Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 11 Part3

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Editor: blacklotus

Falma took out a blood sampling set like a gla.s.s syringe, test tube, tourniquet and so forth.

“What are you doing Falma?”

Ellen, who saw the needle, retracted her hands on the table.

"It's called venipuncture, a process of inserting a needle in your arm to take blood from the blood vessel. If you're scared, you better close your eyes.''

“Wait a minute. I am also included?!”

Ellen asked Falma, but Falma said that he would also cooperate as a healthy human sample. In this world, when examining the condition of the blood, it's customary to graze the hands to bleed and examine it. It wasn't a knife but a needle, Ellen was ashamed of what has to be done. It's also the same for Palle.

“You can take my blood afterwards, but you cannot collect blood yourself, so please cooperate.”

“Falma, do you have experience and technique to perform that?”

“I have, so be at ease.”

It was splendid to be a skilled pharmaceutical in the past life but if we're recounting experience of blood collection, it's something else.

Falma wrapped a tourniquet on Palle's upper arm and let the vein float up and quickly pierce the needle. His blood vessel was difficult to see, so Falma hastily wiped the skin with alcohol cotton. After effacing it with alcohol cotton, his blood vessel was now easy to see.

“However, since I have no experience on doing it human, you might call it an animal experiment,”

Falma whispered unconsciously.

Ethically, Falma know pharmacists shouldn't collect human blood themselves. Since the Palle's condition may deteriorate and cerebral hemorrhage may occur at any moment. It wasn't the case of the four or five saying. There's no choice but to do it.

“Wait a minute, stop! Don't compel me as your laboratory experiment!”

When Palle overheard that, he panicked and tried to stand up, but Falma had already finished extracting the blood and pulled out the needle quickly.

“I'm done, do you feel numbness?”

It was a momentary event. Falma put the blood sample in a test tube containing anticoagulant. Ellen, who was reluctant, agreed to blood sampling as he saw at Palle's reaction.

Falma dropped a drop of blood from a syringe into a gla.s.s slide and spread it with a thin gla.s.s instead of a cover gla.s.s. Immediately swinging with both ends of the gla.s.s slide and dry. It was immersed in a gla.s.s container containing a kind of alcohol called methanol.

“What's the purpose of undertaking that?”

“Fixing and sticking the blood cell component to the gla.s.s, preventing it from deteriorating”

Ellen's blood was also attached to the gla.s.s slide and treated in the same way.

“Let's observe in this state. Brother, can you examine your own blood?”

“Yeah, it's microscopic.”

Palle sniffed at his best. His pride as an elder brother and a Nova Root graduated began to immerge.

“That was excellent, you should have identified various shapes of particles.”

If it weren't for the single microscope made by Falma, Palle wouldn't believe the fact that a blood contained a particle called a cell. But now he had no choice but to believe because he himself observed it.

“I saw something different from other sample I've seen in the past.”

“Open the text to page 10, Wasn't the particle like that?”

Page 10 of the distributed text had been drawn many ill.u.s.trations of round particles. Ellen and Palle's text in hand was exactly the same. For the hand-written transcript, it's a precise sketch and even the delicate structures were drawn. Palle was impressed. Indeed, it was drawn exactly as it seemed to be on the microscope.

To establish the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Imperial Pharmaceutical University, it's effective to generate a text and reproduced it on a mimeograph.

“Wait a moment. How did you see such a detailed structure?”

“You can identify it under a microscope with a high magnification.”

Falma swiftly put out a microscope from the box in front of Palle and Ellen. It was a dual optical microscope made of bra.s.s which has a magnification of 500 times by a quality lens that asked the honor of Melody.

T/N: Refer to Compound Light Microscope or Optical Microscope which uses visible light and a system of lenses to magnify images of small objects. (Wikipedia)

A mirror was set under the stage (the platform where gla.s.s slide is placed), and a light-collecting function's also attached.

“Okay, what is this?”

“This is a compound microscope that makes the lens part of the single microscope look even larger and enlarged.”

“Why do you possess that?! Did father purchased it for you?”

Palle believed and didn't doubt that Falma ordered a splendid one with Bruno – the president of the Imperial School of Pharmaceutical School.

“Well, there are various things.”

In fact, it was made by a craftsman based on Falma's blueprint but he kept it vague because the story wouldn't progress for the moment.

“Incidentally, what do you think a blood is carrying over the whole body?”


Palle thought a little and answered. The four-body-fluid theory that human body fluid was made up of four pieces of blood, mucus, yellow bile, black bile. This was taught by Nova Root Pharmaceutical University. It was equally known that separating into clear supernatant and reddish black sediment, leaving blood in a container. Blood was thought to have been cleanly purified by the spleen. It has been taught that the balance of this body fluid was broken by evil spirits, and people get sick.

“That's right. Nutrition, then oxygen that is brought into the body by breathing.”

Palle also knew the element called oxygen.

“Blood is largely divided into blood cell components, plasma components, and other ingredients. Red blood cells that cause red blood to look red… These are the particles that play a role of carrying oxygen to the corners of the body.

Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 11 Part3

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