Repugnant Gateway Chapter 271

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Rumor has it that Dao Sect had a secret technique that could suppress evil spirits.

It was precisely because of this that there were some deceiving fake Warlocks in the martial world. They dared to call themselves True Immortals with a peach wood sword on their back, which could trick some people who didn't know what was going on.

If ghosts and evil spirits were to appear, these people would probably p.i.s.s their pants out of fright.

Cultivators yearned for longevity and pursued the path of immortality without fear of evil spirits.

In this world, there weren't many people who would be able to see a vengeful spirit. If they did, they wouldn't even have the chance to speak out loud.

Feng Xian's peach wood sword was picked from Wudang Mountain.

There was a Taoist temple on Mount Wudang. The martial world said that it was the ancestor of the Dao Sect, but even the Daoist from Mount Wudang didn't dare to boast like this.

However, no one dared to deny that the Dao Sect's Qi Methods of the Under Heaven Sect came from martial dao.

Rumor has it that there was a three-thousand-year-old peach tree in the monastery, with only one branch remaining alive.

The Daoist comprehended more from the peach tree.

It was said that this peach tree was the first monastery head of the Wudang Mountain Taoist temple and was later planted by the first sect master.

When the Sect Leader obtained the Dao, divine punishment descended from the Heavens.

Because the monastery chief cultivated too high and touched upon the Heavenly Dao, G.o.d's Punishment descended upon the world.

The peach tree blocked divine retribution for the monastery leader, and under the divine thunder, only half of the tree was left.

Half charred and half green.

There was only one tree in the world that could witness the Dao of the Dao Sect's Sect Leader, as well as the Divine Punishment.

Therefore, this peach tree was also known as the Dao Sect's sacred artifact.

In the past, the monastery leader of the Taoist Taoist temple had travelled thousands of miles to Mount Wudang to study. He had been enlightened under the peach tree, and when he had left, the Taoist of Wudang Mountain had given him a tender shoot from a peach tree.

The master of the Taishang Taoist temple used his zhenqi to protect himself and brought him back to Yan Guo, where he raised the rootless water in a jade vase.

Originally, he thought that this bud wouldn't live long, but in the end, it actually grew a Dao Root.

The monastery head planted the tender bud in the Taishang Taoist temple. Another 130 years later, the peach tree was only as thick as the wrist.

Although it was just a shoot from the peach tree on Wudang Mountain, it was quite magical.

Rumor has it that he was sitting under the mahogany tree in the middle of the night, listening to the music of the drums and receiving guidance from the Dao of the Heavens.

Another 108 years, the peach tree had thick legs.

The second host of the Taishang Taoist temple took the risk to ask for an immortal pill and blew up the pill furnace, which also implicated Tao Mu.

The half percent pill had almost leveled the entire Taishang, but this peach tree had only broken the thickest branch.

After that, the second monastery leader closed his door and began to ponder, never to leave the Supreme Court again.

He had been in closed door cultivation for thirty-three years, and it was said that he had comprehended the Qi of Heaven and Earth before evolving.

Before he died, he made the peach wood sword from the broken peach wood branch. That was the peach wood sword that Feng Xiuxiu was holding now.

This peach wood sword could condense spirits.

The petals of all the peach blossoms were not petals but spirits.

Spirit was the name the Dao Sect used to call ghosts.

Among the Dao Sect's concepts, there were three types of Spiritual Beings.

One was for the mundane, the other for the resentment, the other for cultivation.

After an ordinary person dies, their ghost will become a mortal spirit.

When a person with a grudge dies, his or her ghost will become a grudge spirit.

And there were supreme cultivators whose bodies would shatter while their souls would not perish. It was all for the sake of cultivation.

However, no matter what kind of spirit, no one had seen it before.

This was especially true for spirit cultivation. It was only in the legends.

But now, Feng Xiu was raising the peach blossom in the peach wood sword. It was the spirit.

They were both beautiful and intelligent.

Thus, An Zaixin suddenly remembered that Feng Xiuzhu's physique was an extremely rare spiritual medium.

When he was in the Da Xi world, An Zhe had heard that there were Dao Sect disciples with spiritual bodies. However, because they were too rare, no one could say for sure just how strong these spiritual bodies were.

As for the Dao Body of Spirit Body, An Zhe now understood a bit more of the meaning behind the words of Dao Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Body Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy Spiritual Energy.

These spirit creatures that looked like peach blossoms were actually clones.

The culture of the spiritual body, can each petal of the peach flower as their own jumping point.

Each of the peach blossoms could be considered to be his doppelganger.

And one of the higher requirements was that Feng Xiuzhu's psychokinesis must be extremely powerful.

The scales of the four Sacred Fish around An Zeng rotated unceasingly, blocking the sword intent coming from the unknown direction.

The strange power in the sword intent came from the spirit.

This power seemed to seep into the heart and infect the soul.

Fortunately, the scales of the Sacred Fish were the strongest defensive magical equipment in the world. Even though An Zhe could only use four of them, he was still able to deal with them.

""If you kill him, I will disperse you.""

An Zhan suddenly heard these words, and the peach blossoms by his side suddenly became violent.

The peach blossom petals began to rapidly rotate, forming a tornado of peach blossoms.

The formless sword Qis from before no longer appeared. Instead, they were replaced by swords formed from solidified peach blossoms.

There was an uncontrollable conviction on every single sword.


No, asking for rebirth.

An Zeng frowned slightly, ""Trapping the soul of others while practising your own sword dao. Feng Xiuzhu, I have truly overestimated you.""

I originally thought that you and Su Feiyun were on the same level, but from the looks of it now, you are far inferior to them.

Su Feihun had the heart of an expert and wasn't willing to use any external forces. He firmly believed that he could rely on himself to achieve success.

Nie Qing has the heart of a hegemon. In heaven and in the earth, I will definitely win.

""And you, you can only be selfish.""

An Zhan pointed the Icesoul forward, ""Your peach blossom is dripping human blood.""

The peach blossom swords in the surroundings became more and more concentrated. There was actually a beauty that could move a person's heart and soul.

If there was a sentimental young lady who saw it, he didn't know what kind of expression she would have on her face.

The beauty of this peach-blossom sword was dazzling to behold.

However, if one thought about how each peach flower contained a person's soul, then what kind of coldness was hidden behind this beauty?

""I will trap you, the spirit of one person, to match all of them.""

Feng Xiuxiu's voice seemed uncertain, and only An Zhe could hear it.

""Do you really think I'm being controlled?""

To cultivate this Peach Blossom Spirit, one needed unparalleled psychokinesis.

Since I have such unparalleled psychokinesis, how can I be controlled by others?

I just wanted to take this opportunity to leave the Supreme Dao Court. That kind of place wouldn't allow me to make further progress in the end.

""I also want to see if there are any opportunities in the chaos in Yan Country … Most importantly, this Silver Needle Gu Method is a test for my psychokinesis. It is an experience for others or a disaster. To me, it is just a process of cultivation.""

Voices appeared in the mind of the struggle, as if they were speaking to the soul of the struggle.

""I just want to get stronger, how would I have the heart to partic.i.p.ate in any of the struggles in the imperial court?""

If he wanted to partic.i.p.ate, he would have to do it in a place like Da Xi in the future.

To me, this small plot of land in the Yan Kingdom was like a quagmire that restrained my state of mind.

The reason I had people control the compet.i.tion was to temper their state of mind.

""I came to find you not because I was being controlled, but because I wanted to see how strong you really are.""

""You say that Su Feihun has the heart of an expert, but in my opinion, it is only a false act. Pretending to be an expert is actually a sign of weakness in the heart.""

If he really was an expert, he wouldn't need to look at Empress Dowager Su's face before he left the Yan Kingdom.

On the surface, he didn't put Empress Dowager Su in his eyes at all, but in reality, he was still afraid. That was why he acted like this on purpose, only hiding his cowardice.

You said that Nie Qing has the heart of a hegemon, but unfortunately, his state of mind is too small.

A person's heart was only filled with the thoughts of a country as big as the Yan Kingdom. So what if it was the strongest hegemon?

So in my opinion, whether it's Su Feihun or Nie Qing, they will not have very high achievements in the future. Reaching the Perfection Stage is the limit. ""

""That's why I came to find you. You don't have the heart of an expert or a hegemon, but you have a heart of righteousness.""

Although her voice was very soft, each and every word was exceptionally clear.

""You will do the right thing. You will walk the right path. You will exterminate the evil in the wrong direction. This is the heart of the true person.""

And you, the righteous, are not a kind heart.

Your lightning-fast moves look more like two sides of a Buddhist home.

Buddha said, Buddha is the best person in the world.

""Buddha also has the Vajra's Wrath, which is the fiercest rage in the world.""

""If I defeat you, it will benefit my cultivation.""

I know that you have righteous energy, but it is precisely because you have righteous energy that I want to defeat you. If I can even defeat righteous energy, what else can stop me from cultivating?

""What else is there that I can't cut?""

Feng Xiuxiu's voice stopped for a period of time, then her figure appeared on a rooftop tens of meters away.

It looked like his white clothes were floating in the wind, with more life and spirit than before.

""After I kill you, I will leave Yan Country.

""My peach wood sword is still not strong enough. I want to go to Wudang and break that three thousand year old immortal peach tree.""

As the sound of his voice faded, the hundreds of Peach Blossom Swords shot towards An Zong.

It was completely different from the formless sword Qis from before. The power of these Peach Blossom Sword was beyond imagination.

These materialized swords were all filled with the wishes of those spirits, so their strength was extraordinary.

The power of this move was as great as the heart of a person in the midst of rebirth.

The four scales of the holy fish were very quickly overworked, and due to the sheer amount of effort, the rotation of the scales became slower and slower.

An Zeng looked at the peach blossom swords that were thrusting towards him, as if he was seeing one ferocious spirit after another that had been trapped.

They might be innocent, trapped by Feng Xiu's peach blossom sword to become a Sword Spirit.

By using this method, Feng Xiuxiu had brought the power of the Sword Spirit to its peak.

On a distant rooftop, Feng Xiuzhu's psychokinesis was the commander of these Sword Spirits.

One look from him was enough to change the direction of the Sword Spirit's attack.

Soon, the holy fish scales became even more chaotic, and there were more and more flaws.

An Zaiyue began to move, blocking the Peach Blossom Sword that was seeping through the gaps of the scales of the holy fish.

After the Icy Soul in his hand clashed with those Peach Blossom Swords, it actually did not freeze the Peach Blossom Sword.

Soon, it became clear to An Zaiyue that the Ice Soul was the coldest thing in the world.

And these Sword Spirits were the world's most Yin.

Things that were cold to the extreme had their auras interconnected, so the Frozen Soul was completely meaningless to the Peach Blossom Sword.

An Zhe couldn't help but think of Ding Wanqiu, whose sword intent contained pure Yang energy. That flame seemed to be the natural nemesis of this Peach Blossom Sword.

Break the yin through the yang.

An Zhe was not a Dao Sect disciple and naturally did not understand Dao Sect's pure Yang cultivation technique.

However, when it came to pure yang, there was only peace in the world.

With a swoosh, the scales of the four holy fish around An Zeng suddenly contracted, surrounding him.

Then, the scales of the four holy fish suddenly spread open like petals, while An Zeng appeared with a sun in his hand.

Under the strong light, the Peach Blossom Sword began to grow blurry.

Piercing cries emanated from the Peach Blossom Sword, as if they could pierce one's eardrums.

The sun was growing brighter and brighter in Andersen's hands, and there was no other color around, only light.

The Peach Blossom Sword began to grow smaller and smaller like a piece of paper that had been set on fire. The cold and dark aura became so fragile under the illumination of the sun.

""I don't understand the secret techniques of the Buddhist Sect, nor do I understand the taboos of Daoism. But if he is reborn, why wait for him?""

An Zhan's hand slowly loosened, and the sun rose into the sky. ""I will send you back to life.""

A ripple of golden light descended from the sun and quickly spread out in all directions.

It was as if someone had thrown a stone into a calm lake, causing ripples to form on the surface of the lake.

Wherever the golden light pa.s.sed by, the Peach Blossom Sword would melt faster and faster.

""Reverse, reverse, rotate.""

An Zhan said these four words softly, and then the blazing sun instantly turned black.

The surroundings also turned dark, as if night had fallen.

Those Sword Spirits that were originally hidden all floated around in a daze and could clearly see what was going on.

""The heart longs for life, why does it need someone else's rebirth curse?""

""Go on.""

An Zaiyue waved his hand outwards, and the hundreds of Sword Spirits dissipated."

Repugnant Gateway Chapter 271

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