Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 254

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The Su family had ordered this business car completely based on a bank’s armored truck for transporting cash, bulletproof gla.s.s was used for the front and the back windows, and the steel padding on all four sides were reinforced, normal pistols could not shoot through.

After a while, the door of the car behind opened, and the person that came out from within caused Su Yingzi and my jaws to drop! It was actually Li Xiangdong, that we met in the morning!

Seeing that there wasn’t any danger, Su Yingzi also opened the car door, rushed down and said angrily to Li Xiangdong, “Li Xiangdong! What do you mean by this? Why did you stalk us?”

“I… I was just worried about your safety, Xiao Zi,” Li Xiangdong explained awkwardly. Stalking someone was definitely a very lowly thing, but in order to pursue Su Yingzi, Li Xiangdong couldn’t help but do this. Originally Li Xiangdong had wanted to see where Su Yingzi was doing after splitting up with Su Yingzi at the hotel in the morning, in order to create another ‘coincidental’ meeting to curry Su Yingzi’s favor. He didn’t think that he actually saw Su Yingzi going to ate roadside snacks with a guy while chatting happily! He immediately got angry! What was this supposed to mean? She said that she had no appet.i.te when he treated her, and now she actually came to eat roadside sacks! How could this not make Li Xiangdong angry!

He was kind of far at the time, so Li Xiangdong didn’t see the man clearly, but afterwards, when the two got onto the car, Li Xiangdong had saw that the man was actually Su Yingzi’s bodyguard! Li Xiangdong thought back about the tone and att.i.tude that Su Yingzi used to talk with the bodyguard and immediately felt something amiss! Thus, the got the thought of stalking her to see where the two were going! He didn’t think that they would have noticed him already.

Although Li Xiangdong was very angry then, after thinking about it for a while, he thought that it was impossible for Su Yingzi to get interested in a bodyguard. That didn’t make any sense! From his perspective, that bodyguard and Su Yingzi were different kinds of people from the start, and so he calmed down. Now that Su Yingzi scolded him in person, Li Xiangdong really didn’t know what to do.

“I told you already, the bodyguard my dad got for me this time is really strong!” Su Yingzi said.

He didn’t know what, but Li Xiangdong started getting jealous after hearing that, he shouted in his heart, laozi is willing to be a free bodyguard for you, yet you don’t want it, you randomly got this brat beside you, how could I not worry when everything’s so unclear!

“Xiao Zi, didn’t I tell you, with me here, you don’t need any bodyguards! I can completely protect you safety!” Li Xiangdong said without giving up.

“Thank you, Li Xiangdong. However, you are the young master of Feifan Corporation, how can you follow a little woman like me every day,” Su Yingzi said politely.

“It’s alright, I’ll go and tell father to let me take a leave! I think he will definitely support me, after all, he also wants a grandchild!” Li Xiangdong said shamelessly.

Su Yingzi frowned slightly, why was this person getting more and more over the line! It was as if she was definitely going to marry him! Ignoring the fact that she wasn’t officially dating him, even if she was, marriage was still very far away, as a superstar, getting married too early will definitely affect her career.

Seeing that Su Yingzi didn’t say anything, Li Xiangdong thought Su Yingzi accepted what he said and was too embarra.s.sed to speak. Therefore, he said even more proudly, “Xiao Zi, relax, I’ll tell my father about this when I get home tonight, I think from tomorrow onwards, we can be together every day!”

“Okay now, Li Xiangdong, although I promised father to try and go out with you, but we have no feelings between us, it could be said that we don’t understand each other at all…” Su Yingzi said.

“Xiao Zi, these aren’t problems at all! I noticed that I have fallen helplessly in love with you! It’s enough if you believe that I love you! Feelings can be developed over time!” Li Xiangdong said pa.s.sionately.

“Sorry, Li Xiangdong, I don’t want you to restrain me too much, can you give me some time! My mind is in a mess right now! I don’t want to think about these things,” Su Yingzi decided to make everything clear.

“Wu… So, it’s like this…, Then Xiao Zi, go back and think about it properly. Our families suit each other perfectly, believe me, I will definitely give you happiness!” Li Xiangdong had no other way after hearing Su Yingzi say that. If he forced her too much, then it would have the opposite effect, he still understood this. However, another sinister idea had appeared in his mind.

“Da Kui, do something for me!” After getting back on his own car, Li Xxiangdong said sinisterly to his driver and lackey.

“Since Young Master orders it, I will do everything I can,” Da Kui said.

“En!” Li Xiangdong nodded in satisfaction and said, “You saw the person driving for Xiao Zi just now right?”

“Yes, Young Master,” Da Kui said.

“Find a few brothers to teach him a lesson,” Li Xiangdong said.

“To what degree?” Da Kui asked. Da Kui was already used to Young Master’s request like this.

“A few months in hospital is fine!” Li Xiangdong smiled sinisterly. He thought in his heart, Su Yingzi, this time your bodyguard has to stay in the hospital, see if you agree with my request!

There were two advantages to him doing this, the first was to stand out when Su Yingzi and her bodyguard “gets attack” and save the damsel in distress! The second was that with Su Yingzi’s bodyguard in the hospital, he could naturally appear by Su Yingzi’s side!

Thinking that, Li Xiangdong ordered, “After you guys beat the brat into a disabled person, don’t immediately leave, after I arrive, pretend you can’t fight against me then run away in fear!”

“Don’t worry, Young Master, I will definitely do it until you are satisfied!” As expected of Li Xiangdong’s confidant, he knew what Li Xiangdong wanted.

At this point, I did not know that trouble was getting near! I had already become a needle in someone’s eye, and was about to be trampled, yet I was happily making a call in my room.

“Dad, I contacted them already, when the time comes, Zhao Yanyan’s dad will go to the factory to talk with you about purchasing the factory!” I said.

“Is that so! That’s great! However, just seeing them like this might not be so good…” My dad was a bit excitedly, yet was also a bit hesitant! Since the person he’s going to see is his qinjia.

“It’s alright, Uncle Zhao is very easygoing!” I said. I thought in my heart, I am the true boss behind the scene, you see me every day, yet I don’t see you feeling anything.

“But… Ai! Truth be told, I really feel a bit embarra.s.sed, look at our family condition, then look at Yanyan’s family!” My dad sighed.

“Dad, you son I is a little rich man now, how am I not suited for them!” I comforted my dad.

“Your money is nothing in their eyes! Leilei, I still think this isn’t alright, how about you come back for a bit? I’m worried that if the negotiations doesn’t go well, then it would affect yours and Yanyan’s relations.h.i.+p,” My dad said worriedly.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 254

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