Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 253

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“Big brother Gotou, this time we screwed over Shuguang Corporation really hard!” Li Boliang sneered.

“Lil bro Li, this Supervisor is truly dumb, he doesn’t investigate first, even the fake business license I prepared didn’t come into use! However, if these people really got smart, then who’s money are the two of us supposed to earn!” Gotou Mitsuo also said very happily.

“Yeah, it’s still Big brother Gotou that’s amazing! The company on the contract is fake as well, while the signature on the contract is a foreign name like yours, even if there’s a problem in the future, they can’t win a lawsuit even if they sued!” Li Boliang praised.

“Heng heng, isn’t it just to help you release you anger! Don’t worry, when Shuguang Corporation found out that their lost this time was completely due to that brat Liu Lei, see if they protect him then! The little chick Xu would fall into your embrace sooner or later!” Gotou Mitsuo said.

“That’s true! Thank you, Big brother Gotou!” Li Boliang was very happy after hearing it. He was willing to do anything if Xu Ruoyun could become his girlfriend.

“Hahaha! Follow big bro! There are tons of cas.h.!.+ And tons of women!” Gotou Mitsuo said pridefully. “Go, let’s find a place to have a good drink to celebrate!”

Only after ordering everything, did I remember that there was still a beauty waiting to dine with me.

“Sorry, I picked up a few private calls,” I said apologetically to Su Yingzi.

“Heng, your business is pretty busy! Did you go and trick girls again?” Su Yingzi snorted and said.

“What do you mean again? When have I tricked girls?” I asked weirdly.

“What does you having tricked girls have to do with me!” Su Yingzi said.

If it has nothing to do with you, then why did you even ask? I muttered in my heart.

“Why did you bring me to this sort of place?” Su Yingzi frowned as she looked on the street of snacks like a market place.

“You said it yourself, if I pay then you have to listen to me, we’ll go and eat wherever I say!” I said.

“Can the stuff sold here be eaten?” Su Yingzi pointed to the variety of little stalls with various snacks and asked.

“Why can’t it be eaten? Don’t you see so many people eating here!” I said, then said to the stall beside us, that was selling lamb skewers. “Owner, give me ten skewers.” Then I turned my head to Su Yingzi and said, “How many do you want?”

Su Yingzi looked at the dirty hands of the lamb skewer stall owner, shook her head in terror and said quietly to me, “Ne… Never mind, I don’t want any.”

“This is very traditional Inner Mongolian Roasted Lamb, missy, try some?” The lamb skewer stall owner encouraged.

Su Yingzi quickly shook her hands after hearing it, “No need, I’m losing weight.”

“I really don’t know what’s with the girls now, they are clearly so thing, yet they still want to lose weight, “The lamb skewer owner said without understanding.

“It’s done now, Sir, here are your ten lamb skewers!” After a while, the owner handed the cooked skewers to me.

I started eating it while it’s hot, the taste was truly beyond delicious. It was so much better than the Songjiang city’s street stalls.

Seeing that I ate skewer after skewer, as if it was really delicious, Su Yingzi couldn’t help but ask, “Does it really taste that good?”

“Duh, if it wasn’t would I eat this quickly?” During the time between words, I finished another lamb skewer.

“Then… Then… Let me try a little,” Seeing my gluttonous look, Su Yingzi started drooling a litt.e

Yet, when I finished the last skewer, I patted my stomach in satisfaction, “Sorry, there’s no more.”

“Heng! As if you’re a starving ghost, you actually ate so quickly!” Su Yingzi said angrily. She had finally made the decision to ate a skewer in difficulty, yet this fellow actually ate everything.

“Haha, I’m just messing with you. There’s another skewer! I knew you would go back on your word!” With that, I picked up a skewer from the brazier, handed it to Su YIngzi and said, “It was just being heated there the entire time.”

“I’m not going to eat it!” Although Su Yingzi said this, she still swiftly received it.

“Wow! Too spicy, too spicy,” Su Yingzi immediately shouted after taking a bit, her other hand continuously fanning herself.

Despite it being hot, Su Yingzi still eliminated the entire lamb skewer, then said a in a yearning manner, “I didn’t think that the little stalls on the street is pretty delicious, I just don’t know if it’s hygienic or not.”

“It doesn’t matter of it’s not hygienic, you’re not sick after eating it. If you find it dirty, then you can just not eat it!” I retorted.

“Who said I’m not going to eat! I still want to eat, since even if I get sick, I’ll treat it as losing weight!” Su Yingzi said with a pout.

“Owner, give me ten… e… five skewers… three skewers!” Su Yingzi waved her hand and said.

The lamb skewer shop owner shook his head, took out three skewers, and started roasting it on the brazier.

I saw a stall selling Mala Tang in front, causing the scene of my first time meeting Chen Weier to surface in my mind —— That girl in plain clothing that helped me get the ingredients. I wonder how Auntie Chen’s restaurant is, they should have gotten quite a bit of experience! I’ll invest a bit more funds into it when I get back for her to enlarge it a little.

“Do you eat Mala Tang?” I asked Su Yingzi.

“Yes!” This time Su Yingzi answered without any hesitation.

However, a girl was still a girl, while I didn’t feel like I ate much, Su Yingzi had already started complaining about being too full. There was no helping it, I could only order some stuff to bring back and eat.

When I was driving in preparation to go back to the Su family’s mansion, I noticed that our car was being followed. Although the person that was following us had good tactics, and would even go in front of us at times, he exposed himself in a deadly way, which is always intentionally speed up or slow down in order to ensure that he’s always at the same traffic stop as us whenever we were waiting for the traffic lights.

Originally I had planned to go back to the mansion, but since someone has set their eyes on us, we can’t go back that quickly. In order to find out about the ident.i.ties of the follower, I intentionally drove the car onto a highway with very little people. As expected, that car also followed, yet it was very obvious this time!

Perhaps the pursuer also knows that I had discovered him, so he didn’t hide it anymore, and directly followed in a distance less than ten meters from us. Since their car has reflective film on it, I was unable to see who was on the car.

Since it became like that, there was nothing else to do anymore. I found a section where there weren’t a lot of cars to park the car. The car following us from behind also stopped, but I had an intense feeling, I keep on feeling that there was actually someone else following us as well! I don’t know if it was just my paranoia, but I did have a really intense feeling about it! I also felt that the people following us had ill intentions!

After stopping, I didn’t get off quickly. Although I didn’t know who were following us, no matter what, staying inside the car was still safe.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 253

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