Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 – Mala Tang

“Whatever, I think it’s more like you are saying the grape is sweet while being unable to eat the grape, and still pretend like you’re giving I to me!” I pointed out Guo Qing’s thoughts mercilessly.

“Eh, about this, hehe!” Guo Qing immediately blushed.

“Guo Qing, stand up!” The moment the morning study period pasted, Ye Xiaoxiao appeared at the doorway to the cla.s.sroom.

After heating that, Guo Qing stood up lazily. Ever since Guo Qing started hanging out with other delinquents in school, he was no longer so fearful of school leaders and teachers, and always showed of an uncaring att.i.tude.

“Guo Qing, I heard you’re quite capable, and made a something school beauty leaderboard?” Ye Xiaoxiao looked at Guo Qing with a dark expression.

At that moment, I saw Liu Kesheng standing behind Ye Xiaoxiao. It really was this brat who told on him, his grandpa, he already has no way out and is still pulling these petty tricks.

Guo Qing also noticed Liu Kesheng, and glared at him furiously, scaring Liu Kesheng so much that he quickly ran back into the office.

“Can you zhi a sound?” Seeing Guo Qing stand there silently, Ye Xiaoxiao said angrily. ⌈1⌋

“Zhi~!” Guo Qing used his mouth to make the sound. After a short silence, the entire cla.s.s started laughing.

“You ——“ Ye Xiaoxiao said with a pale face.

“Me, what about me? Did you tell me to zhi a sound?” Guo Qing said uncaringly.

“I’ve never seen a student like you!” Ye Xiaoxiao stomped, so angry that she didn’t know what to say.

“Aren’t you looking at one?” Guo Qing said without any concern.

“What —— What do you think is the point of choosing this?” Guo Qing almost made Ye Xiaoxiao so angry that she went stupid, she finally remembered to ask Guo Qing’s purpose.

“Nothing much really, which school rule said I can’t select school beauties?” Guo Qing said shamelessly.

Ye Xiaoxiao pointed at Guo Qing with her finger with a red face, and couldn’t say a word, and was nearly about to cry.

Seeing Ye Xiaoxiao like that, I could felt a little like I couldn’t bare it. Ye XIaoxiao wasn’t actually that old, only twenty something, must have been a spoiled child at home, how can she deal with this!

Finally I stood up, and patted Guo Qing lightly, and said quitly, “Leave it, just apologize to Ye Xiaoxiao!”

Guo Qing turned around and looked at me, then looked at Ye Xiaoxiao, even though he didn’t want to, he still said, “Ye-laos.h.i.+, I’m sorry!”

I knew that Guo Qing will definitely listen to what I say, although this brat was normally laughing with me, but he already treated me as his Boss, his spine, he will definitely listen to me on important matters. Since the advice or decision I gave him was correct every single time.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked unbelievably at me, who stood up for her, then immediately switched to a thankful expression. If it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t be able to deal with this in front of the entire cla.s.s. YE Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but remember the stuff I wrote on the test paper, and her cheeks started blus.h.i.+ng for apparently no reason. Why did the things did student do always seemed so surprising? On dealing with matters, he seemed even more mature than herself.

After Ye Xiaoxiao left, Guo Qing said in dissatisfaction, “Boss, why did you tell me to apologize to her? I haven’t apologized to anyone!”

“Okay now, just treat it like you apologized to m, that’s fine right?” I said helplessly, Guo Qing was definitely very awesome right now, there really wasn’t anyone in school that can’t not give face to him.

“Heh——, there’s eighty percent chance that your boss set his sights on Ye-laos.h.i.+, look at how intimately he called her, he called her Ye Xiaoxiao!” Before I replied, Zhao Yanyan interrupted from the side.

“It can’t be, Boss?” Guo Qing opened his eyes wide like he ate a fly, “What kind of taste is that? You don’t want all these school beauties, and instead is pursuing that old female teengaer?”

Old female teenager? Hearing Guo Qing’s evaluation, I didn’t know what to say. It seems like Guo Qing really have some issues with Ye Xiaoxiao. Was this an evaluation that a student should have towards their teacher?

When I left from Uncle Zhao’s mansion, it was already seven something.

Uncle Zhao more or less decided upon the factory, it was planned to be near Songjiang city. There was an ex-television factory, that was just shut down this year, some welding equipment could be used directly, we just have to buy a chipset production line. The television factory was originally run by the country, the factory also belonged to the country, due to Zhao Limin helping out, we were able to rent it without spending much money.

As I walked on the night street of Songjiang city, and looked at the little stalls and all type of food stalls on the sides of the street, this feeling was rather intimate. I often went to these places with Go Qing in the future.

When I walked in front of the familiar Mala Tang stall, my saliva couldn’t stop flowing, thinking about those comments I’ve seen on the internet in my previous life, such as Mala Tang was equal to waste oil plus E. Coli, just f.u.c.k off.

“One bowl of Mala Tang, without coriander,” I handed over two kuai and said to the owner of the Mala Tang stall.

“AI, Weier, there’s a customer, get the stuff quickly,” after receiving the money, the woman that looked like an owner shouted.

“I’m coming, mom,” a young and pretty girl with a ponytail answered while she skipped over, a little ap.r.o.n was by her waist. I was actually a little spellbound, she was dressed simple without a single adornment, although her clothes were simple, but it didn’t cover that natural beauty, if Zhao Yanyan was a water lily that just bloomed, then the phrase “untainted despite coming from mud”[1] was tailor made for her. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe that such an extraordinary girl existed in this city.

“Want what?” The girl casually picked up a small metal basket and asked me?”

“What do you want?” The girl said softly once again after seeing I only stared at her like an idiot without any reaction.

I retracted my gaze in embarra.s.sment, and quickly said, “Mushroom, kohlrabi, tofu skin and a bit of gluten.”

The girl familiarly grabbed a bunch of everything into the metal basket, and handed it to the woman on the sid.

“No coriander, what about chili and vinegar?” The girl poured the cooked Mala Tang onto a small plate.

“Yes, with a bit more chili,” I said.

I took over the Mala Tang, and sat on a small table by the road, and ate happily with the dust and car exhaust. The taste wasn’t bad, it looks like I have to come here more often! Actually I was very clear about it, that I was finding an excuse to look at this girl.

“Hey! Weier, you’re busy?” A disgusting sissy voice went into my ears, f.u.c.k his brain, could he be the last eunuch in new Huaxia? Isn’t this making me vomit! I raised my head and looked over.

A very stylish teenager in his twenties was standing beside the girl called Weier, there were two lackeys behind him. It was obvious that he wasn’t a good girl, there was eighty to ninety percent chance that he was a rascal.

“Ai, it’s Yang-gongzi! Do you want Mala Tang?” The proprietress immediately went over.

“Go to the side, it’s nothing to do with you!” The teenager called Yang-gongzi, who gave off a delinquent feel, waved impatiently towards the proprietress, and didn’t treat her with respect at all.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 57

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