The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 54

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Published at 10th of August 2019 10:33:51 AM Chapter 54

Each time I see Master, I can hardly hold myself back to kiss you and even want to tear . . . (2)

Being gazed viciously by mult.i.tudinous divine souls, Mu Chen, already in a bad mood, seemed to have lost his patience and even his temper with his brows frowned .

Mu Chen raised his head and shot a cold sight at the man in his way, who was right staring at him too . After a clear observation, the man was apparently stunned for a while, with a trace of lascivious l.u.s.t flas.h.i.+ng through the smirking eyes . Many beautiful men wore white clothes, but never did a man other than Mu Chen endow the clean color such a spotless savor! Scanning Mu Chen thoroughly, the man seemed even more lubricious .

Mu Chen’s peerless beauty with slightly pale face and smooth skin should have brought him endless favors and tenderness, but his chilling disposition and arrogance just aroused the man’s desire for conquering .

The green-dressed man smiled faintly to conceal the implications beneath his eyes, sighing, “I’ve heard your prominence for a long time . My name is Ying Lixun, also a pill cultivator . Would you please do me the honor to have a drink with me?”

Being elegant and gentle, Ying Lixun was aware how to leave a good impression on people . As before, people would save face for him after knowing his ident.i.ty as a pill cultivator . Then he only needed some maneuvering so that any beauty would submit obediently .

However, a sword came head-on towards him this time .

Mu Chen snorted and stopped the sword before Ying’s forehead . The blue veins bulged faintly on the back of his clenched white hand, which in contrast made the hand even more attracting . Before Ying Lixun had the time to react, Mu Chen had seen through the infatuation in the man’s eyes .

The killing intent in his eyes flas.h.i.+ng away in a second, Mu Chen raised his hand and slashed the unsheathed sword on the other’s shoulder so that the man directly fell downstairs . Mu Chen glared at the man indifferently with his eyes full of biting contempt, which scared Ying stiff instantly .

He uttered in a cold voice, “Full of blood odor . You must have killed countless creatures . All things have spirits . Don’t regard every animal as a beast . Get out!”

Mu Chen detested those who killed spirit animals to concoct pills . Moreover, the man’s gaze was so annoying that Mu Chen just wanted to hack him at once!

“What a boast!” Hearing Mu Chen’s words, the man downstairs sneered, “If animals are not beast, what they’d be?”

Always smoother in action than in words, Mu Chen just knitted his brows and felt tongue-tied for a while to refute the man’s critic . The man had thought Mu’s silence was a submission and began to doubt the prevailing stories about his power, provoking instantly, “I have always been thinking to compete with the famous disciple of the best pill concoctor . Do you have the dare to accept my challenge?”

Before Mu Chen responded, there came an old voice ringing domineeringly, “I haven’t got even on the resentment with Dan Yangzi . Today I must avenge for the past . As Dan Yangzi’s disciple, you’re nowhere to escape!”

Mu Chen went downstairs and saw many customers at the inn looking at him, among which an old man with grey beard seemed especially murderous . He sneered, “My Master has lots of enemies . Who do you think you are?”

“Stupid imp! I’m the ancestor of Huanzhen Sect in Qingyun Island!”

“Never heard that!” Mu Chen retorted arrogantly, “If you do have grudge against my master, you can just fly to the G.o.d realm and find him to avenge yourself . Since you’ve come to me for revenge, I’ll just treat you the way I like . ” Mu Chen’s eyes ran down the room, “Who else also has rancor toward my master?”

There should really be dozens of people standing out . Actually, it had been impossible to verify their resentment, but if they grasped the chance today to defeat Mu Chen, the descendant of the best pill concoctor in the world, they’d make a name for themselves .

Mu Chen definitely had seen through them . He glanced at the shopkeeper coldly, asking, “Rules in Pill City stipulate no fights . Any states no competing?”

The shopkeeper shook his head, “Not really!”

Mu Chen clicked his tongue, swung the long sword and alleged with killing intent, “Since you want to compete with me, I won’t show modesty!”

‘Now that I have to kill, I’ll just save the time to kill all at one sitting!’

After Mu Chen left, Gu Yunjue looked at the bed curtain, some joy showing beneath his eyes . Although he knew that Mu Chen wouldn’t accept him easily after he bared his heart, the result had exceeded his expectation now . Their positions hindering between their relations.h.i.+ps made it quite unrealistic for Mu Chen to stride over, no matter how deep Mu Chen’s feeling was toward him . Fortunately, Master hadn’t expelled him nor continued their silent confrontation . Instead, Mu Chen had spoken to him . So long as master uttered, there would always be leeway .

For Mu Chen, Gu had plenty of patience to keep on at him till his death, whether it would cost ten years, a hundred years or even a thousand years . If Gu pa.s.sed away someday without realizing this dream, this disciple would take Mu Chen together to reincarnate and entangle with this person in the next life without leaving him alone .

He looked down to conceal his deep feeling in his eyes . The sun was s.h.i.+ning brightly outside the window, while the temperature in the room plunged in a sudden . Gu Yunjue curled the corner of his mouth, thinking to himself undisturbedly that, he wouldn’t let the person he liked run away in any cycle of life and death .

At this time, a black shadow transformed into a line, crept in through the window and resumed into a black-dressed man at once . He held a samite box with both his hands, reporting to Gu Yunjue respectfully, “Lord, we have got the Jade Zoysia Pungens . ”

Gu Yunjue took it over for a look and acclaimed, “Well done!”

Then the man went back to a shadow again and hid himself in the shade at the corner, continuing plainly, “Chen Mo has come to Gazing Chen Pavilion many times these days and tried to explore your ident.i.ty . ”

“He has noticed some clues?” With his palm up, Gu Yunjue stared at the concentric rings around his figure . His limpid eyes were filled with tenderness in which anyone’s figure could be drowned, enchanting but with pervading sense of menace . “That will be hard to make a choice . Anyway, he’s Master’s elder cousin, mine as well . It’s not the time to kill him . ” Gu Yunjue spoke to himself gently . Seeing this, the man at the corner didn’t show any impatience, and just swung a little as Gu Yunjue sit up abruptly .

“Let him be . Keep on watching! Lock him if he found something . ” An evil smile appearing on his face, he tapped his long fingers and snickered casually, “Right, lock him! Do treat him with good dishes and call some beauties to entertain him in pa.s.sing until he gets fatter . ”

The black shadow shook a while unexplainably but still obeyed in a low voice . Then, he p.r.i.c.ked up his ears as if he was listening carefully to someone and continued respectfully in a moment, “Lord, Shadow II just sent a message that Palace Master is fighting with others . ”

Gu Yunjue went solemn instantly . He torn down the thin quilt, put on the robe and walked toward the door in a hurry when he saw the eight layers of boundaries set by master . He twitched the corner of his mouth, feeling both dumbfounded and amused, ‘Master is truly worried about my safety or regards me as an enc.u.mbrance?’

Luckily, the two shadows following him were not in flesh, otherwise it’d be a problem for them to pa.s.s the boundaries to report .

Stretching out his hand to strike a palm, Gu Yunjue easily broke a layer of boundary . So it was with the rest several boundaries . He strode out confidently, his beautiful face remaining effortless, as if nothing could stop him .

Downstairs, Mu Chen slashed away an old man with the sword sheath elegantly and smoothly, his white robe swinging in the air . Seeing that, Gu Yunjue gradually relaxed, with delight arising in his eyes . ‘Luckily, you weren’t taken advantage of . ’

Mu Chen certainly had sensed Gu Yunjue’s arrival . He raised his head and saw his faint disciple in a thin robe standing upstairs leisurely . He lifted his eyebrows, puzzled in mind how this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d got out of the boundaries . But currently he was so earnest to beat the evil disciple along with the troublemakers regardless of other thoughts in his mind .

Gu Yunjue curved the corner of his mouth and presented a gentle smile to Mu Chen, with his eyes full of indulgence . Mu’s body tightened instantly, he clenched a fist and felt like to kill this evil disciple right now!

Right at this moment, a hoa.r.s.e voice rang faintly, “Junior brother, you’re still irritable after all those years . ”

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 54

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