Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 209

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After everything was finished, Lowell was soon called to Liu Kesheng's palace again. Under his command, a soldier read the decree and conferred Lowell as the Deputy Prime Minister of Civil Affairs. He was now responsible for the collection and distribution of food among the civilians! This was neither a major post nor was it a small one. Although his reach and authority appeared to be little, Lowell still went from having 1000 people under his jurisdiction to a staggering 8000 people, excluding the army! His authority expanded eight times so suddenly!

This made Lowell very happy. This job of being the Deputy Prime Minister of Civil Affairs sure was a fat job. In the future, they won't have to be worried about food and clothing, at least! And he will be respected by others, too!

Having obtained such a position, the words of praise from Lowell's mouth were also many. He also started to tell Liu Kesheng about the matters regarding the northern tribes. At first, Liu Kesheng was paying much attention to his words, after all, they were from the north and he didn't understand that side much, so he was only listening reluctantly.

But when Lowell said that the Akata Tribe had also found themselves a G.o.d, Liu Kesheng immediately became interested!

"What did you say? Does that place, the Akata Tribe, really have a G.o.d?" Liu Kesheng asked.

"Yes, but I am not very clear about him. It is said that he is very respected there!" As Lowell said this, he suddenly paused, and then an idea emerged in his mind, "But it seems that he doesn't have any supernatural powers, so it's possible that he just deceived the people there! Seeing how the Akata Tribe's houses are far worse than the Dark Tribe's, and how there isn't any advanced material there, nor is there anything delicious to eat, I am 80 percent certain he is just a deceiver!"

Because of his hatred towards the Akata Tribe and the losses he suffered at their hand, Lowell wanted to avenge himself through Liu Kesheng! The reason he said there G.o.d was incompetent was because he believed that Liu Kesheng will definitely be able to destroy that G.o.d! If he had known that Liu Kesheng was no opponent of the Akata Tribe's G.o.d, he would have never encouraged him to do this!

"So that's how it is!" Liu Kesheng was disappointed after listening. He had the same thoughts as Lowell, that the guy claiming to be G.o.d was definitely a scammer!

"Great King, are you not going to prepare to crusade against the Akata Tribe and their G.o.d?" Seeing Liu Kesheng wasn't responding, Lowell continued by saying, "In this world, the only one deserving to be called G.o.d is you. He is simply offending you!"

Liu Kesheng didn't open his mouth and only stared at Lowell for a long while. After that, he said slowly, "What I have to do isn't something you need to tell me! Tell me, do you have a grudge against the Akata Tribe?"

"I… I don't have any!" Lowell quickly responded.

"I don't like others deceiving me!" Liu Kesheng said menacingly.

"Ah… yes, the Akata Tribe is the sworn enemy of our Xixi Tribe—-…" Lowell said, "That's why I wanted the Great King to lead a crusade against them!"

"Oh, then you should have said it straight! When my officials are happy, only then will I be happy!" Liu Kesheng smiled faintly, "But I am not ready to go to that place yet!"

"Yes, everything will be as the Great King decides!" Lowell said.

"Alright then, you can leave now…" Liu Kesheng waved his hand and began thinking about meeting that new G.o.d.

Could it be that there was someone else who came over to this world? The person above me had already confirmed that I am the greatest here, everything in this world is mine to take! Is that other G.o.d really a swindler?

Hmph, no matter who you are, if you dare cross paths with me, I, Liu Kesheng, will let you know my strength! My present ability isn't something a random cat or dog from the streets can match with just their good mind and tongue!

What truly matters now is real strength! Suddenly, a fireball appeared in Liu Kesheng's hand. He conveniently flung it towards the wall, making sparks fly everywhere!

I didn't pay much attention to the departure of the Xixi Tribe. It was something I had already expected, but I never thought they would go and join the Dark Tribe!

After the mountain floods ended, Xu Qingwei began teaching Aquaculture techniques and technologies to the people of the Akata Tribe. These techniques were quite simple as there were no difficult matters to deal with, so most of the tribesmen started studying them.

Sun Sikong also brought a large number of robots here, turning the entire place into a construction site, building new and advanced stuff! In order to not create a faulty civilization, Sun Sikong specifically manufactured robots that opened a school to train these primitive men.

For example, the weaving technology, the iron-smelting, and steel-making technology were being taught by Xu Qingwei. Although all of this could be done by Sun Sikong's machines at a much higher efficiency, it was necessary to make sure the tribesmen knew how it all worked!

After the clothes were made, everyone dressed in their new clothes. As the matter stood, the custom of unmarried women leaving their chests uncovered was also ordered to be changed by me. Otherwise, having to spend a lot of time just seeing the beautiful and milky chests of young girls bouncing around wasn't something I was used to.

As for my relations.h.i.+p with Shui Ling'er, I really didn't know how to deal with it. Should I accept her? Should I not? If it were a woman from Earth, I wouldn't have so much trouble, but she was quite different and I felt very awkward about the entire matter. Whatever, I will let nature take its course and deal with this later!

Just as everything was smoothly progressing on this new planet, my business back on Earth was also booming and progressing day by day. Most of the company's reserve funds were used by me to secretly purchase some rare minerals and metals and were transported over to this planet.

However, while everything was developing in the right direction, bad things were also coming for me one after the other.

When I returned to my home on Earth, I realized that the atmosphere in the house was very bad. Ding Baosan was sitting in the living room, looking as he was very tired. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was visibly tired. Zhao Yanyan and Ye Xiaoxiao also had a sad expression on their face.

"What happened to everyone?" I asked them with a strange feeling.

"Something big happened…" Zhao Yanyan walked over to me and opened her mouth to say something. But soon, she hesitated and didn't know how to tell me, so she said, "Ding Baosan, you tell him!"

"Something happened to Guo Qing…" Ding Baosan said in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

"Something happened to Guo Qing?" As I heard that something happened to my best friend, I immediately became worried, "What's the matter? Was he caught by the international police?"

"That's not it. Something worse than that has happened!" Ding Baosan looked quite distressed as he spoke, "Guo Qing was shot!"

"What?! He was shot?!" As I listened, I felt incredible! With Guo Qing's current position, it's not like anyone who wants to kill him can just kill him. Even if the dispute between international gangs escalated, it was impossible for them to just shoot another gang's G.o.dfather! After all, it may result in an all-out war with the country, and horrible retaliation!

"Yes. At 9 o'clock last night, Boss Guo and I attended the dinner arranged by the world's third-richest person,*. After the dinner ended, Boss Guo and I were leaving the hotel entrance when we were ambushed and someone shot him using a sniper rifle!" Ding Baosan said with helplessness.

"Ambushed? Who did it?" Someone actually had the guts to actually ambush the chief of the Three Rock Gang. They sure have a lot of courage! "How is Guo Qing now?"

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 209

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