The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 59

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Published at 18th of August 2019 11:59:32 AM Chapter 59

‘Little Master is most adorable when he picks on others!’

Sensing a familiar devilish air, Gu Yunjue stood up and looked out of the window with his dismal eyes .

“What’s the matter?” Mu Chen asked without turning around while throwing a handful of herbs into the furnace .

Gu Yunjue held back the implications in his eyes, lifted the corner of his mouth and turned his head with a light smile, “It suddenly comes to me that I’ve forgotten something behind in the inn . I’ll just go back to fetch it . Master, don’t run around . ”

“Running around?” Mu Chen raised his brows discontentedly .

Gu Yunjue coaxed with a soft voice, “Master, be sure not to leave here in case I can’t find you . Otherwise, I’ll be deadly worried . ” He put special emphasis on the last two words!

Mu Chen finally eased his stern face on hearing that, “Be sure to come back as soon as possible . ”

Since Gu Yunjue was attacked by Wei Huaitong, Mu Chen recognized that little disciple might be trapped into dangers when Mu himself was not around . Therefore, Mu Chen set an instant transfer deployment to allow himself to come near his disciple in a second if anything unexpected happened to Gu Yunjue . Anyway, it was not far away from the inn, so he just let the disciple go .

After Gu Yunjue went out, his gentle and tender eyes immediately froze . He looked down at his shadow and seemingly said to himself, “Tell Bai Yi Nebula Arhat has arrived . Let him investigate the other’s purpose . ”

The deep dark shadow returned to normal as if a layer of it had left .

Gu remained cold with a trace of killing intent hanging under his eyes . Nebula Arhat was Devil Lord’s most capable and convincible a.s.sistant . He should come over at this time . The other’s purpose aside, Gu suspected that there might have been big moves in the devil realm .

Bai Yi received the message and sent people to scrutinize it at once .

Chen Mo sat beside the window with anger and glared at Bai Yi, neglecting the four good-looking men, “If it’s about Mu Chen, I think you should tell me!”

Bai Yi exclaimed, “Whoops! Brother Chen, with so many beauties waiting upon around, you might as well not to covet our Pavilion Master’s man . After all, it’s not good to be too greedy . ” Wearing a scholar robe and a clean white face, Bai Yi looked like an innocent scholar in his every move, which could hardly arouse any suspect that he wasn’t an immortal cultivator .

Seeing the other’s att.i.tude, Chen Mo almost spitted out blood with anger, thinking to himself that this man was absolutely his nemesis!

Since Chen Mo wasn’t interested in beautiful women, Bai Yi just brought him these beautiful men, some of masculine build, some of cuteness, some of elegance and the rest of vicious tongue, covering all types as one could imagine . Being furious, Chen Mo even wanted to throw the table . People who didn’t know the scholar would think him an owner of a brothel! It appeared that scholars and vile characters were truly the most difficult to behave to .

Seeing a man of n.o.ble character like Chen Mo blus.h.i.+ng, the attendant behind Bai Yi reminded him worriedly, “My Lord, this is Pavilion Master’s relative . I think you’d better hold your horses!”

Bai Yi smoothened his white robe smilingly and responded innocently, “I did all in accordance with Pavilion Master’s arrangements . I also feel helpless that Brother Chen doesn’t like it . ”

An inkling of resignation flashed through the attendant’s eyes . He certainly knew what Bai Yi was thinking about after attending this person for almost a hundred years . Looking at Chen Mo, Bai Yi surely revealed great interests toward this playful toy . Therefore, the scholar teased Chen Mo over and over again every day . Pitifully, after all those days of torturing, Chen Mo, a well-disciplined scion of a big family, presently had no power to defend himself at all .

Back to the inn, Gu Yunjue just flashed around and then returned to Mu Chen immediately .

Mu Chen was completely unaware what happened outside . Seeing Gu Yunjue come back without a word, he continued to pour herbs into the furnace .

Bo Jinyu simply sat aside, leaving all things to Mu Chen .

Mu Chen asked confusedly, “How come you only sit there without doing anything?”

Bo Jinyu shrugged, “Being so capable, you alone will be enough to take on everything . I need a break . ” He didn’t at all look hypocritical saying that, with his eyes being transparent and innocent . Mu Chen saw through this person that intended to stay idle at heart and was aware little of the so-called jealousy . Although his pure disposition was admirable, Mu Chen felt extremely uncomfortable deeply in the heart .  ‘I was dragged over to work for him?’

Mu Chen grabbed a jade ladle and threw it directly on Bo’s coquettish face, scolding coldly with detestation, “Go anywhere else if you don’t wanna help! Don’t be an eyesore here . ”

Bo Jinyu blasted immediately, drew the ladle off his face and smashed it into pieces . He then glared at Mu Chen as if he had lost his mind, “How come you just get irritated in a blink!”

Mu Chen ran down the other coldly with a hum . Then he crooked his figure so that the lid covering the furnace flew up instantly . The delicate fragrance of herbs filled the nostrils with vapor rising in the air .

As Mu Chen waved his wide white sleeve, the vapor just blew over Bo’s face .

Seeing Bo Jinyu wipe his face and stroke his hair in a flurry, Mu Chen snickered with a flash of delight in his cold eyes while continuing to fan the hot mist which finally fell on Bo’s face again . He mumbled to himself, “I wonder whether he can show his original shape—the red lantern!”

Gu Yunjue just sat next to him and looked at them quietly with his hands cupping his chin . He curled the corner of his mouth, his eyes filled with love that could even drown people, ‘Little Master is most adorable when he picks on others!’

Three days later, Mu Chen completed all the tasks that Bo had thrown to him . He swayed his neck slightly, feeling a little bit tired .

His eyes brightening, Gu Yunjue took out the chair again, “Master, shall we go back now?”

Mu Chen hesitated a moment, still irresolute to sit on the chair or not, ‘The chair is comfortable enough, but it’s also humiliating to be pushed round by little disciple . ’

“So beautiful!” Bo Jinyu jumped up and was about to approach when Mu Chen directly sit on it . He overlapped his long legs, leaned toward the left, and supported his head gently with his hand, uttering drowsily to Gu, “Let’s go!”

Bo Jinyu stamped on his feet with anger .

Gu Yunjue wrapped the white cloak over Mu Chen’s shoulders and set a wind-s.h.i.+elding boundary around him . Seeing Mu Chen fall on the chair indolently with his white neck exposed outside in profile, Gu Yunjue went solemn with a dim light flas.h.i.+ng through his dark eyes . He reached out his hand and pulled the clank up higher to ensure Mu Chen was enveloped tightly before he pushed master to leave .

Bo Jinyu watched the two until they disappeared and recalled the image they embracing each other last time . He suddenly understood something unexplainably but felt opaque meanwhile . He rubbed his hair confusedly, feeling somehow familiar with their mode of getting along with each other, abnormal anyway .

In his own experiences, his father did dote on him on the one hand while as a master, his att.i.tude toward other senior brothers was really stern and harsh on the other hand!

The master and the disciple didn’t fly too fast . Gu Yunjue pushed Mu Chen gently from the behind, which made Mu Chen feel drowsy to the point of drifting into a light sleep .

Mu Chen suddenly heard some wrangle in a daze and opened his eyes slowly when Gu Yunjue exclaimed, “Be careful! Master!”

Seeing an ebony box whizzing over from the opposite side, Gu Yunjue waved his hand and caught the box with a streak of spirit air . He flicked his finger at the lid when the jade coral-like came into his eyes .

Mu Chen’s eyes brightened as he grabbed the box over immediately .

Meanwhile, two people were fighting fiercely in front . A strong man spitted out a mouthful of blood in one puff when he saw Mu Chen hold the box, threatening to the other, “I give up . You just s.n.a.t.c.h the box from him if you do have the knack! Just save me the trouble and don’t follow me anymore!”

Saying that, the man just disappeared in an instant by some secret magic, with no trace of smell left .

Mu Chen blinked his eyes, thinking he must be dreaming . He should pick up outside so big a Jade Zoysia Pungens of good quality accidentally . What a luck!

The other one was fierce-browed and threatened Mu Chen in a cold tongue, “This fellow, you’d better return my stuff . ”

“Your stuff?”

After a nap, Mu Chen seemed especially sluggish sitting on the chair with his cool face still remained crimson . He snapped the box shut and put his hand on it . His white fingers having a faint aura round, could be more eye-catching against the envoy box . But he himself didn’t know that . He swayed slightly the box in his hand and raised his brows provocatively, his slanting long eyes with joy inside seemingly more gorgeous .

The man at the opposite was stunned directly at Mu Chen’s current appearance and tailed off into silence .

Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes and tapped his fingers slightly . Actually, he could kill the man and poke his noisy and detestable eyes out only by dint of one finger .

Sensing Gu’s murderous intent, the man just called to mind his task and refuted coldly, “Of course, it’s mine!” Nevertheless, those words sounded lacking in stamina and confidence .

In the three realms, numerous people killed others to scramble for treasures, not an exception with the immortal realm . They possibly acted implicitly with certain righteous reasons so as to impart themselves an upright disposition . Therefore, they looked more like to cut off evildoers for people . Mu Chen had seen lots of those examples, so he knew the man was lying at a glance .

“But now, it’s mine . ” Mu Chen put it into his s.p.a.ce ring and looked at the other indifferently, “You can try to grab it . ”

Since the other’s cultivation was seemingly equivalent with Gu Yunjue’s, Mu Chen had intended to treat him as a grindstone for Gu Yunjue to educate this disciple .  ‘The immortal world is not like what you know . Being incapable, you might fail to protect what you cherish . ’

But out of expectation, the other just cast a stern glance at him and spitted a mouthful of blood into the air, responding ruthlessly, “I won’t let you off next time!”

Leaving those words, the man just made off at once .

Mu Chen, “…” He just ran away?

He swept his wide sleeve when a column of scorching spirit power formed a fire wall and blocked the man’s way . Mu Chen went somber, a deep sense of exploration arising in his eyes, “How come you just give it up rather briskly!”

“What’s the problem with me giving it up? You are being completely unreasonable!”

“Reason? Only the strong deserve that!” With a streak of light flas.h.i.+ng before Gu Yunjue, he drew out his sword to strike .

Seeing Gu Yunjue’s motion, Mu Chen frowned impatiently, “Quickly! You just kneel down back home if he isn’t finished off in three breaks . ”

Gu Yunjue curved the corner of his mouth and got sinister instantly with each strike being lethal . Mu Chen was about to warn him not to kill the man but keep him for querying when Gu just swept the man far away and the other disappeared in a blink .

Gu Yunjue seemed kind of livid and awkward because he could neither just kill the other under Mu Chen’s staring nor gouge his eyes out .

Mu Chen heaved a sigh, ‘This child is rather inexperienced . From now on he must practice more, especially in fatal battles . ’

Mu Chen stretched out his hand and rubbed his disciple’s head, consoling, “Just let him go . If it gets us in trouble, I’ll take care of it . ”

Hearing that, Gu Yunjue cracked a smile . He put back the sword and went behind Mu Chen before he suddenly embraced Mu Chen’s shoulders and kissed this master on the cheek, acclaiming with much delight, “Master is the best!”

“Evil disciple!” Mu Chen was about to scold him when Gu Yunjue loosened his arms and pushed the chair up to the sky, “Master was really beautiful just now . ”

Mu Chen blushed immediately . “Evil disciple! Where did he learn these d.a.m.ned words? He must kneel down as soon as we’re back! No excuse!”

After the two returned to the inn, Gu Yunjue moved a board to the corner and knelt down on it helplessly . Mu Chen put the Jade Zoysia Pungens and the Five-colored Blossom on the table, lost in thought gradually .

The two herbs came too easy . So queer!

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 59

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