Repugnant Gateway Chapter 270

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The Celestial Sect had Old Huo, w.a.n.g Kaitai, Tantai Cha, and Zhuang Feifei were in charge of the security. Together with the cohabitation of the Gu Dynasty, the smaller sects would pose no threat to the Celestial Sect.

As long as a large sect like the Supreme Dao Palace or the great clans of the imperial government did not make a move, the Heavenly Awakening Sect would be as stable as a mountain range.

It was precisely because he was worried that these people would change that An Zhe left quietly.

A few hundred meters away from the brocade palace, in the backyard of an ordinary family, An Zhe squatted under the wall and checked the equipment he was carrying.

He carried the dim sword, the Nine h.e.l.l Magic Bell, the scales of the holy fish, the Twin Gem Trees, and many other magical equipment.

There was not much sword intent left on the sword, after all, he had already used it twice.

However, it shouldn't be a problem to deal with him again. With the legendary power of the martial world, one round should be enough to shock everyone.

The Nine Serenities Magic Bell gave An He plenty of surprises. He didn't know if a magic device like this would affect a person's mental fort.i.tude.

However, at the moment, he did not seem to have changed much.

The scales of the holy fish have unparalleled defensive power, and the Twin Trees of two lifetimes can teleport an instant.

With these things, even a dragon's lair and tiger's den would dare to charge in.

Not to mention, this was the nature of An Zhe's personality. He had never known how to write anything when he retreated.

When he killed Li Changlu last time, he obtained an Invisibility Cloak, a scroll with unknown uses, and some other things that were shared among the others.

The Invisibility Cloak was given to Gu Qianye, and the scroll was given to Qu Liuxi.

Later on, Zhuang Fei Fei also gave Gu Qian Ye a scroll, but she should be researching how to duplicate it at Old Huo.

An Zaixin thought for a moment. If he couldn't deal with the things he was carrying right now, there was no point in bringing anything else.

As for the distress signal that Xu Mei-die had left for him, he had left it to Gu Zhaogong.

There was no invisibility clothing, and there was also the parachute of the Yaksha.

An Zaibao had asked Chen Shaobai if he could always remain invisible, but the umbrella wouldn't work. At most, he could hold on for two hours.

In addition, those with stronger cultivations might be able to see through it.

Thus, An Zaiyue decided not to use it for the time being. He decided to wait until he entered the Embroidery Palace before deciding.

An Zhan took a deep breath and told himself that nothing was wrong. No matter how strong he was in the past, he had experienced many storms before.

He remembered that when he had first joined the Division, he had the same mentality as now. He was a little nervous, but also full of fighting spirit.

He opened the door from the backyard and went out, closing it behind him.

A few rows of houses led to the Golden Court Square, and directly across from it was Heavenly Temple Palace.

Following the Golden Hall Avenue all the way west, he would reach the Embroidery Palace in less than a few hundred meters.

The Extreme Heaven Palace was separated from the Embroidery Palace by a garden. One could directly pa.s.s through from the Extreme Heaven Palace.

After pondering for a while, An Zhe left the residence and circled around to the back of the Heavenly Temple.

It would be difficult to directly enter the Embroidered Uniform Palace, but there weren't many people guarding the Heavenly Temple. Thus, their defenses were much more relaxed.

He climbed up the corner of the wall like a gecko, then overturned one of the Imperial Guards on the tower.

He tied the man up, covered his mouth and hid himself. Then, An Zhe casually walked down from the tower.

One had to say, the current Empyrean Terminus Palace made people feel a little desolate.

It did not seem to have changed, but this place was no longer a heavily guarded center of power.

After leaving the tower, he sneaked into the place where the eunuchs lived. He stole a set of the eunuch's clothes and put them on, then walked over to the garden.

Not long after he left, he saw Mu Changyan walking towards the garden by herself.

An Zaiyue turned his body to the side to hide, only to discover that Mu Changyan's footsteps were extremely stiff. She walked forward like a wooden log, seemingly targeting the brocade palace as well.

An Zaiyue was confused.

To Empress Dowager Su, Mu Changyan only existed to wait for the child to be born.

Seeing the previously high-spirited and high-spirited young king now in such a situation caused An Zhe to feel very sad.

Mu Changyan actually hadn't done anything wrong, and was a very compa.s.sionate person.

He was a poor man, and though he had some things to hate, he had never done anything unforgivable in his life.

Such a person didn't deserve to die.

However, Mu Changyan was still under someone's control. As soon as the fight began, the fight would be exposed.

An Zaiyue hesitated for a while before he finally decided to save Mu Changyan.

Although the struggle for peace was too fierce, there were still many experiences with the struggles of the imperial government.

Very quickly, he changed his original plan. He planned to capture Mu Changyan and send her back to the Tian Qi Sect.

If the King Yan was also in the sect and he managed to get rid of the Silver Needle Gu in his body, it would bring the Sect a lot of initiative.

Fortunately, Qu Liuxi had the Phoenix Cry Pill Cauldron, so she might be able to find a way out.

Upon thinking of this, An Zaizi summoned the Yaksha from the Blood Pearl bracelet and then walked out with the umbrella raised.

Mu Changyan's cultivation level kept falling. He originally thought that Zhuge Liuyun was on his side, but he never would have thought that Zhuge Liuyun was the person that Empress Dowager Su had arranged the most hidden.

Perhaps because he was being controlled, Mu Changyan felt something.

He stood where he was and abruptly turned around, but he didn't see anything.

At this moment, An Chou was standing a few dozen meters away from him. He was shocked when he saw Mu Changyan turn around to fight for him.

Fortunately, Chen Shaobai's Yaksha umbrella was a divine purple artifact, after all.

An Chou slowly approached, shaking his hand in a probing manner. Mu Changyan frowned as she looked around, and then continued to walk forward.

An He waited until he was close enough to release half of the scales.

The scales of the four holy fish suddenly flew out before they quickly closed in on Mu Changyan.

""Who is it!""

Mu Changyan did not even have the time to shout before the scales of the Sacred Fish squeezed into his body like four walls.

This attack was extremely vicious. Mu Changyan was trapped there without any reaction whatsoever.

Fearing that he would struggle, Anjou straightened his fingers, and a wave of control flew out.

The four scales of the holy fish squeezed Mu Changyan to the point that her head seemed to have grown longer. She held an umbrella and did not show herself, immediately keeping Mu Changyan back.

He had to return now. He had four scales left over from the Sacred Fish to control Mu Changyan. If everything went well, he would need these four to trap Empress Dowager Su.

If he used all eight pieces, without a defensive magical equipment, there might not be any accident.

Now that no one had noticed, it wouldn't take too long to get back and forth.

After thinking about this, An Zeng turned around and quickly left the brocade palace.

After exiting the palace, they found a secluded alley and didn't dare to use the Yaksha umbrellas again.

The Yaksha Zi San only had around two hours of usage time, so he needed to stay at the brocade palace to use it.

Around the Golden Court Square, the struggle for peace began to accelerate.

Not far from the Heavenly Awakening Sect, An Zeng suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

An Zhe instinctively turned his body to the side, and an incomparably cold sword intent pierced through his body.

The sword intent had cut through the clothes on An Zeng's shoulder, and had also cut a hole through his skin.

An Xuan swept his body to the side, and four scales of holy fish floated out to protect his body.

Behind him, the stupefied Feng Xiuzhu stood on the roof of a room, expressionlessly looking at An Zou.

In his hand he held a peach wood sword, a sword that was known as the peach wood sword that unraveled the barrier to immortality.


An Xuan was stunned for a moment. ""I didn't expect you to be the first one to be unable to sit still.""

Feng Xiuxiu remained expressionless as she looked at An Zaizhan. After a moment of silence, she said, ""Why aren't you in the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect?""

""Where did you go?""

An Chou was slightly startled. This was not the tone in which Feng Xiuzhu spoke.

Su Feihun was a person who liked women to look unruly and unruly, but was cold and arrogant in the bones. He was not good at talking.

As for Xiuxiu, she had a graceful bearing and was extremely eloquent.

Although he didn't have much of an interaction with An Zhan, he knew this person quite well.

In particular, after the battle between Feng Xiusheng and Nie Qing, An Zhe specially ordered people to collect information about her.

""You asking me this doesn't seem to be your intention, right?""

An Zhe looked at Feng Xiuquan, ""On that day, you and Nie Qing disappeared at the same time. Since Nie Qing was controlled by someone, I'm afraid you didn't escape.""

Feng Xian said, ""I've come to kill you.""

An Zaiyue said, ""You don't talk back and forth. I know that even though you are arrogant, you have never done anything bad.""

""If I can save you today, then in the future, just give me a present.""

After he finished speaking, An Zeng pounced forward and summoned the Ice Soul in mid-air, thrusting it into the air.

An ice awl suddenly appeared, piercing straight towards Feng Xiuxiu's chest.

Feng Xiuxiu spun the peach wood sword, and a strange force deflected An Shou's Frozen Soul.

The icicle, a few meters long, thrust to the side and, with a loud thud, pierced a large hole in the house.

""The peach blossom has fallen.""

Feng Xiuxiu said four words, then she pointed her peach wood sword towards the sky.

Peach blossom rain suddenly began to fall from the sky, sprinkling down.

The petals of the peach blossoms were all around her, and each one looked perfect.

Pink petals drifted down, covering everything within a few hundred meters.

An Zhan was distracted by the appearance of the Peach Blossom Rain, so when he looked back, he couldn't see Feng Xiuzhu's figure.

At this very moment, a sword intent appeared from behind An Zeng, blocking the scales of the Sacred Fish.

With a dang sound, an immense power made An Zhe fly forward involuntarily.

But before he could stop, the second sword intent arrived.

This time it was the side of the struggle that was coming toward the ribs.

The scales of the Sacred Fish rotated once again, causing the sword intent to surge out.

He was surrounded by peach blossoms, which were all sword intents.

He could not find her because she was in the middle of the peach blossoms.

Everyone said that although Xiuxiu although elegant and suave, but not close to the female color.

But who would have thought that he would cultivate such a Peach Blossom Technique?

He was among the peach blossoms, but he did not know which one was him.

However, every single petal that seemed gentle and sentimental hid an ice-cold killing intent.

An Zhan stood there with a solemn face … Every single petal of a peach blossom could be from Feng Xian.

Feng Xiu had no way to distinguish between the peach blossoms.

The peach blossoms around him seemed to be lifted up by the wind and began to revolve around An Xuan.

Not just around, but above.

At this moment, it was as if An Zhe was standing in the middle of a whirlwind formed by peach blossoms, isolated.

It was impossible to predict that the sword intent would appear from that petal, but each sword intent was powerful enough.

The four scales of the holy fish floated around him, and it didn't take long for them to reach their destination.

One sword intent attack was faster than the other. One sword intent attack was stranger than the other.

An Zhe seemed to hear a wave of soft and melodious music. Some people seemed to be singing something in a low voice.

""Peach flower, how can not be gentle, grudges float for what time to rest … Every blossoming peach flower is a floating soul.""

Under each peach tree, there were bones buried within. ""

An Zhe frowned. He suddenly understood.

Those falling peach petals were not peach petals at all, but spirits."

Repugnant Gateway Chapter 270

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