Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part5

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Translator: Kuhaku

Editor: blacklotus

"But there is only one good thing about getting this disease. Now, I can understand the suffering of the patients who had an incurable disease where they don't have any experience."

Falma was shocked by Palle's way of thinking. Palle was totally regaining his positiveness.

“No pharmacist can be a patient.” Palle, who said so, had a good smile. Falma thought that it was dazzling.

“Everything is needed to be studied.”

“Let's do our best together, brother.”

Falma took turns sleeping in Pallé's room with Bruno. It was to cope with sudden changes. It was the 4th day of Remission Induction Treatment with ATRA and Idarubicin (Anti-Cancer Agent). In the middle of the night, Falma woke up with a bad premonition. When Falma came to Palle's room, something wrong happened with Palle's breathing. He was in pain.


Falma panicked and soon, used his diagnosis eye. Light was visible in Palle's both lungs.

(Got it…!)

The side effects of ATRA (All-Trans Retinoic Acid) have appeared. As Palle was concerned, large numbers of white blood cells that were simultaneously differentiated from leukemia cells by ATRA can damage the blood vessels in the lungs. That caused pulmonary hemorrhage.

T/L Note: Pulmonary Hemorrhage is an acute bleeding from the lung, from the upper respiratory tract and the trachea, and the alveoli.

Pulmonary hemorrhage could cause a difficulty in breathing and could be fatal. Falma put his hand on Palle's mouth.

“Oxygen synthesis”

Oxygen was sent to Palle's lungs to aid his breathing. At the same time, a large number of steroids was prepared in preparation for side effects were given to Palle by infusion and steroid pulse therapy to suppress inflammation by the white blood cells.

T/L Note: Infusion is an insertion of a solution into the body through a vein. While Pulse Steroid Therapy refers to discontinuous I.V infusion of high doses of medication.

Falma was scared while treating Palle.

'If you can't stop the bleeding… Will brother die?'

'You may lose an important member of your family.'

The color white in Palle's lungs turned into purple. It was a color wandered on the border of life and death. The light gradually became reddish. To call Bruno, he rang the hand-bell that he had placed at the bedside. They needed help.


Falma shouted to Palle. It was as if he could hear the flatline sound of Palle's life.

Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part5

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