Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – Today in the Previous Life

The love I had for Zhao Yanyan was mixed with the memories and feelings form my previous life, but what about for Zhao Yanyan? We’ve only known each other for four months, her love for me could be said to surpa.s.s everything, I aim her only one in her heart. I don’t understand why Zhao Yanyan would be so dead set on loving me, supporting me, treating my pride as hers, and definitely supporting what I think is right. This was like an entirely different person compared to the Zhao Yanyan who was cold to any man in my previous life.

It was because of Zhao Yanyan’s coldness towards man, that I took my time, waited without fear, and still didn’t make up my mind to confess. Until she was about to get married with Xu Qingwei, I was unable to see any hints. If she had Zhao Yanyan’s current personality, then she should have stuck to Xu Qingwei everyday! I don’t understand if Zhao Yanyan changed, or if the Zhao Yanyan in my previous life and this life were two different people.

“Why are you so good to me…” I whispered lightly while embracing Zhao Yanyan.

“Your question is pointless, towards your loved one, do you really need a reason?” Zhao Yanyan giggled after hearing it.

“I’m being serious with you, don’t laugh,” I said seriously.

“Okay, serious then serious! Let me tell you, I think I already liked you in my previous life,” Zhao Yanyan said seriously.

“Previous life?” I repeated weirdly.

“En. Do you remember the dream I told you just now at your home? I had that dream when I was sleeping again,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“What did you dream of?” I asked urgently, was the original history really going to continue in Zhao Yanyan’s dreams?

“I dreamt that we both got into Huaxia University, but we didn’t seem to be in the relations.h.i.+p we are in now, I loved you a lot in my dreams, I felt that you also seemed to like me yet that might be a mistake, basically the feelings between us two were weird! Then you woke me up!” Zhao Yanyan would always twitch her eyebrows whenever she talked about the dream.

The speaker has no particular intention in his words, but the listener reads his own meaning into it! My body shuddered! This wasn’t a dream at all, but truth that has happened! Furthermore if it really was as Zhao Yanyan said, could it be that Zhao Yanyan always loved me in my previous life? Then why would she marry Xu Qingwei? A bunch of questions popped into my mind.

“Liu Lei, what is it?” Zhao Yanyan asked me caringly after seeing my seemingly painful expression.

“Nothing much, I just thought of something,” I answered perfunctorily. My mind was in a mess, and could not calm down to think about any questions. Thinking back to the bits and pieces between Zhao Yanyan and I in my previous life, the depression, and pain Zhao Yanyan showed right before I died, perhaps she truly loved me?

I was silent the entire way. Zhao Yanyan didn’t disturb me either, and only until we nearly reached the entrance of Zhao Limin’s mansion did she say to me, “Don’t think too much about it, I just won’t talk about that dream anymore!” Then she flew into my embrace, her mouth kissed m on my cheek, and said, “I’m going back, Liu Lei, I love you!”

Yeah, why am I thinking about it so much? No matter what, I already possess Zhao Yanyan for real now, and obtained all of her love. No mater what the previous life was like, the Zhao Yanyan in this life will always be mine alone, this is already enough, what else was I dissatisfied with, unhappy with? It doesn’t matter if the Zhao Yanyan in front of my eyes is the Zhao Yanyan from my previous life, my love for her was definitely real, I had turned all of those thoughts from my previous life into my love for her. The Zhao Yanyan right now is the one I love most in this life. My mood brightened up in an instant.

I reached my hand and pulled Zhao Yanyan, who was about to leave, and hugged her tightly, then whispered softly beside her ear, “Yanyan, you are the one I love most in this life.”

Zhao Yanyan replied pa.s.sionately after hearing that, and stuck her body onto me, and kept on nodding.

Time slipped by us, even in the cold wins, we could still feel each other’s body heat.

“Kiss me…” Zhao Yanyan closed her eyes, and whispered softly beside my ear.

I kissed her pa.s.sionately without any hesitation. Our movements were already going crazy, this was the first time Zhao Yanyan and I kissed so fiercely, th desires in our heart exploded in that moment.

In the ice cold surroundings, Zhao Yanyan and I were still covered in sweat…

“Di—— Di——“ Suddenly a car horn rang beside us.

The focused Zhao Yanyan and I jumped, and our bodies subconsciously separated.

f.u.c.k, who is this, a car makes you somebody? I’ll buy a bulldozer, no an armored car, another day, and send you flying. Just as I raised my head in anger, I noticed the one who interrupted us was Zhao Junsheng’s Honqi car.

“Hai…! Hai…! I won’t mind you youngsters’ business, but you can’t do it on the streets, and treat it as if no one’s around?” Zhao Junsheng rolled down the windows, and stuck his head out.

“Dad~!” Zhao Yanyan said embarra.s.sedly as she stomped the ground.

We walked to the side of the car, Zhao Junsheng opened the door and said, “Get in the car.”

Zhao Yanyan and I sat on the back row, when I got on the car, I used an extremely tiny voice and said to Zhao Junsheng, “You are to ruin the board director’s good thing, be careful of me firing you.”

Zhao Junsheng didn’t take heed to it, laughed a bit and replied, “If you fire me, I’ll get my daughter to deal with you.”

I wanted to say something more, but Zhao Yanyan already got on, so I could only close my mouth. Currently, Zhao Yanyan didn’t know my real ident.i.ty, she only know I made an input method and cooperated with Zhao Junsheng’s company, as for the newly established Shuguang Corporation, Zhao Yanyan thought that Zhao Junsheng had done it all by himself. She didn’t even know that she had 10% of the company’s shares.

“It’s the winter, and look at you two, covered in sweat! Quickly wipe yourselves!” Saying that, Zhao Junsheng handed two paper towels to us.

Zhao Yanyan and I rubbed off the sweat on our heads in embarra.s.sment, Zhao Yanyan also shyly dipped her head down, and seemed to want to stick her head into the down jacket.

“Have a seat with us okay? Don’t catch a cold!” Zhao Junsheng saw that I was really hot, and so he said to me caringly.

“Okay, I’ll also go and see Grandpa Zhao,” I said. I would definitely catch a cold if I returned like this, it was better to rest a bit.

“Hehe, your Grandpa Zhao told me he misses you a lot, and since you came by yourself, just the chance to eat together!” Zhao Junsheng said with a smile.

This was a good idea, I became the guest here, since I didn’t get to eat till I’m full at noon, I stuff myself full tonight.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 75

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