Parallel World Pharmacy Different World Pharmacy Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part4

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TN: Double-length part because it felt wrong to cut this scene in half, enjoy! Also, some terms were borrowed from the Catholic Church, and might be changed later if a better name is found or if the manga translates it differently

Late February of the year 1147. During a harsh winter.

The Great Church was located far away from the Empire of San Fleuve. The singing voices of priests rang out from the Holy Kingdom's chapel, and priests, apprentice priests, and shrine maidens hurried through the central square. Snow fell in thick layers on the roofs of the shrines, and frost-covered statues of various G.o.ds lined the hallways. Paladins were evenly s.p.a.ced, keeping a watchful guard.

The shrine's most important area was not located aboveground, but rather was underground instead. The elegant architecture aboveground was mainly for the benefit of tourists and religious followers. Underground was a labyrinth of powerful anti-evil barriers which could withstand attacks from evil spirits around the world.
Right now, however, an annual meeting was being held in a conference room aboveground. At this meeting was the high priest, the leader of the Holy Kingdom. Also in attendance were 10 cardinals, as well as the head priests from parishes around the world.

There were more than 100 priests from around the world. The conference room was shaped like a large bowl, and in the center was seats for the high priest and cardinals as well as an altar.
After greeting and praying for the High Priest Pius, the cardinals reported on the state of each nation's parish, followers, and activity of evil spirits.

"There is something that I need to tell you about"
At the outset of the meeting, one of the cardinals who was serving as the chairman made a shocking announcement
"There is a chance that at this very moment, a guardian deity has descended to our world"
"Wh …is that really true?"
As expected, all the priests began to clamor.
"Which guardian deity is it?"
"I don't know"
While the other priests were talking, the Empire of San Fleuve's head priest, Solomon, was sitting quietly in his seat. Which guardian deity had descended to this world? Solomon was the only one that knew.
Solomon didn't move a single muscle and allowed himself to be serene. However, as though to see through his facade, a cardinal pointed on the world map with a cane.
"With all due respect, I believe that the guardian deity has descended to the Empire of San Fleuve. Over the past two years, there has been no activity from evil spirits and no sightings were reported"
Evil spirits may be distributed unevenly throughout the world, but it's unusual for them to disappear entirely from a region. As such, by monitoring the sightings of evil spirits around the world, a strange pattern was noticed.
As though to avoid the Imperial Capital, the evil spirits were moving to its borders and even neighboring countries. Additionally, there were reports that the Imperial Capital has managed to fend off the Black Death. It couldn't be anything other than divine protection, explained the cardinal.
"Head Priest Solomon, please step forward"
Solomon left his seat and thought about how he could answer as he stepped forward to the center of the room.
With the eyes of everyone in the room on him, Solomon made up his mind and knelt before the high priest.
"There were almost no sightings of evil spirits within the Empire of San Fleuve. The guardian deity is protecting it. You know what's going on, Solomon"
The Head Priest Pius's words were spoken quietly, but with great authority.
Pius was the king of all the countries around the world and could make even an emperor yield. He held the position of the highest religious leader. Even Solomon, formerly a member of the fearless Holy Inquisition, was overpowered by his gaze.
Behind every word was the impression of divine power.
"No, I don't know too much about it…"
"Do you swear to the guardian deities? Will you take an oath?"
Solomon was forced to take an oath with his hand on the holy scriptures.
His faith was tested in front of the priests from around the world. It was the highest humiliation, and Solomon froze. Those who lie in an oath face divine retribution.

"What's wrong, can't you do it? Take the oath"
The high priest solemnly ordered. Solomon decided that it would be the most obedient towards his faith if he remained silent. The light in Pius's eyes grew sharper.
"So, you do know… where in the imperial city has the guardian deity descended?"
"It would be an inconvenience if he returned to the heavens, so we need to quickly invite him here"
The cardinal wanted to restrain the guardian deity.
That's true…, Solomon agreed silently. He responded in a confident voice.

"Even if the guardian deity was in the imperial city, I believe that non-interference is the best option. What could the Great Church do besides interfere with guardian deity-sama?"

"What are you saying?! It's the duty of a priest to ensure that the guardian deity spends their time in the cleanliness of the Holy Kingdom, not in the dirtiness of the outside world. We must invite him here at once"
The cardinal was indignant.
However, that was only the official position. Ever since the ancient times, whenever a G.o.d descended to the world they would be restrained. Their divine power would be exploited and used in secret ceremonies. They were hidden away under false pretenses so the Great Church could strength its power over the rest of the world.
As a result, the guardian deities' patience with mankind was depleted, and they retreated to the heavens. No matter how many times it happened, the Great Church never learned.
Solomon quietly sighed.

"I like where the guardian deity is staying, it's one of my favorite places. He's there for a reason, and humans shouldn't dictate where a G.o.d should be"

Currently, there is only one guardian deity in the world.
It is the Medicine G.o.d, who resides in the body of Falma de Medicis. Unlike the previous guardian deities, Falma hasn't travelled the world nor forced his faith upon others. He's stayed for over two years, opened a pharmacy, and interacted with commoners.
It was an unusually long time for a guardian deity to stay.

Recently, I've established a positive relations.h.i.+p that Falma relies on, thought Solomon.
While Falma's blessings would benefit all of humanity, the same couldn't be said for the Great Church. All they can do is let Falma do as he wishes, record his legacy, ensure he's comfortable and protect where he lives. All so he can stay for a little while longer.
However, the high priest surely wouldn't understand that line of reasoning. They only saw Falma as a source of divine power and didn't care about his divinity or feelings.

"So, you won't confess?"
Pius's words were filled with anger.
"It's treason, then"
The cardinals surrounded Solomon. It's treasonous to conceal information from the Great Church, and by refusing to take an oath upon the holy scriptures or talk about Falma, it was clear that he would be tortured by the Holy Inquisition. He may even have his divine circuits forcibly closed.

"There's been a breakthrough in the investigation. It seems that the Staff of the Medicine G.o.d and the Sword of the Moon G.o.d were swapped in a complex conspiracy involving the sacred treasures of numerous other cathedrals. Additionally, there have been reports from various regions that the Imperial Capital has continuously made revolutionary advancements in different fields including pharmaceutics. It must be that the Medicine G.o.d has descended within the Imperial Capital"
"Your Highness…"
Solomon turned to meet Pius's gaze and found himself unable to reply.
"It seems that's accurate"
Pius concluded.
"All we need to do is look for a pharmacist who recently appeared in the Imperial Capital. There's no need to ask you anymore"
In the past two years, apart from Falma, no noteworthy pharmacists have appeared in the Imperial Capital. It wouldn't take more than a day to find out.
"It must have been the same pharmacist who was able to ward off the Black Death. Find him immediately."

 ――It seems that Falma was too conspicuous.

Parallel World Pharmacy Different World Pharmacy Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part4

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