Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: Art of Styling

"Anyways, once you're healed, I'll help you open a gene lock, and let you get used to it. Then it will be up to you." Ye Cang reached out and patted Fang Ci's shoulder with a smile.

"Gene lock?" Fang ci asked doubtfully. From the words, it seemed to be unlocking some hidden potential.

"A living creature's full power is an extremely terrifying thing, and intelligent creatures are even more so. Among them, man is the paragon. They don't have strong bodies, yet from ancient times until now, there have been countless people who have broken past the human limits. They all broke some sort of restriction in their minds, thoughts, consciousness, flesh, spirit. The one I will be helping you open will be of your flesh and consciousness. It is commonly known as an awakening. People think that an awakening must come with a heavy price, or one must go through a bitter experience such as losing something important. ColdMoon was like that. With the death of her kin, she paid the price of her facial expressions, tone, and many emotions such as fear, dread, she's lost them all. As for whether she can regain them, I also don't know." Ye Cang's words made Fang Ci feel like the things he didn't know were too many.

"So… you want me to help me awaken?" Fang Ci nodded.

"You can say that. The 'door' that I want to open for you, our sect… it should be considered a sect right? Anyways, you'll understand. You'll feel endless strength that has been locked under layers and layers of bindings. You will start to undo these fetters one after the other, to obtain more of this strength, and the power it gives you, the treasures locked beneath."

Fang Ci imagined himself being restrained by layers upon layers of shackles. This comparison seemed quite accurate. Just how much potential does a human have? n.o.body knows. Just look at the Chrysanthemum Emperor who became peerless on the entire earth in his teens, proving humanity's potential.

Some other location, deep on the mountains.

"Brother Lin. Eldest brother and master said that if we can't produce a pill, then we'll be punished." A young lady with a pleasing appearance said.

"It's fine. I've already grasped the lawless way. When they come, I'll let them taste the pain of having their b.u.t.ts exploded by a pill. Eldest brother and master, I hate them the most." Said a boy with a naive and guiltless smile.

(TN: Things in this little bit are subject to change, since I have no idea what's going on, so it might not be accurate.)

Enough sidetracking. The scene returns to the two on the beach.

"Ok, let's go back inside." Ye Cang said, then went inside and returned to the game. Fang Ci continued to stare at the waves. "Looks like I've been picked up by an amazing guy. However, I really do need strength to protect her and…"

Fang Ci turned and looked at the seaside cottage. His expression showed a firm determination, and he slowly got up to return.

Ye Cang was bored, but didn't want to go level. He looked at the rankings and saw that nothing much had changed, making him feel even lazier. He decided to go back to Airy's house to drink some tea and chat. He personally made some tea, and Airy watched as a purple smoke in the shape of a skull puffed up from it. The smell was so disgusting that Little Mary had run back to her room, and hid under her blanket. She thought to herself, Let's not let him near the kitchen, the tea set, or the oven.

Airy once again took out the ring. "This ring…"

Ye Cang turned away and sighed. He cupped his fist and said, "Don't say anymore. Memories are priceless. I'll take my leave…"

"……" Airy once against watched that wolf leather cloaked back, and broke out in cold sweat.

Ye Cang sighed, bored once again. He arrived at the spirit academy to see what Fang Ci was doing. He saw him holding a bone and some other things and was studying it seriously, so he turned and left. He came back to the auction house. There wasn't an auction today, so he ran to the a.s.sociation, and picked a few odd job quests. One was to be a temp at the barber shop. The reward was even a small chest. He helped the old barber with his work, and even learned a hair cutting skill, so was able to act as a part-time barber. He managed to earn the old barber's respect with his exquisite haircutting skills. His every cut followed the template exactly. The old barber taught him all the key tricks. When Little Mar saw that the one cutting his hair would be Ye Cang, he was somewhat astonished. This guy actually came to become a barber? When the haircut was finished, he examined his long blond hair which was perfectly trimmed and his eyebrows that were just right. Ye Cang even made use of his modern knowledge and used heat to give Little Mar's straight hair a wavy look. He change the style into hair that was parted down the middle. Little Mar now looked extremely graceful and handsome, but still had a heroic aura. He looked in the mirror, extremely pleased. He called his fiancee over, and Ye Cang once again used heat but to straighten her hair. Very quickly, the barber shop became extremely popular.

Even Linda had come over to have him trim and curl her hair, free of charge of course. Ye Cang used the styles he had learn from the hair stylist in the capital - Carry, turning it into an extremely avant-garde style in the game. Along with her extremely large chest, her beauty was peerless. Even Little Mar gaped at those jugs that had been enhanced by the hair. His fiancee glowered at Ye Cang. Ye Cang broke out in cold sweat, and helped her make her hair even more fas.h.i.+onable. In order to diversify, Ye Cang even logged out of the game, to looked through a modern book for barbers and asked Th.o.r.n.yRose for Carry's number to consult her. Just like that, Mary and Airy also came, and left satisfied. The price for one of Ye Cang's haircuts continuously increased. And thus, in a single day, he rose to become Black Rock City's Golden Scissors, become the best barber in Black Rock City. The hidden attribute Charisma increased, and then he retired, making everyone endlessly sorry. The store was now bursting with customers. The old barber who had been learning from Ye Cang was not much worse than him, and he also charged less. However, Ye Cang's value was in his fame. The old barber urged him to stay to make use of his reputation, but he could only sigh and give up. He handed over the chest, and gifted him a set of mithril scissors, wolf bone comb, and a barber cover. "Come back when you have time. You'll always be welcome here…"

When Th.o.r.n.yRose found out, she couldn't stop s.h.i.+vering. Is that his cla.s.s training? She tried calling him, "How much did you earn?"

"None of your G.o.dd.a.m.n business…"Ye Cang replied, in a bad mood, then directly hung up. Thinking back, he had actually earned over 60 gold coins with his hairstyling. Although it wasn't as much as selling equipment, but it was pretty good extra income. He had even earned a t.i.tle and a point in the hidden attribute Charisma, as well as a new profession. He looked at his new profession on the stats page: Barber - Intermediate Level. He had just advanced to intermediate earlier without using a single point. He didn't understand how that had happened. He took out a pair of mithril scissors, equipped it, and began fixing up his own hair.

"Congratulations, you've triggered the mithril scissor's effect. Your new hairstyle makes you feel extra calm. +1% Intelligence, +3 Charisma, +1% Will."

Ye Cang froze. Oh~~ So you can do that too. This barber skill is not bad. Although it doesn't add much, but it's still extra attributes. I guess I was looking down on the art of styling. I almost neglected it. However, it seems it requires special high quality scissors and the skill. I must learn more about it, but I can't do my hair anymore. I'll wait for A'Xiong and the others to come back, and I can do my experiments on them.

"That d.a.m.n lowlife…" Meanwhile, on the other side of the call, Th.o.r.n.yRose - who had been hung up on - was angrily gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth.

Following the end of the first round of training, the new round began. Most of the players chose to return to levelling, sighing over the amount of time the training had taken up. However, it was the most stable way to earn talents. Even CloudDragon and FlameEmperor didn't skip it.

When FrozenCloud learned that Ye Cang's 'training' had been in the barber shop, her expression became strange. NalanPureSoul was thinking about when he should ask Ye Cang for a haircut. As for NalanMoon, she was thinking about how prejudice Ye Cang was. If she were to go to him for a haircut, only G.o.d knows if he would pretend to mess up, and make her regret for days. The thoughts she was having was exactly what Ye Cang wanted to do to Th.o.r.n.yRose.

Ye Cang convened with his party who had completed training. He took out his hairstyling tools, and told them how his haircuts could increase their stats. FrozenCloud expression was monstrous. So it seriously was his cla.s.s training? Her heart rate quickened, but she also had a bad premonition. Given his character, what would he do to her hair?

Ye Cang first started with FrozenCloud's twin braids. He directly chopped the two braids off, and boldly cut it into 3cm long short and messy hair. It gave her a very refres.h.i.+ng look. Seeing how Ye Cang had chopped off her twin braids as if he were chopping up bodies, she was almost about to cry, but discovered that the results were pretty good. It was a gender-neutral style, and gave +1% Strength, +1% Dexterity, +1% Const.i.tution, and +3 Charisma. Not bad.

After some though, Ye Cang didn't change Wu Na's hair much. He just gave it a little trim. There wasn't much change appearance wise, but she got +1% intelligence and wisdom. After that, everyone in the team got their hair done, including the newly arrived, black robed Fang Ci. As for SpyingBlade, Ye Cang wanted to shave his head bald, leaving only a crescent moon behind, but he saw those longswords that were ready to attack at any time, and could only sigh. He's really a hard guy to joke with. The last to go was Oldw.a.n.gFromNextDoor. Ye Cang looked at his hair, and thought. It's a bit greasy. With a few cuts, he reduced it to a bowl cut, and nodded satisfied.

Oldw.a.n.gFromNextDoor saw that he had more stat increases than the others. +1% Intelligence, Wisdom, Const.i.tution, and Will, but his Charisma actually fell by 1. What is going on? They all had positive charisma. He took out a mirror, saw his bowl cut, and made a bitter face. "Boss, I…"

"Ok, let's head out… Bal Town's foundation should be complete. Let's go take a look." Ye Cang brought his team out. Oldw.a.n.gFromNextDoor didn't know whether to laugh or cry. FrozenCloud faintly smiled, "I had to wear twin braids for so long. Now it's your turn. Don't worry, it looks very… good…"

Oldw.a.n.gFromNextDoor sighed. Is there no one on this team who's not two-faced? Boss, who am I kidding, he's the king of two-facedness. Brother Le, eh, he's two-faced without even knowing he's doing it. Brother Xiong. He broke out in cold sweat. He's someone who directly negotiates with his weapons. Everyone else, besides sister Nana… Sister Lil'Dino is a bit better. SpyingBlade is hard to say, him and boss are frequently stabbing each other in the back. Little Tian, mm, she's like she came out of the same mold as boss. As for the new guy, although he doesn't say much, but to be able to become boss's disciple, he's probably not a good person. Thinking up to there, he sighed heavily.

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 309

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