Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part4

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Translator: Ese

Editor: blacklotus

“Orthostatic hypotension?!”

T/L Note: Orthostatic hypotension, also known as postural hypotension, occurs when a person's blood pressure falls when suddenly standing up from a lying or sitting position. Severe drops in blood pressure can lead to fainting, with a possibility of injury.

Falma thought of Palle. It was morning when Palle finally woke up. He got up in bed and stands still.

“Was it just a dream?”

Palle dropped his shoulders.


However, that wasn't a dream by looking at the bruises of his knees that would have been only present when kneeling in the chapel.

“The Medicine G.o.d came to my dream…”

Palle was deeply moved.

“Huh, yes!”

Palle recalled the revelation and noticed. The enlightenment of the mysterious Medicine G.o.d, interpreting the phrase "Thy treatment shall be undone by thee."

Indeed, neither injection nor blood sampling can be done to one's own arm. A patient with this disease couldn't treat themselves. Palle interpreted that the Medicine G.o.d gave Falma a revelation so that he can treat him.

“To save me… The Medicine G.o.d told Falma instead of me? So that's what happened."

After receiving protection and encouragement from the Guardian G.o.d, Palle reconsidered his doubts and brightened up.

“How are you feeling today?”

On the second day of his illness, Falma began preparing an anti-cancer agent and injection for Palle.

“I don't feel like it's getting worse, but I don't feel like I'm getting better either."

“I saw the results of today's morning blood sampling. Little by little, leukemia cells are starting to decrease. The induction of leukemic cell differentiation by ATRA is starting to work properly." Falma encouraged Palle.

“Elder brother, how are you doing? Will you be able to practice divine arts soon?"

Blanche also put on a hat, mask and ap.r.o.n. Disinfected her fingers, took measures against infections. Came to Palle's room along with Falma.

“It's a pity that I can't ditch you guys.” Palle said he's strong, but his voice has no strength.

“From now on, we will start administering the anti-cancer drug Idarubicin. We need to remove some of the leukemia cells that are resistant to ATRA. Unlike ATRA which a molecular targeted drug (Targets only molecules of leukemic cells), Anti-Cancer agents are cytotoxic, meaning killing both leukemia and normal cells."

“Kill normal cells… What?!”

“There may be side effects, be prepared for it.”

After the administration, the side effects that may appear in a few days are nausea, vomiting, stomat.i.tis, bone marrow suppression, hair loss, etc.; said by Falma. Depending on the condition of the individual's body, all the side effects might not be necessarily present. Falma told him some people were quite calm, and others suffer. Being told the risk, Palle sighed.

“It's a strong medicine… but will it work? I can't believe there's such a medicine in this world.” Palle, who would receive medical treatment; agreed, but he felt depressed.

“Ah. Then, stay calm and rest while taking anti-cancer agent starting from now, also don't leave the mansion.”

“A long-time captivity?”

“No. Not for long, but when you're on medication. Hematopoiesis can be suppressed by the Idarubicin (Anti-Cancer Agent). In other words, you are much more vulnerable and susceptible to be infected by all kinds of pathogens because white blood cells are reduced. I cleaned the whole mansion, so it's relatively safe inside."

T/L Note: Hematopoiesis is the production of all types of blood cells including formation, development and differentiation of blood cells.

“Cleaned the mansion? How?”

During Palle's sleep, Falma developed a plague free sanctuary with the Staff of Medicine G.o.d. It was a divine art that kills bacteria and viruses in the air. The dé Medicis family turned into a huge sterile ward.

“How did you eliminate all the germs and bacteria inside the mansion?”

“No, that… uh…” Falma was at loss to explain this time.

“Anyway, it's safe inside the mansion. If you really want to go outside, let's go out with me.”

'Because the sanctuary around me should kill bacteria and viruses in the air.' Falma said inwardly.

Falma unknowingly created a sanctuary, was like a walking sterile room.

“Why with you?”

“Oh, no, I'll accompany you in case of emergency.”

"I'll be in your care then…" Palle then answered tiredly.

“You can't order me around like I'm your little brother, you see?” Blanche pinched his cheek.

“Yep, and you too.” Palle patted Blanche's head. Blanche made a big deal.

"Well, don't hold back, we're family members. It's mutual. If I get sick, I'll rely on you brother.

“Oh, leave it to me. Even so, it hurts that I can't do anything as a pharmacist for around two years…"

"Brother is smart, so you can quickly adapt to the society even if you're here. Besides, taking your medication constantly doesn't mean that you cannot go out."

“Falma. I'll be at my leisure while under medical treatment.”

"Ellen said that she would come to visit and care. Then, how about a game?"

As Falma has a pharmacy business, it was likely Ellen would accompany Palle during the day.

“Let me read the pharmaceutical book that you wrote to kill time."

“Okay, read, and I'll write more of it.”

If Palle's encouragement was to study pharmaceutics. Falma then wanted to hurry to write a text.

Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part4

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