Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – It looks like I got tricked

“Dad, Xiao Liu came over!” Zhao Junsheng shouted upstairs the moment he entered.

Without a long time pa.s.sing, Zhao Limin came down in a thick coat, he immediately greeted me and waved after he saw me, “Xiao Liu, you came! Have a seat!”

I changed my shoes, and said respectfully, “h.e.l.lo Grandpa Zhao!”

“Good good! Drink a little bit of water first and sit down Xiao Liu, I’m playing go with an old friend upstairs, I’ll come down later,” Zhao Limin said to me.

“Dad, let Xiao Liu accompany you upstairs, Yanyan and I will help Yu-ma cook, Xiao Liu will eat dinner with us tonight,” Zhao Junshng suggested.

“That’s good! Xiao Liu, come and give some ideas for Grandpa, so that fellow old Ye would stop acting so high and might, let the two of grandpa and grandson slaughter him till he has nothing left!” Zhao Limin smiled and said.

I sent a questioning gaze towards Zhao Yanyan, but Zhao Yanyan shook her head, meaning that she didn’t know who Grandpa Zhao’s friend was.

I followed Zhao Limin upstairs, I don’t know what’s the meaning behind Grandpa Zhao’s words, slaughter him till he has nothing left, was it courteous words? Or did he rally think that? It was really hard to understand an important person’s words, I’ll see when it comes to it, worst come to worst I’ll pretend to be an idiot when he asks me for advice.

We arrived at a small study on the second floor, there was a fifty-something years old man inside, who was sipping tea and gazing at an incomplete match of go.

“Old Ye, I’ll introduce this lad to you! Liu Lei, young and promising!” Liu Limin pointed at me and introduced.

“Oh? There aren’t many young people that can get into your sights, Elder Zhao! This lad is definitely not normal!” Old Ye said.

“How so, it’s all Grandpa Zhao’s favor, Y…” I wanted to call him Grandpa Ye, but this guy’s age didn’t seem like a grandpa.

“Hehe, just call m Ye-bobo, I’m younger than Elder Zhao, and my daughter is also around your age!” Ye-bobo said.

“Haha, Old Ye, don’t you get anxious every time you mention your daughter? Who forced you to have a child so late, my granddaughter is nearly getting married, your daughter still didn’t find any in-laws right!” Zhao Limin ridiculed.

“Elder Zhao, I respect you since you’re older than me, and we were also comrades back in the army, but you can’t always make fun of me with this! But my daughter is worrying, she’s all grown up now yet she hasn’t even had a boyfriend!” Ye-bobo sighed.

“Ai… Old Ye, where’s your eyes looking at, Xiao Liu is our family’s Yanyan’s boyfriend!” Zhao Limin ridiculed.

“Don’t worry, Elder Zhao, how could I fight you for your grandson-in-law!” YE-bobo smiled and said.

“Come, Xiao Liu, help grandpa to have a look, where should I place the next piece?” Zhao Limin said to me.

I already looked at the match after entering the room, the black side clearly had less pieces than the whites, and Grandpa Zhao was using the black pieces, if you just viewed it from that perspective, Grandpa Zhao was more likely to lose than win. However playing go was all about balance, you have to look at things from a broad perspective, there are a lot of white pieces, but a lot of them were useless, if the blacks could take the initiative, then who would win was still unknown.

But I didn’t dare to just say things, who knows what these two old fellows were thinking. If I said the right thing, what if Grandpa Zhao thought I made him lose face, if I said the wrong thing, he might think I’m an idiot. It looks like the spectator shouldn’t speak had some logic behind it.

Thus I said, “Grandpa Zhao and Ye-bobo are playing go, wanbei doesn’t dare to speak.”

“It’s alright, just say it, since grandpa has nearly lost!” Zhao Limin waved his hand and said.

“Hehe, Elder Zhao, you still have a bit of self conscience! I thought you deliberately found a younger generation to play with me in order to cover up the fact that you lost!” Ye-bobo said.

“Heh! Xiao Liu, you play with him! You have to beat him, I won’t marry my granddaughter to you if you lose!” Zhao Limin said angrily!

I sweat! What kind of condition was this? This is a blatant threat! Isn’t making me do something that I can’t do?

Ye-bobo saw my awkward expression and said, “It’s alright, Xiao Liu, relax and play go with me! If your wif’s gone, then I’ll marry my daughter to you! My daughter is like flower and silk, definitely not worse than his granddaughter!”

“Look at you! Look at you! You have a ploy from the start! Your fox tail finally showed itself! You really were having ideas about our Xiao Liu!” Zhao Limin pointed at Ye-bobo’s nose and shouted.

I sweated once again! Why did these two fifty-sixty years old old men act like kids, making jokes about these things? What’s more is that my love life is already messed up as it is, Xia Jing, Ye Xiaoxiao, Chen Weier’s things already caused Zhao Yanyan to have put up with m over and over again, if another one comes, Zhao-yatou might rip me to shreds.

Seeing as I didn’t say anything, Zhao Limin said solemnly, “I order you as your future grandpa-on-law, go and slaughter your Ye-bobo until he has nothing left.

I faint, I really couldn’t refuse now that Zhao Limin has said this, I could only sat beside the board, and said, “Ye-bobo, please take no offense!”

Very quickly, I got into the zone.

The entire board was under my control, defeating Ye-bobo was just a matter of time, but I wouldn’t be giving him any face if I beat him right? Since he is an elder, and also Grandpa Zhao’s war buddy. I know the idea of war buddy, although they aren’t brothers, but are as close as brothers, all of them

Although they were just kidding, if he really lost to me, this wanbei, even Grandpa Zhao would feel awkward!

However if I lost, not only Grandpa Zhao’s face couldn’t deal with it, what if he got desperate, and really refused to marry Yanyan to me, then would I di of regret? I really regret accepting Zhao Junsheng’s demand to come here and have a seat.

A single mistake truly causes lasting sorrow! My mind was furiously spinning, calculating my next move! I couldn’t lose, nor could I win, then I could only draw. Finally at the moment my brain cells were about to dry out, the game of go between Ye-bobo and I ended.

Looking at the equal black and white pieces on the board, I pretended to be sorry and said, “I didn’t think that even though wanbei did all he could, I still lose my wife.”

“Xiao Liu! You truly did all you could!” Ye-bobo exclaimed, “You really think us two old men couldn’t tell? You could have won ages ago if you wanted to! A mess of a game could actually be played to a draw by you, I really am suspicious if you are a computer!”

I faint, I hided it so well, but was still found out by them, don’t mention how awkward this is! The good will I had turned to deliberately playing around! Who did I p.i.s.s off? First I was nearly caught on bed, then I was starved, and now I was randomly caught to play go! Today really is an unfortunate day!

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 76

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