Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 276

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Sometimes, when she looked at her worriless cla.s.smates, Liu Yue would become very envious of them. They could use their teenage lives however they want, play around however they want! Or they could get into an exciting and extravagant relations.h.i.+p! However, Liu Yue knew that she didn’t belong to herself! She didn’t have the time to play, and couldn’t possibly date, because her future husband must be decided by the family! Despite how Liu Yue fought for it as much as possible, but just how difficult is earning a hundred million or finding a man that she loves that also loves her back, while still being extremely capable! Furthermore, there is only a year left till the promised time, she has only earned a bit more than ten thousand,

I smiled and said, “If you are willing to say it, then I naturally am willing to listening intently!”

Hearing that, Liu Yue didn’t say anything. Since she can’t say her family’s secret to normal people. It was impossible for her to share her sadness with others.

Seeing that she didn’t’ say anything, I decided to not continue down on this topic.

In this world, there are always those fellows without eyes!

“Aiya? Isn’t this Liu Yue-daxiaojie? What, you think I offered too little, so you came out to try and get a rich dude again?” A voice pa.s.sed over.

I raised my head and looked, it was a forty something years old man that looked extremely lecherous. His face was full of fat, which shook as he talked. Most importantly, the more I looked, the more familiar this fellow looked, it’s just that I can’t think of where I saw him.

“Director Yu, please be more respectful! If you don’t want to cooperate with our car hop, then please leave!” Liu Yue’s face was green in anger! Out of the men she tried to partner with, this Director Yu was the worse, although eh agreed to invest thirty million, not only did he ask for an outrageous sixty percent of the profits, he requested Liu Yue to be his lover for three years!

“I don’t want to cooperate? I very sincerely wish for cooperation, it’s just that Liu Yue-xiaojie is not giving me this chance! How about the two of us talk about it a bit more?” Director Yu looked lecherously at Liu Yue’s chest and said.

“Sorry, Director Yu, I’m not the type of person you think I am!” Liu Yue forcefully held back her anger and said.

“Heh! You’re not? I saw you talking so happily with this little white face just now! Do you think that he looks good so you want to reverse chase him?” Director Yu laughed coldly.

“You! You don’t need to care about what I do!” Liu Yue said angrily.

“Thirty million, think about it! In this Songjiang city, who else could take out that much money? My condition is already very generous!” Director Yu glared at him and said.

“I don’t care about your dirty money!” Liu Yue said.

“f.u.c.k, d.a.m.n b.i.t.c.h, not accepting face when giving it! Thirty million, laozi can buy ten thousand virgins! Heng. We’ll see!” Director Yu flicked his sleeve and left angrily.

When I heard “Director Yu’s” final words, I suddenly thought of who this r.e.t.a.r.d is! f.u.c.k, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d dared to act so in front of me for so long, then leave like this?

I stood up, patted his shoulder then said, “Wait, did I let you leave?”

My actions shocked even Liu Yue, from her perspective, this had nothing to do with me, why would I help her out? Actually, how was she supposed to know that I had a grudge with this r.e.t.a.r.d already!

Director Yu turned around, looked at me and said in contempt, ‘The f.u.c.k are you?”

“You r.e.t.a.r.ded d.i.c.khead, you were fine since I didn’t go and look for you, I didn’t think that you still dared to squawk in front of me!” I said slowly.

Even Liu Yue couldn’t help but grimace when I called him “r.e.t.a.r.ded d.i.c.khead”, because the head of Director Yu really looked like a male’s symbol!

“You… Know me?” When Director Yu say my savage ferocious expression,” He couldn’t help but move, although he feels like he had a huge advantage in body size, but the person in front of him looked like he had a deep grudge with him, if this fellow fought with his life on the line… It was better to understand the situation first.

“You know Yu Gang, right?” I chuckled coldly.

“Yu… Yu Gang?” Director Yu said in surprise. “You know Yu Gang?”

“I didn’t think that you look so f.u.c.king like your so, your son wanted to spend eighty thousand kuai to make my wifey sleep with him, and now you want to spend thirty million to buy my friend? I didn’t think that you still didn’t learn a lesson after your son went disabled!” I kicked directly on Director Yu’s fat stomach, causing him to flew out like a huge meat ball.

“Within three days, f.u.c.k out of Songjiang city, or else you’ll take responsibility for any consequences!” I glared at Director Yu, who was on the floor and said.

“Alright! s.h.i.+tty brat! We’ll see!” Director Yu clearly didn’t care about my threat, he was still thinking about how to get even, he never would have imagined that what awaited him was his disappearance with his company.

“Sir… Just now… You… Broke a table…” The waiter said tremblingly to me. He also saw how I looked like when I was angry, he was scared of me getting angry and send him flying with a kick! However, if the boss blames him when something in the shop broke, his salary will get deducted.

I looked at the table Director Yu flipped over, it actually wasn’t a bit deal, it’s just that some of the plates and decorations on it broke. I counted out a thousand kuai from my pocket, handed it to him and said, “Is it enough?”

“Enough, enough! Thank you, sir!” The waiter took the money and backed off happily.

“Liu Lei, you know Director Yu?” After the waiter left, Liu Yue said. After knowing that we are schoolmates, she stopped calling me Mr. Liu, and directly addressed me by name.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“He offended you?” Liu Yue asked in curiosity.

“No, the one that offended me was his son, I just didn’t think that this person is as lecherous as his son! So I went and taught him a lesson,” I said.

“His son? As lecherous as him?” Liu Yue asked,

“He tried to spend thirty million to buy you, that isn’t lecherous?” I said with a smile.

“Ah? How did you know that wants… He wants to do that to me?” Liu Yue asked in surprise.

“Hehe, what else can this fellow ask for except this?” I asked back.

“Oh yeah, how did his son p.i.s.s you off?” Liu Yue said with a blush, then immediately changed topics.

“Because his son wanted to spend eighty thousand kuai to make my wifey sleep with him!” I said. “His old man is the same as him, I went easy on him with just a kick.”

“Ah? Your’e talking about Zhao Yanyan?” Liu Yue said in surprise. However, she immediately covered her mouth, knowing that she made a slip of tongue.

“Say, school beauty-tongxue, you do know quite a bit? You know about Zhao Yanyan?” I looked at her as if I was laughing, but as if I was not as well. This chick actually investigated me beforehand.

“It was for safety! Since it’s a business cooperation, how would I know that you aren’t a con man!” Liu Yue argued.

“Hehe, then what else did you find out?” I asked.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 276

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