Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 11 Part4

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Colorless white blood cells… These are the particles that kill bacteria or are related to immunity. Oh, I will explain the immune on another occasion. And platelets… A particle that coagulates blood and stops bleeding.”

Ellen nodded and read the text. After she finished reading it, she was impressed by the results of Falma's efforts.

“Hey! That's right, it looks like a red liquid, and it's amazing!”

Lotte strikes with an exact timing.

Cedric and Lotte also listened to the lecture with the text in hand from a little distance.

“These particles are called cells. Not just blood components, every living thing has a structure called a cell.”

“I see.”

By microscopic observation, Palle knew that every piece of tissue certainly had a structure. Whether it be a plant or an animal, just like a small room according to Falma. He also considered it in his thesis experiment.

Even though it was said that living things were made up of cells, it's still convincing.

“But, the origin of the blood that makes up each component of a wide variety of blood is only one type.”

Falma pointed to the particle drawn on the most upstream in the various blood components being drawn.

“It's called hematopoietic stem cells, cells that produce blood. The stem cells produce red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other blood elements"


Palle listened and thought that it would be good idea to make a fiction out of what Falma said.

“Then, listening to the story, what do you think is the reason why the bleeding of older brother has become difficult to stop?"

Falma asked questions to Palle.

Palle decided to play along with Falma. The cause was that it's easy to bleed from the gums. The blood was difficult to stop, and it's easy to cause a bruise.

“Platelets… The particles that should stop the bleeding, are no longer functioning?

“That's right.”

Falma nodded greatly. Looks like his elder brother swallowed well the information.

“An abnormality in the route matures from each hematopoietic stem cell to each blood component, and in the case of older brother, it creates neutrophils (a kind of white blood cells)”

“I don't get it.”

Palle pointed out quickly.

“If that's the case, why would the particles be reduced? Is it the root particle that's causing abnormality? Is the root of making platelets and red blood cells, and the root of making other types of red blood cells and white blood cells safe?” (Refers to bone marrow)

He was an excellent older brother who absorbs knowledge quickly and argued against it.

“Unusual leukemia cells will increase indefinitely. They are produced in the hematopoietic locations which are the bone marrow. The bone marrow is occupied and there isn't enough s.p.a.ce thus other cells are produced poorly. Low red blood cells caused anemia and so oxygen isn't carried throughout the body and breathlessness occurs. White blood cells decrease, and bacteria can easily infect the body. Platelets decreases and bleeding is difficult to stop."


All theories were perfect and made sense. Palle was bewildered due to this realization.

“Let's examine by comparing the blood components of my older brother with the blood components of Ellen, see if what I said is true. It's problematic to observe because the blood cell components are difficult to see in the transparent state. So, we color the cells. This is called dyeing, but it will take time, therefore let's partake of lunch.”

Falma led Palle to the staff rest room on the third floor.

Lunch was prepared by Lotte and Cedric.

Five people sat around the table, while also chatting. Falma periodically go to the laboratory dyeing work. Ellen was shocked because Palle's usual talk was nowhere to hear. Palle's mood established the place. (warm/calm.)

“This onion gratin soup (soupe à l'oignon gratiné), warms my body. Lotte-chan, you're skilled at cooking”

“Eh, I asked Cedric to help me! There's 8 more to come!”

Lotte who was praised was embarra.s.sed. She's recently addicted to pharmacy lunch. At the end of the meal, Ellen and Palle waited for Falma.

Falma came down with a slide gla.s.s from the lab to the third floor and began to explain the results.

“It's well dyed, red blood cells are red, platelets are blue, white blood cells have neutrophils, red eyelids, eosinophils, and basophils dyed blue-violet. This is Ellen's blood. Next, look at your own blood”

“Is it something that will be dyed so conveniently?”

Palle, who was half confident and so forth, inspected through the microscope and got a word for it.

Indeed, cells were colored by the process of dyeing. It didn't mean that it's properly color-coded. It's neatly unevenly color-coded.

“Do you know that the difference between Ellen's blood and older brother's blood? You can see a structure like a needle gathered inside a purple-colored blood cell because it is the structure of Auer bodies, which does not exist in Ellen's blood."

“… Oh, certainly, I see."

Palle's voice was hoa.r.s.e.

“That's a leukemic cell that has become white blood cells.”

Palle also noticed that Red Blood Cells and Platelets were depleted overall as compared to Ellen's. The magnified image of his own blood was burnt to his eyes. He was confronted with such evidence.

“While we were having a meal, I was calculating the whole blood cell on my older brother. Red blood cells, White blood cells, and Platelets is decreased. The characteristics of leukemia cells were seen. (It will be diagnosed through stabbing/It is true to diagnose by stabbing) Older brother's bone marrow but there is pain, too, leukemia cells are present even in the peripheral blood. Therefore, together with this result…”

Palle's hands and feet gradually get colder with Falma who's talking about it theoretically without giving a gap to escape.

“I diagnose acute promyelocytic leukemia.”

“… ….”

Ellen also failed to keep words. When Falma diagnosed a patient, he's customarily using the diagnosis eye because it led to simplification of medical treatment.

However, it's possible to prove the disease without using the diagnosis eye and convinced the patient if you identify the method of diagnosis. Ellen was confronted with the thought that Falma could diagnose even if he had exhausted his divine power.

“Older brother will die within a few months if I do not treat this condition.”

When Falma put his hand on Palle's shoulder, he got weak and fell from the chair. Palle couldn't completely disagree with the results presented by Falma.

It seemed to Palle that G.o.d's knowledge far exceeded humanity. It's no longer the stage of putting in a mouth.

“I will explain the treatment policy from now. I cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness. Treatment will be terrible. Still if my brother believes in what I say, and if you're convinced…”

No trace of the older brother was prideful.

Palle felt as if Falma had become a completely different person.

“Allow me treat you right now.”

Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 11 Part4

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