Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 3 Chapter 154 Part1

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“It’s you!” The girl before me looked surprised. “Originally, the n.o.ble person I, and my elder brother spoke of was you.”

I also recognized the girl before. I had met her on the first day of University. She was the one I met at the Payment Reception who had run into problems due to that cheat fellow.

“Little Sister, do you know Chi…, Big Brother Liu?” Xu Er asked in surprise.

“En. Big Brother, do you remember I told you how the teacher at the University Finance Department caused trouble for me. He is the person who helped me then.” Xu Xueyun nodded and said with a smile.

“What! So that’s how it is!” Xu Er said with excitement. “Brother Liu, I don’t know what to say. You are truly the savior of our family. You have helped us twice. I don’t even know how I should thank you for it!”

“Big Brother Xu, I and Xu Xueyun are both cla.s.smates. It is right that we help each other. You don’t have to thank me for it. In fact, I didn’t help you much either. All those were just small matters.” I said quickly.

“Even if those were just small matters for you, we couldn’t have gotten out of them without your help.” Xu Er said with emotion.

“All right, no need to remember those unpleasant memories. It has already pa.s.sed.” I said.

“Yeah, it’s all over. I won’t say that again.” Xu Er promised while nodding.

“Big Brother, you ask Student Liu Lei if he has free time in the evening?” Xu Xueyun whispered to Xu Er.

“Aiya!” Xu Er said, “You know my memory… I almost forgot. Brother Liu, do you have free time in the evening? We brother and sister will play the host. Please have dinner with us!”

“Don’t worry about treating me, you should think about your family condition and stabilize it,” I said.

“How could that be? You have helped us so much this time. If we don’t even do this much—my heart won’t be able to rest easy.” Xu Er said.

“Yeah! You also helped me the last time. At that time, I had no money so could not treat you to a meal. But I have also made some money over the days. Though it isn’t much, it is enough to have a meal. Oh, don’t call me stingy for inviting you to a single meal, okay.” Xu Xueyun laughed while her face had two sweet dimples on it.

I couldn’t help but fall into a trance. Even if the girl doesn’t dress up grandly, she is a great beauty.

“All right. I will eat with you, but it should be something casual, okay. No need to get something expensive.” I finally agreed.

“Righ, Liu Lei. You should also call your girlfriend. We have met on the first day of school, and I think she is a pretty great person.” Xu Xueyun suddenly thought and said.

“Ah!” I stared. With my girlfriend? If I only brought Zhao YanYan, though the other girls won’t say anything, it still feels uncomfortable. And if I bring all of them, it would be causing trouble for Xu Xueyun who is treating to a meal.

“What happened? Is there any difficulty?” Xu Er saw me with an awkward expression, and asked strangely, “Does Miss Xia Jing have other matters to attend to?”

“Xia Jing? Eh?” Xu Xueyun tried to say, “You…changed your girlfriend?” But then she felt that something was wrong, and so, she stopped. It was their private business; there was no need for her to speak too much.

She certainly had many questions. After all, the one she met at the beginning of the year was Zhao YanYan and not Xia Jing.

“I didn’t change my girlfriend. Explaining this matter in a short time is not easy so we won’t talk about it,” I said. “I will bring my girlfriend, but I will be the one to pay for the meal.”

“Why?” Xu Xueyun asked strangely.

“My girlfriend can eat a lot…” That was the only way I could explain.

“Oh… It doesn’t matter. I can eat a lot as well.” Xu Xueyun showed a friendly smile.

“Well, all right!” I made up my mind that when it was time to pay the bill, I will do it and that will be the end of the matter.

“That’s great! You said it now. You can’t go back on your word. Once we reserve a good place, I will let my elder brother inform you.” Xu Xueyun said.

“OK. But you should book a larger private room,” I added.

“A larger private room?” Xu Er didn’t understand and thought that I liked bigger rooms, and so added, “Okay, I understand.”

Bidding goodbye to Xu Er and Xu Xueyun, I called Ding Wenfeng. That guy heard that I was back at University, and so, asked my location and ran over.

“Liu Lei, where did ya go? You had promised to join the Martial Arts society yet didn’t show up for half a year. I called you, but they told me that you had gone out to run some errands.” As soon as Ding Wenfeng saw me, he started to complain about not being able to meet me.

“I had to handle some of my matters, hehe!” I nodded.

“After a while, I will be going to the j.a.pan University Student Friendly Exchange. I have decided to bring you along to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion. You got any opinion about the matter?” asked Ding Wenfeng.

“Can’t you go alone?” I asked instead of answering.

“Altogether two people can go. I am certainly going. Now, the only person left is you.” said Ding Wenfeng.

“Do I even have a choice? Looking at you, it’s as if there is no one in the community besides me.” I said while smiling bitterly.

“That’s the trick! You know that you don’t have a choice, but I still ask.” Ding Wenfeng replied.

“F**k. You say that but don’t even use my opinion!” I shrugged helplessly.

“Hehe, I already got your form! I knew you would agree!” Ding Wenfeng said.

“By the way, I heard you got into trouble with that Situ Liang a while ago. Is there anything like that?” Ding Wenfeng asked.

“Oh… yes, I stole his girlfriend,” I said while nodding.

“What!” Ding Wenfeng said, “He didn’t come to cause trouble for you?”

“He did. But I solved that matter.” I said.

“How did you solve it?” Ding Wenfeng asked strangely.

“I smashed him!” I said.

“Huh!” Ding Wenfeng was surprised, “You smashed him?”

“Yeah! Is there a problem?” I asked him in reverse.

“Do you even know what kind of background his family has? That is just you asking for trouble.” Ding Wenfeng shook his head and said, “Well, whatever. If he finds you for trouble, I will help you reconcile with him. Though Situ Liang is an annoying b.a.s.t.a.r.d, the family behind him is powerful. It is better not to provoke a person like him.”

I couldn’t help but feel funny when I saw Ding Wenfeng’s expression. But he was worried about me and showed that he genuinely cared about me. Though I haven’t known Ding Wenfeng for long, he is indeed a true friend.

“Okay, I understand.” Although I knew that Situ Liang couldn’t do anything to me, I still showed my agreement.

“Then let it be like so. I will let you know when the schedule is out,” said Ding Wenfeng.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 3 Chapter 154 Part1

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