Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 220

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"Ah!" Xu Xueyun felt her brain go haywire! She had never even dreamt that I would suddenly say such words! What was this? Was I confessing to her?

Xu Xueyun looked at me with a silly expression, feeling at a loss of what to say! A paradise that will belong to us? That is simply… Xu Xueyun couldn't imagine! However, she was happy and finally sobered up, saying in a very joyful manner, "Sorry, I wrongly blamed you…"

"How could it be; it was all because I didn't explain everything to you already…" I had to admire my eloquence even more now! How could I handle the matter like this? But it seems that my mother had only given me a quota of three more and I have already used it, right?

It doesn't matter. He Xiyuan was betrothed to me before birth, so she can't be calculated towards the quota. In other words, I can still look for another one! I consoled myself with this thought.

"Since we are talking about the issue, I will take the liberty and ask if I can also go to that paradise?" Xu Er's voice came from the front.

I looked at Xu Xueyun and quickly exchanged a look.

"Your brother sure has good timing!"

"Yeah, let's take him as well, he won't have to work as a driver anymore! You can let him be the door guard there!" Xu Xueyun said angrily! Xu Er, on the other hand, didn't know what wrong he had committed to be a.s.signed the duty of a guard by his sister.

When we arrived outside the area where He Xiyuan lived, I didn't let Xu Xueyun leave the car. Instead, I had Xu Er follow me to the He Family's place.

The He Family was already prepared. As they still had a home in the country town of Songjiang, and B City was only for the sake of He Xiyuan's studies, they didn't have much luggage. There were only two suitcases, one for He Xiyuan, and the other for adoptive mother and father.

The landlord had already arrived to discuss the matter of handover with He Dali.

"You can leave, but I am not going to give up the remaining one and a half month of rent!" The landlord said.

"This… We are only asking for one month of our rent, that's not too excessive. We won't ask for the half month that we aren't going to use!" He Dali said.

"The price that I rented you the place for was already cheap, and according to regulations if you don't want to keep on renting, you have to tell me in advance so I can search for other tenants!" The landlord said, "Telling me at such short notice will just leave my house empty for a while!"

"Adoptive father, forget it, the landlord is right and he also has his difficulties!" I didn't care much about money and the landlord's reasons weren't baseless either, so he obviously wasn't obliged to return the rent!

"Right, what this young man said was right!" The landlord agreed with my words, but he also felt a bit embarra.s.sed and said, "Or how about this, one month's rent is 800, but I will give you back 500!"

"That's good as well!" Being able to get some rent back made He Dali happy. He never expected that the landlord won't come to a good agreement even after so much effort from him, yet a few words from me solved the issue!

In fact, when I entered the house, I could already tell that the landlord wasn't a person who was greedy for money and profit. The only reason he insisted was that he was really afraid that the house won't get rented for quite a while once they emptied it, and he won't be receiving any rent for it. But my generosity made the landlord a bit embarra.s.sed, so he agreed to give some amount back.

After handling some other matters, Xu Er and I helped adoptive father bring the suitcases downstairs.

At this time, the residents in the community also started to come out. Some were going for their morning exercise, others were out to buy breakfast, and most of them were going to work!

When they saw my Rolls Royce and the RV parked in their community, they were surprised! This area was basically for the low-end workers. Even if there was a car coming here, it would be some ordinary model. Now that vehicles that would otherwise only be seen before some luxury hotel were parked here, a lot of attention was obviously attracted!

I put the suitcases in the RV and then said, "Adoptive father, adoptive mother, you two sit in this car. Xiyuan and I will sit in the other car!"

"Old He, are you going somewhere far?" Someone from the community who knew He Dali asked.

"Hehe, I am moving out! We are going to live with my adopted son's family!" He Dali said with a smile.

"Your adopted son? How come I have never heard about him before?" The resident asked.

So, under the envious gazes of all the residents, He Dali vigorously got on the RV and our group drove out of the community.

After sending adoptive father and mother away, I informed people in Songjiang to pick them up.

Originally, He Xiyuan had some hostility towards Xu Xueyun. After all, I had come to meet her yet brought another woman with me, so He Xiyuan wasn't very happy.

However, when she later found out that Xu Xueyun hadn't yet been together with me, she realized that there was no reason to be hostile against each other. He Xiyuan had a profound understanding of the pain of yearning, so she unconsciously thought that Xu Xueyun was very similar to herself! Therefore, in just a short while, the two had gotten very close. This actually saved me a lot of trouble.

The plasticity of the primitive people was the strongest! The development of the Bright Flame World wasn't overemphasized in any way! When I arrived on the Bright Flame World again, I was shocked by the sight!

A very decent city had already begun to take shape. There were factories, businesses, schools… There was almost everything that could be expected in a city! On top of that, Sun Sikong had unexpectedly also built a temple for me!

The rapid development of the Bright Flame Clan was s...o...b..ought to the attention of Dark Tribe and Liu Kesheng!

"Boss, the development of the Bright Flame Clan in the north no longer appears to be something we can control!" In an empty room, Liu Kesheng said to his watch!

"I have known this thing for a long time! Also, do you know who established that Bright Flame Clan?" The boss in the watch sneered, "It is our common enemy - Liu Lei!"

"What! It's him! How come it's him!" Liu Kesheng was shocked after listening to him. He had thought that he would finally be able to live a flamboyant life; he never even imagined that I would also turn up here!

The years of repeated failure had made Liu Kesheng lose his fighting spirit. Of course, that was only before me. In front of others, Liu Kesheng was still very arrogant and good.

His failures had made Liu Kesheng thoroughly realize that he wasn't my opponent! After gradually maturing, whenever Liu Kesheng recalled his past actions, only one word came to mind: Childis.h.!.+

He had held such a bitter hatred just because of a woman. What woman can't he have now? He wondered why he had been such a fool in the past and made enemies with such a strong person! If he could have realized this point back in the days, it's possible that he would have also had a great time like Guo Qing!

However, he realized that it wasn't too late. Now, his life was already good, so Liu Kesheng didn't want to get involved with me again and screw himself up!

Liu Kesheng was very clear that he wasn't my opponent! Thinking about it carefully, he realized that it wasn't impossible to resolve the hatred between us. Having thought through this, Liu Kesheng realized that he didn't even hate me anymore.

"Hehe, I had never even thought he would come here!" The sound in the watch continued, interrupting Liu Kesheng's thoughts.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 220

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