Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part3

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Translator: Ese

Editor: Blacklotus

“Blood transfusion from servants will be only be conducted upon their consent.”

“And then, if chemotherapy does not work, or if he relapses. Hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation may have to be performed. The types of white blood cells on father and brother are very rare with a 1% accuracy rate. In addition, Blanche is also a match. So, if you decide to partic.i.p.ate in the transplant, will you cooperate with me in the order of you Father first, then Blanche?”

T/L Note: Remember, Bruno's stem cell will be given to Palle and not red blood cell.

The probability that the white blood cell types of both father and mother were identical to their son was rare. But in an aristocratic society where relatives weren't uncommon to be married. Likely that there was a high probability of coincidence between the father and son, Falma considered. Since Blanche was still a child, the burden on blood collection was heavy. Falma would like to avoid being a donor if possible.

“Of course. For the development of pharmacy and the treatment of patients, I will not hesitate to sacrifice because their life is precious.”

Bruno willingly accepted it. Falma taught Bruno was good at understanding. He always received spiritual support from Bruno.

“What is the recovery/healing percentage/rate of your treatment?”

Alternative: "What is the percentage that your treatment will result in a complete cure."

Bruno expected to hear low percentage of complete recovery. Falma didn't hide the fact and conveyed the information.

“If an unexpected event does not happen at all, and the treatment proceed as planned, I think there is an 80-90% chance of complete remission. Complete remission doesn't mean complete cure. Leukemia cells are reduced, symptoms disappear, normal life state will return, that is."

“It's 90%? Is it something you can expect so much?!”

“Yes, ATRA is a molecularly targeted treatment. Unlike anticancer drugs, it targets leukemia cell and is a revolutionary drug that does not damage other normal cells. Even if you go into remission, it doesn't mean all the leukemia cells are completely gone, there is also the possibility of relapse. “

“It's difficult…”

"It is difficult. If a hemorrhage occurred in the brain or any vital organs during the medication, then I can't get my hands on it

(T/L: Operate on Palle).

We can't say for sure that I can control the condition… It's not a cure."

Falma wasn't a doctor and has almost no clinical and surgical experience or knowledge. From his previous career, he was more of a chemist than a pharmacist and was better at drug discovery than treatment. That's why there are details of disease that he doesn't know and needs to be explored.

T/L Note: Don't be confuse about Falma's profession. He's a pharmacist however in a sense is a chemist because he's more in drug discovery rather than a pharmacist who supervise the medicine supple chain.

Cancer treatment was insatiable and never optimistic. Even if you have the medicine, it is new and may not bring the desired effects.

'I will be careful, and patient will devote my whole body to my brother's treatment.' Falma thought.

“The cooperation of the whole family is essential. We have to be patient and make sure brother, who will lose his immunity, doesn't get infected.”

“Oh, I see. Let's aim for Palle's complete remission with the whole family.”, Bruno said.

As Falma left his room and tried to return to his room, Pallet also went out of his own room and stole the eyes of the servant. He saw a place in the residence of the 'dé Medicis' family

'Elder brother? Where are you going?' Falma said inwardly.

Falma was worried about Palle and decided to follow him. He was embarra.s.sed because the servants are looking at him. Palle entered the chapel at one corner of the mansion. The statue of the Guardian G.o.d, Medicine G.o.d is enshrined there. It is said that you cannot go to the church because it is said that you cannot go out once inside. So, it seems like you pray for the Medicine G.o.d in the chapel of your house.

'Brother really is religious and pa.s.sionate' Falma thought as Palle entered the chapel.

Falma followed Palle going into the chapel. Palle went in front of the G.o.d of Medicine and kneeled. Falma closed his eyes and prayed behind him gently, pa.s.sing by, he hid behind the statue of the Medicine G.o.d. Then he heard a prayer.

“Guardian G.o.ds, Medicine G.o.d. Why… Why do you make me experience such a thing? I wonder if my faith in Medicine G.o.d wasn't enough. My body lose strength. I'm not listening to anything, breathing becomes difficult. I wonder if my brother's medicine will work. The more I talk to you, the less I can think of…”

When Falma heard Palle's words, he knew Pallé was refined in front of his family, but he was quite ill and suffering. Cancer treatment went awry if the patient gives up on life. Falma wondered how Palle could be cheered up.

'It's not me that should encouraged my brother… It should be the Medicine G.o.d.'

Falma touched the statue of the G.o.d while hiding behind it. As soon as his hand touched, the statue glows pale and responds. A statue of the same material as the church's sculpture responded to Falma's Divine Art.

Palle was flabbergasted because the statue of the Medicine G.o.d in front of him suddenly started to glow.


Falma, who was watching over Palle from the back of the statue, created sulfur hexafluoride with 20% of the oxygen. Inhaled it in slowly, creating a material in which sulfur hexafluoride was created in the round rolled up both hands. And talked to Palle in a relaxed tone.

“Palle can you hear me?”

A majestic, low voice came from the statue of the empty chapel. Palle was surprised by the voice and looked up at the statue.

“This… This… Medicine G.o.d?!"

“I will always watch thee"

Palle rubbed his head on the floor. Apparently, if you inhale sulfur hexafluoride; speak out, your voice will be low. It was the opposite of helium gas.

“I know there's no mistake in what The Guardian G.o.d, Medicine G.o.d does but why did you give revelation to my younger brother and not to me?”

'I wanted to receive revelation like my younger brother.' Palle swallowed up his words.

“Thy treatment shall be undone by thee. He overcame the intractable disease, survived, and became a remarkable pharmacist…”

Before Falma finished his dialogue, Palle lost consciousness as he tried getting up. Falma came out of the back of the statue and supported Palle.

Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part3

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