The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 60: Little Seme, Your Disguise Is Seen Through!

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Looking at the Jade Zoysia Pungens and the Five-Colored Blossom, Mu Chen was absorbed in pondering, 'The two herbs came much weirdly.'

Gu Yunjue uttered so abruptly that Mu Chen's train of thought was interrupted, "The last of the three herbal ingredients needed is Ice Soul Pearl. I've checked the books, which indicate that this herb is at the hand of Snow Girl. It appears we shall go to Snow City one day."

Mu Chen certainly knew Ice Soul Pearl was stored in Snow City. In his last life, he had already found out this herb's location but was sieged by the immortals before he had the chance to go for it. However, what it exactly looked like and who it belonged to were still unknown to Mu Chen.

How many books could little disciple have browsed to get the clue?

"Master, something bothers you?" Gu Yunjue asked, seemingly without deliberation. Seeing Mu Chen's face become relaxed, Gu Yunjue finally stood up from kneeling, walked over to cover the two boxes containing herbs and grabbed Mu Chen's hand with grievance, "My legs ache."

Mu Chen kicked Gu Yunjue at his s.h.i.+n, but he stood still with a footprint left on his body. Seeing this disciple not avoid the kick, Mu Chen stopped and berated discontentedly, "Since you know it hurts, never waffle again, otherwise I'll let you kneel all the time until your legs break!"

According to Gu's cultivation, it might mean that he had to kneel for decades to cause his legs broken, which was quite threatening.

Gu Yunjue instantly wore a frightened look to coordinate Mu Chen's criticism. Mu Chen then pushed him away and said worriedly, "We have obtained these two herbs much too easily. I feel quite anxious about that."

Five-Colored Blossom was paid for in several fair herbs, which was equal to be free; Jade Zoysia Pungens was thrown into their arms by someone on their way home, which was equal to be picked up without effort. By this logic, would Ice Soul Pearl fall on his head unexplainably while he was walking around?

If the two herbs were both gained due to luck, he might have been too fortunate.

Mu Chen collected the two herbs, feeling a little worried, "Given that we couldn't always have good fortunes, someone must have helped us. But who is it? Is this Jade Zoysia Pungens the one that Gazing Chen Pavilion has bought?"

Who on earth was the lord of Gazing Chen Pavilion? There was an idea looming in Mu Chen's mind. He felt something had been neglected by him but didn't know what it exactly was.

Late at night, Gu Yunjue went to Gazing Chen Pavilion alone after coaxing Mu Chen into sleep. Skimming the information that Bai Yi gave him, Gu Yunjue was lost in deep thought with his brows knitted.

Bai Yi reported discreetly, "Star-Cloud Exalt is seemingly waiting for something eight hundred li south from Pill City."

Gu Yunjue raised his brows, "Waiting?"

"Right! He is waiting!"

Gu Yunjue's eyes went dim, "I haven't heard any treasure come into being lately. His target can be nothing more than the Pills Concocting Compet.i.tion. Therefore, he is just waiting a chance to catch pill alchemists after this compet.i.tion is concluded!"

Bi Yi nodded understandingly and pondered a moment when he became anxious suddenly, "It can be seen that the Devil Lord attaches great importance to pill alchemists by sending Star-Cloud Exalt for the mission. According to reliable information, the Devil Lord has been secluding, so only Star-Cloud Exalt can see him in person, which also implies his poor health condition. However, our root in the devil realm is still not solid enough and we need at least another ten more years to counter with other forces in the devil realm."

Gu Yunjue looked down, seemingly planning something.

Not daring to interrupt him, Bai Yi stood up and made him a cup of tea.

Gu Yunjue took a sip of it and smiled abruptly, with killing intent surging out of his eyes. He uttered slowly with some vicious meaning, "There are complexed forces being active in Pill City now. It's a good time to make full use of them. We either remain still or take big actions to murder others through Star-Cloud Exalt's hands. Keep him alive."

Bai Yi was astounded, "Pavilion Master, it's said that Star-Cloud Exalt has reached the Synthesis Stage and no one can be a match for him except some secluding old chaps."

Gu Yunjue smiled slightly with full composure, "Don't worry! Gu Yunjin has the people we need."

Those words sounded so chilling that anyone could hear the peril hidden in it. If Gu Yunjin was obedient, Gu Yunjue wouldn't mind him being influential in the devil realm. But according to the latest signs, this brother wasn't generous enough to leave a s.p.a.ce for Gu Yunjue. If Gu Yunjin wanted to make others into a puppet doll, he must be well-prepared to be pocked into the flesh by the doll in turn.

Gu Yunjue suddenly hit on an idea before leaving, "Have you disposed of the trash that was sent to deliver Jade Zoysia Pungens?"

Bai Yi bowed his head and responded respectfully, "Yes, I have. It's my fault being thoughtless. I deserve Pavilion Master's punishment."

Gu Yunjue snorted coldly, "The most important is to resolve the current problem. Recently, he has become vigilant. Take caution that he might visit here someday. Hide things well and don't let the cat out of the bag."

Saying that, Gu Yunjue disappeared in an instant. Bai Yi raised his head and thought a while, 'To hide things well?' He suddenly realized the meaning and hastened to summon the servants, "Change a place for Chen Mo! Keep good watch over him and don't let him escape!"

However, Gu Yunjin, on the other side, was also planning secretly, 'My force will absolutely be strengthened if I kill Star-Cloud Exalt. But it's only easy to say that. The other's cultivation is not a plate of dish that can be taken away anytime.'

"Lord, someone should be even more nervous than us." A black-dressed old man reminded behind Gu Yunjin.

This man in luxuriant attires curved the corner of his mouth coldly, his eyes full of vicious intent, "Right. Star-Cloud Exalt coming to Pill City at this time, has to wait until the end of the Pills Concocting Compet.i.tion to catch several useful pill alchemists. Mu Chen, as Dan Yangzi's successor, is definitely one of the most popular candidates in this compet.i.tion."

The old man added, "According to the other's cultivation, his target is probably Mu Chen because he stands high in the immortal world and has reached the DemiG.o.d Stage after all. I believe, if not well-prepared, no one dares to touch him." Observing Gu Yunjin's facial changes closely, the old man alleged, "At that time, we can use Star-Cloud Exalt to diminish Gu Yunjue's power and to restrain him."

"No, I regret not killing him," said Gu Yunjin as murderous air welled up in his eyes.

With Gu Yunjue messing everything up around, Gu Yunjin felt more and more worried that this man might someday become a trouble. If he didn't kill Gu Yunjue when he was still immature now, there would be less opportunities in the future.

The black-dressed old man felt slightly relaxed, with delight appearing on his face, "I'll obey my Lord and arrange for it instantly."

Gu Yunjue returned to the inn, unaware himself also becoming Gu Yunjin's target, when Mu Chen was still in sleep. Mu Chen had spent lots of energy in concocting pills these days, so he needed time to restore his vigor. Pills did have auxiliary effects, but his physical rehabilitation system was the most important. Therefore, good sleep should be guaranteed.

The bed under Mu Chen looked like a big white sh.e.l.l. Actually, it was a top defensive weapon made from a demonic animal of the Nascent Soul Stage. Now it had developed into a spirit tool. Numerous colorful gems embedded in the sh.e.l.l s.h.i.+ned gently on Mu Chen who seemed even more quiet and mild in sleeping.

Sensing someone come over, the sh.e.l.l shut itself immediately without a seam to be penetrated by outsiders. Moreover, a chilling light rising around the sh.e.l.l revealed vital killing intent secretly.

When Gu Yunjue got closer and retrieved the magical array, the sh.e.l.l sensed its owner's smell and reopened itself. Mu Chen just turned around at the moment and lied on the back, sleeping soundly.

Sitting at the bed, Gu Yunjue traced Mu Chen's beautiful face and the white neck slightly with his index finger. Gu Yunjue smiled in his heart, 'Thanks to my Spirit Devil Cultivation, I can easily control Master's divine soul so that he sleeps well without detecting me. If he were awake, he would definitely rebuke me and punish me to kneel.'

Gu's finger ran downward Mu Chen's neck slowly and stopped at his chest. Seeing Mu Chen still peaceful, Gu Yunjue curved the corner of his mouth and unlashed Mu Chen's underwear.

Gu Yunjue paused abruptly as if Mu Chen's smooth skin had scorched his finger, feeling itchy at his throat. He took a deep breath, telling himself to restrain, 'It's not the time!'

Gu's eyesight fell on Mu Chen's chest where the nine-petal lotus had become faintly invisible. So long as Gu Yunjue absorbed this last shallow print, he would be able to restore his cultivation of the Late Synthesis Stage that he had reached in his last life. Although Mu Chen had been nurturing his body with spirit herbs all those years to make his meridians stronger than ordinary people, it was still too early for him to absorb the rest.

However, Gu Yunjue put his hands at Mu Chen's chest, his eyes getting increasingly dim. Since Star-Cloud Exalt came to the immortal realm, Gu Yunjue had always felt insecure, which drove him on the margin of death for many times. This time, he chose to prepare well.

When Mu Chen woke up, he found Gu Yunjue was meditating beside him. But he was totally freaked out seeing Gu Yunjue perspiring with a deadly red face. Mu Chen hastened to feel Gu's pulse and was immediately startled stiff when he felt the cracks in Gu's meridians.

What the h.e.l.l had the b.a.s.t.a.r.d been doing behind his back?

Mu Chen transferred spirit power into Gu's body in a hurry before he could spare a minute to explore deeper. The master and the disciple were originally practicing cultivations of the same root and their spirit power belonged to the same attribute, so Gu Yunjue recovered quickly with only half the normal efforts. As Mu Chen's spirit power ran down Gu's meridians, Gu's injuries were slightly healed. Mu Chen instantly summoned a black jade bucket, poured spirit spring water and added several pills into it. After the water went green and released endless vigor, Mu Chen took off his disciple's clothes and soaked him in the bath.

Gu Yunjue frowned, with his muscles tensed up. Mu Chen looked at him and asked worriedly, "Does it hurt?"

Gu Yunjue opened his eyes and raised the corner of his mouth with difficulty, "No."

Mu Chen glanced at him while starting to compound herbs.

The herbal materials penetrated into Gu's meridians like knives How could it not be painful? Yue Mingze had also been thrown into this kind of water before, who shouted and bellowed loudly out of pains without any of chief master's airs left.

Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d was really a tough cookie!

Phoenix-Returning Pill, Repairing-Marrow Pill, Condensing-Essence Pill and Knitting-Bones and Strengthening-Muscle Pill…were all top medicines to restore meridians. Any one of these pills could be sold in a thousand spirit stones, and people would scramble for it. Moreover, one bottle of pills concocted by top pill alchemists like Mu Chen could even be sold in much higher prices.

But now, Mu Chen poured them into a jade bowel lavishly and mixed them up into ointment.

"It won't hurt soon. Hold for a minute." Mu Chen took out another white jade bucket, poured water and added the ointment into it. He twitched his mouth, 'd.a.m.n it! I bet so many pills can definitely heal him on one sitting!'

As a pill alchemist of fire spirit power, Mu Chen was even better at curing than the medical immortals of wood attribute in the medical valley. Actually, Mu Chen was totally pushed by Dan Yangzi who might have been stimulated by the medical valley before. Dang Yangzi would strike the table with anger whenever he heard others mention medical valley, "Who said pill alchemists can't save people's lives with medicines? We never need to plead those sons of b.i.t.c.hes anymore so long as we master the healing skills!"

Mu Chen took Gu Yunjue out of the first bucket. Even a simple touch could bring him a lot of pains. Seeing Gu Yunjue frowning without any complaint, Mu Chen asked worriedly, "It surely doesn't hurt?" If not, there would definitely be a problem.

Gu Yunjue opened his eyes and gnashed his teeth in Mu Chen's arms, forbearing the pains, "Yes…"

Mu Chen finally relieved, "It won't hurt soon. After I cure you, explain to me what had happened." Mu Chen suddenly recalled that the same situation appeared every once in a while and it seemed that Gu had absorbed too much power than the meridians could bear. When Gu was young, Mu Chen thought it was because little disciple was too weak to absorb spirit stones' power. But apparently it wasn't.

Too many coincidences came together to indicate the truth.

Mu Chen looked down to cover his mood beneath his eyes. He didn't want to or dreaded to explore further.

A myriad of thoughts crowed into his mind, one of which became more and more clear and told him the logic relentlessly even though he wanted to cheat himself by ignoring it.

Everything that had puzzled him all the time was connected by Gu's current injuries and became clear now. Mu Chen paused suddenly out of shock and then his face went pale.

Only Gu Yunjue knew what kinds of herbs Mu Chen needed!

In the last life, Gu Yunjue had become the head of Lofty Cloudy Sect's inner disciples when he was young, who led the young generation when he was twenty or so, and overturned the three realms when he was at his fifties. During those years, so many people had been used by him to kill each other because he was so incisive at humanity that everyone became his chessman.

It was known to him that Gu Yunjue was good at scheming.

But in this life, Gu Yunjue didn't show any anomaly beside Master since he was a little child. So Mu Chen relaxed vigilance toward him and even forgot what had happened before. Mu Chen was still obsessed in the illusion that this adorable kid called master with arms around his leg and needed his help to eat and dress.

In the last life, Jade Zoysia Pungens as award couldn't at all come into his hand in the ordinary course of the event. Nevertheless, after the Jade Zoysia Pungens was bought by Gazing Chen Pavilion, he himself instantly got one. It was generally known that this herb was quite rare and precious. Who exactly stood behind Gazing Chen Pavilion?

'Did the "Chen" in the name refer to me myself?'

This force must have some backing so as to advance so fast. The Devil Lord couldn't send Gu Yunjue to hide in the immortal world just for the Anti-Devil Pillar. If they did have Gazing Chen Pavilion working for them, which now had extended into every sect and every town…Mu Chen dreaded to think more.

In his last life, there wasn't Gazing Chen Pavilion.

In this life, Jade Zoysia Pungens probably came from Gazing Chen Pavilion.

Five-Colored Blossom grew in the devil realm.

Gu Yunjue came from the devil realm.

Gazing Chen Pavilion, Gu Yunjue, and the devil realm!

The relations among them had been obvious. Mu Chen bit his upper lip, feeling a sudden twinge in heart.

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 60: Little Seme, Your Disguise Is Seen Through!

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