmitted spirit power into Gu Yunjue’s body hurriedly through his shaking hands and didn’t get relieved until he confirmed Gu’s meridians intact with only flesh wound .

Looking at Mu Chen’s anxious eyes, Gu Yunjue smiled with unutterable joys s.h.i.+ning in his dark eyes . He whispered before coma, “I win the bet . I know you won’t just let me go . ”

Mu Chen held him up anxiously, paying no attention at all to the meaning of the irrelevant words . Chen Mo behind him frowned slightly, his eyes locked on Gu Yunjue getting solemn gradually and showing a heavy hint of examining .

The man who attacked Gu Yunjue hadn’t been found yet, so Mu Chen always felt too worried to leave . Pitifully, the relation between the master and the disciple had dropped to the freezing point . Mu Chen remained cold and silent all the time, either healing Gu of his wounds some time or reading books beside the window for the rest of a day .

Gu Yunjue also kept quiet most of the time as if the one baring his heart madly that day wasn’t him . It was a relief as well as a latent worry for Mu Chen because most possibly the secret hidden in the bottom of little disciple’s heart could distort him in unguarded moment .

After three-day silent confrontation, Gu Yunjue recovered half from the injuries which were after all caused by Mu Chen .

Seeing little disciple quite calm, Mu Chen sat at the bed with his face frozen and uttered somberly, “Let’s talk . ”

Gu Yunjue nodded, still with a look of pampering you with anything you like .

Mu Chen seemed more chilling and uttered gravely, “You are still too young to understand love . When you grow older, you’ll know that the affection you have now is just impulsion . I’m your master . Can you understand?”

Gu Yunjue nodded .

Mu Chen heaved a sigh out of slight relief, when Gu Yunjue leaned over abruptly and asked earnestly, staring at Mu Chen’s eyes with the same solemn expression, “Each time I see Master, I can hardly hold myself back to kiss you and even want to tear the annoying clothes off your body . Even that is impulsion?”

Mu Chen, “…Vile sp.a.w.n!”

Mu Chen blushed and the skin on his neck got crimson . He lifted his hand, an urge rus.h.i.+ng in his mind to simply strike this evil disciple to death . At this moment, Gu Yunjue started to cough severely, which seemingly had affected the internal injuries and would cause him to spit out blood the next second .

Mu Chen didn’t after all have the heart to kill this disciple who he’d fostered ten years . He snorted furiously and slammed the door heavily before he left eight layers of boundaries encompa.s.sing Gu Yunjue inside the room .  ‘Hum! Out of sight, out of mind!’

However, his silence couldn’t replace the sorrow in his heart . Outside the room, Mu Chen was actually p.i.s.sed off with the rims of his eyes reddened .  ‘What kind of vile sp.a.w.n have I raised on earth that should dare to say those filthy words to me? I’m such a failure to mislead the same person in his two lives . ’

Pursing his lips tightly, Mu Chen secretly suppressed the upset in his heart and was about to go away when a green figure blocked his way unexpectedly . The green-dressed man snickered, “I was wondering who this is . It turns out to be the favorite disciple of Immortal Master Dan Yangzi”

As he finished his words, the noisy hall suddenly fell into silence .

Enjoying mountainous reputation, Dan Yangzi was named as the best pill concoctor in the immortal world and was the first among pill concoctors as well as the latest immortal that ascended into the G.o.d realm . Many people had saw him in person, while his name was much more prevailing . In the immortal world, some kept pa.s.sion on immortal cultivation, some asked for longevity, and others competed for a prestige .

If one pursued more resources to be a man of men, he had to prepare well for death at any time . Different from other kinds of cultivators, pill cultivators were easy as difficult to obtain a fame .

The hardest part was at the rare chance for them to live long enough till prominence since they could be easily killed by others .

The easiness came from a serendipitous compet.i.tion that allowed some capable cultivators to receive offerings so long as they were invited to join some influential families .

It happened that Mu Chen was the disciple of the best pill cultivator Dan Yangzi as well as the most powerful compet.i.tor, or the opponent precisely speaking .

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 53

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