Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 219

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"Alright, Xiyuan, adoptive father was only doing it all out of goodwill. But that relative was very wicked. You tell me his name and where he lived, and I will find him and settle scores with him!" Although I also thought that what He Dali did wasn't the right thing, I didn't blame him for it all.

"LeiLei, it's ok, he was a relative. It's my fault for being negligent!" He Dali shook his head.

Since the victim doesn't care, there was no reason for me to continue. After all, I had given the house to my adoptive father, and it was his belonging. It wasn't my place to meddle in his decisions.

After a very dark small alley, we arrived at the most centralized area in the old B City. No matter how lively a city is, it would also have its broken areas. Most of the houses here were from the liberation period, and their original owners had long moved out, renting these places to the poor people who worked outside.

We turned a few times and then walked over a stairway. After pa.s.sing a really dark corridor, we arrived before a gate. He Xiyuan knocked on the door. After a while, the voice of the adoptive mother sounded from the inside, "Who? Is it Old He?"

"Mother, father and I have returned!" He Xiyuan said.

The door soon opened. When adoptive mother saw me, she immediately became enthusiastic and said, "LeiLei, how come you are here! Quick, come inside! The condition of this place is not very good, I will tidy it up now…"

"Adoptive mother, I hope you are fine!" I gave my regards, "There's no need to tidy up anything, I will be leaving soon."

"It's my family's Old He's fault. He didn't consult with you and sold the house you bought for us, and now we have to rent this broken place to live!" Adoptive mother complained.

"Adoptive mother, there's no need to get angry, adoptive father has already told me about the matter! It doesn't matter even if the house has been sold, you wouldn't have needed it either way now!" I said.

"Won't need it?" Adoptive mother didn't understand, "What do you mean?"

"It's like this. LeiLei and I have already talked about it that we will be leaving for Songjiang City tomorrow to stay at Liu Renshan's place!" He Dali said vigorously.

"Oh? But will that be alright?" The adoptive mother wasn't very familiar with my family, after all.

"Adoptive mother, you can feel relieved. Adoptive father and my father are sworn brothers, their relations.h.i.+p is very close. My father has also told me several times that he wanted you all to visit him!" I said with a smile.

"That's indeed a great thing! But Old He, if we are going, is Xiyuan also going? Her school is soon going to start!" Adoptive mother said with some worry.

"Old woman, there's nothing for you to worry about. The two children can't wait for us to leave already!" He Dali immediately said to his wife.

Adoptive mother was stunned, but she immediately laughed and said, "I said, LeiLei, Adoptive mother will leave Xiyuan in your care then!"

"This… adoptive mother, you can rest a.s.sured!" I said awkwardly.

When I returned home, the girls had already gone to sleep. Chen Wei'er's face still had two streaks of tear marks. Apparently, she had woken up later and cried. This made me feel very helpless.

In my impression, Chen Yong wasn't a greedy and corrupt person. However, the desires of a man were infinite, who could guarantee one won't change at all?

I couldn't help but remember the first time I met Chen Yong. At that time, I had mistaken him for the bad guy who was arranging a marriage for his sister for money!

I shook my head helplessly and sighed, "Chen Yong, if you have really left, I will look at Chen Wei'er's face and let you off. But if you returned, don't blame me for being impolite!"

In a strange room, a man sneered, "Liu Lei, even in a dream you wouldn't have imagined it was me! Humph, just wait and watch how I am going to kill you this time! Originally, I had no idea how I was going to use Liu Kesheng, this chess piece. But now that you have sent yourself to my door, don't blame me for not welcoming you with open arms! Bright Flame World, hmm, that's not a bad name; but the master of that place will be me!"

The next morning, I had Xu Er wait for me at the entrance of my home. I was going to meet with He Xiyuan's family and then send adoptive mother and father over to the airport. I had already made Xu Er book the tickets.

Finally, when I was about to enter the car, I realized that Xu Xueyun was also sitting inside!

"Xueyun, how come you are here?" I asked, feeling somewhat strange.

"It's because we haven't seen you for a while, so when she heard that I was to pick you up, she immediately tagged along!" Xu Er said with a bitter smile.

"Liu Lei, is there any problem? If it isn't convenient for you, I will leave!" Xu Xueyun must have realized that I was a bit awkward, so she immediately said.

It was indeed a bit awkward! I was going to pick up my other wife's entire family, so with Xu Xueyun tagging along, it might not look too good! But since she was already here, I didn't want to let Xu Xueyun down! Screw it, this is the way I am, who cares how others see it! Everyone related to me was going to move to the Bright Flame World either way!

When we arrived at the Bright Flame World, I don't think it would be an issue to give Xu Xueyun the same status as the others! It was better to accept one's family and have less pain afterward! Moreover, there was also the fact that I was forced to called Xu Er my Big Brother because of Xu Xueyun, so if I didn't accept his sister, I would be the one suffering a loss!

I took a look at the RV behind the Rolls Royce; at worst, I will just let adoptive father and mother ride on the RV.

"It's all right, let's go!" I opened the door and sat next to Xu Xueyun.

"Liu Lei, long time no see. Ever since your status was exposed, I haven't been able to see you much…" Xu Xueyun said with some hidden bitterness.

Originally, I had a simple ident.i.ty and my relations.h.i.+p with Xu Xueyun had always been quite harmonious as well. We often went out together, and Xu Xueyun also visited my home often. It could be said that there was just a thin paper between our relation, one that could be pierced with a poke!

But after my status was exposed, messy matters started happening one after the other. Not only did I have to deal with all that, but there was also the new world that took most of my time, and now, there was the matter with Chen Yong…

All this caused our budding relations.h.i.+p to become somewhat estranged. Originally, Xu Xueyun had been like a shy girl and was embarra.s.sed to contact me on her own. She thought that I would contact her on my own when I had the time. But even after several months pa.s.sed and I didn't contact her, Xu Xueyun started to get worried. So when she heard that Xu Er was going to handle some matters for me today, she tagged along.

As I was very clear about this in my heart, I let her come with us.

"Xueyun, I am sorry, I had been too busy for a while, it's not that I forgot about you," I said quickly, "What I am doing now is for our future!"

"Our?" Xu Xueyun was startled, "You mean us? Really, it includes me?" Xu Xueyun's sounded pleasantly surprised.

"Indeed! You also know that I have many girlfriends, but the country's law doesn't permit polygamy. Even if we don't get married, there will still be some apologists who continue to accuse us of stuff! Although we have nothing to be afraid off of those baseless rumors, what about the future of our children?" I paused and continued, "Even though I can immigrate to a polygamous country or buy a small island for us, I am tired of living this kind of tumultuous life! And now, after being targeted, again and again, I have given up on that idea! But I am building a place that will belong to us and be our paradise! So I hope you can understand!"

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 219

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