Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 275

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“Hehe, it’s just that you haven’t drank Alpine Coffee before, didn’t you already taste the difference between the coffee here and at home? So the only area where I’m stronger than you is merely due to having drank Alpine Coffee before!” I comforted.

“Mr. Liu, you seem to know a lot! I wonder if the future a.s.sociate, I, can know your ident.i.ty?” Liu Yue asked this in a quite roundabout way, but if I refused, it would seem like I didn’t have much sincerity.

It was fortunate that I had no secret to hide, anyone can tell most of the things on the surface, thus I said, “Actually, I’m just a student, as for how I earned so much money, the reason is simple, I wrote a software called Shuguang Input Method, I think Liu-xiaojie should have heard of it, right?”

Liu Yue nodded, what he said was the same a.s.s what was written on the information, but Liu Yue still find it not quite right, making enough money to afford the Mercedes was normal, as for that car plate with five 8s, that can be gotten through Zhao Junsheng’s contacts! However, what made Liu Yue suspicious was that this person actually knew blue mountain coffee! This didn’t make sense! If a person wasn’t born in a rich well-known family or has stayed in the upper-cla.s.s society for a long time, they wouldn’t have such a deep impression of coffee.

This was like a person’s atmosphere, it can’t be developed in just one or two days, a poor person would need ten years or even longer to completely get used to the life of n.o.bility!

According to the information, Liu Lei’s parents are both workers, even if he knew Zhao jUnsheng, it was impossible for him to know so much about coffee.

However, the thing she missed was that I was someone who has been reborn, in my life, I already had an extra twenty something years of experience!

“Okay, let’s talk business, Liu-xiaojie, how do you want to cooperate? You know I actually don’t have much money, if you want me to take out a lot in one go, then I won’t be able to!” I chuckled.

“En… Right now, I invested about ten million into my car shop, don’t be surprised, a lot of the cars in the car shop are just placed here by the agents, I didn’t spend money to buy it! Only after selling it out do I pay the agents!” Liu Yue said. “I want to be an agent myself, this would allow me to earn more profit, on the other hand, being a secondary agent right now, it requires at least fifty million investment, I have ten million of fixed a.s.set, and can take out five million more, which means that I need thirty-five million. I wonder if Mr. Liu can invest that much?”

“How will we split the profits after cooperation?” I merely smiled in response to Liu Yue’s question without answering.

“Hehe, how about fifty-fifty? Since I am responsible for the entire operation, while you, Mr. Liu, only has to wait for the profits!” Liu Yue was extremely bright, she immediately knew that I could definitely take out that amount of money, or else I wouldn’t care about the things related to profit.

“That sounds really fair! However, the amount I’m investing is up to seventy percent of the total funds, isn’t that quite a loss for me?” I took a sip of the coffee and said.

“Then… What does Mr. Liu think is fair?” Liu Yue thought to herself, what are you losing, you can take the money and not work, don’t I have to be responsible for all the other stuff, yet, she couldn’t say all that, after all, this investment is related to her life’s happiness!

“Didn’t I already say it, what you said sounds really fair!” I said.

“You!” Liu Yue said angrily. “Do you want to cooperate or not!”

“Of course, why wouldn’t we?” I said. “It’s just Liu-xiaojie, I suddenly thought of something, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Personal question?” Liu Yue momentarily blanked as her cheeks reddened slightly. She thought in her heart, this guy can’t be wanting to ask if I have a boyfriend or something like that, right? Heng! And she had thought that he was different to other men, she didn’t think that he was this sort of person as well.

Liu Yue has also found some people to talk about cooperating before, but these person all looked at her lecherously, and in the end said that cooperation for fine, but in exchange, Liu Yue had to be his lover to mistress! That angered Liu Yue to immediately slap them and walk away.

However, Liu Yue still nodded and said, “Ask.”

I hesitated and then said, “Liu-xiaojie, you can’t be the school beauty of our school, right?!”

“You… You recognized me?” Liu Yue momentarily blanked, then stuttered.

“It can’t be! It really is you, the legendary school beauty-tongxue!” I was also shocked. I could vaguely remember that Guo Qing had told me that there was a school beauty in the second year called Liu Yue in school, it’s just that I never had a chance to meet her. Two out of the four school beauties have become my wifey, there was another one with a weird relations.h.i.+p with me, there was just a Liu Yue that never appeared, how could I not pay attention!

I just casually asked, since there were too many people in the world that had the same name, but I still couldn’t’ suppress my curiosity, I didn’t think that it really was her! From the looks of it, she is a very amazing person, managing to open such a large car shop in the second year of high school!

“Oh wow! You tricked me!” Liu Yue frowned and said.

“What trick or not, you were just guilty! Otherwise, since it’s such a small deal, why didn’t you tell me before hand?” I said.

“I… I tell you what… How could I tell you that… I am… a school beauty!” Liu Yue said embarra.s.sedly.

I faint, when this little beauty was smart, she was smarter than anyone, why did she start acting like an idiot here! What I mean is that why didn’t she tell me she’s from the same school as me, I didn’t think that she thought I referred to the school beauty part!

However, I didn’t say anything, this chick was embarra.s.sed already, if I teased her even more, she might crawl into a hole in the ground.

Having her ident.i.ty exposed by me, she didn’t pretend to be mature anymore, she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Hehe, do you feel confused, why a student like me would come out to run a business?”

I shook my head and said, “You must have your reasons, there is no need to explain to me.”

Liu Yue snorted, clearly dissatisfied with my lack of interest, however she thought in her heart, he really was different from others, who would relentlessly ask her about her background!

“En, but don’t you want to know?” Liu Yue didn’t know why, she suddenly had the urge to spill out her feelings to this person. Ever since she was young, Liu Yue has lived in a suppressing environment, n.o.body there lived for themselves, all of it was for the family interests! Liu Yue didn’t want to get involved, but she couldn’t escape the other people’s disturbance, she wanted to walk out from the world, yet she couldn’t help but accept the burden of the family. Including this bet with her grandpa was also for family interests! Sometimes Liu Yue really wanted to cry, she didn’t have the enjoyment of other children her age, she only had premature vicissitudes and maturation!

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 275

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