Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 Premature Birth


“The auspicious time is here, first bow to the heaven and earth.”

The pain coming from her lower abdomen was even more obvious, Xin Ci could feel half of her amniotic fluid was flowing down her legs. But she continued to persist.

In a bit, only a bit more. Let me see cousin and Ming Zhu finish the etiquettes.

“Second bow to the heaven and earth.”

Uncle Fu continued to speak, but Xin Ci already couldn’t hear clearly. She continued to smile, watching Mu Nian Qing and Ming Zhu’s greetings.

“Husband and wife bow to each other.”

When Uncle Fu finished speaking, Xin Ci also slowly fell. As she was about to reach the floor Wen Kai caught her.

“Lady cousin.”

With Ying Xue’s one shout, suddenly the marriage hall was in a mess. Everyone was stunned in place not knowing what to do. Uncle FU was so shocked he could not regain his senses.

Mu Nian Qing rushed quickly to Xin Ci’s side, Ming Zhu hearing the sound, lifted her bridal veil, she was so shocked by the scene she was speechless.

Could it be Xin Ci is going to give birth?

Wen Kai seeing Xin Ci’s face covered in sweat, he was anxious, d.a.m.n it. He should have felt her discomfort.

“Wen Kai, what’s wrong with Xin Ci?”

“She’s going to give birth, quickly find the midwife.”

Mu Nian Qing’s expression was extremely unsightly.

“I didn’t think she would give birth today, the midwife isn’t here. If I need to find her then it’ll take at least four hours.”

Wen Kai hearing this, his face immediately became unusually pale, looking just like that of Xin Ci in his arms.

He also knew she was giving birth prematurely, nearly a month early, even more dangerous for her.

“I’m a midwife, I can help her deliver.”

Suddenly hearing Ming Zhu’s words, the two both raised their heads to look at her. Wen Kai coldly spoke.

“Do you know the consequences of lying to us?”

Ming Zhu wasn’t scared at all.

“There’s no reason for me to deceive you, I also like you don’t wish for Xin Ci to die.”

Mu Nian Qing looked at Ming Zhu, before turning to look at Wen Kai.

“I believe her, right now, quickly save Xin Ci.”

Wen Kai nodded his head, gently carrying Xin Ci, he ran in the nearest room, Mu Nian Qing and Ming Zhu following closely behind.

Kicking the door open, Wen Kai rapidly walked into the bedroom, placing Xin Ci down.

Mu Nian Qing subsequently entered, Ming Zhu was the last person.

Angrily she removed the coronet, she shouted at the maid behind her.

“Have you not seen a birth, quickly go get some hot water.”

Ying Xue was the first to return to her senses and rushed to the kitchen, the maids also turned around and rushed out in a chaos.

Ming Zhu angrily turned her head, taking her wedding gown off, she walked to the bed, covering Xin Ci’s legs.

Wen Kai glanced at her, giving up his position. He knew right now he could only a.s.sist her.

“Blockhead, you leave first, also Wen Kai, quickly restore Xin Ci to consciousness, like this it’s really dangerous for her.”

Wen Kai nodded his head, placing a piece of ginseng into Xin Ci’s mouth, and taking out a silver needle sticking it in to her baihui acupuncture point, causing Xin Ci to immediately wake up.

Mu Nian Qing seeing the two busying people, left the room even though he was extremely worried.

As he came out, he b.u.mped into Uncle Fu.

“Castle Master, is Lady cousin okay?”

Even though he was very surprised when he found out Lady cousin was pregnant, but Lady cousin was a good girl. It didn’t matter whether or not she married Castle Master, from the bottom of his heart he liked Lady cousin.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 58

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