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Chapter 310: The Northwest Mountain's Historical Remains

Ye Cang and the others took some time to understand the new member - Fang Ci's - cla.s.s characteristics and equipment. The others didn't ask much about where the new member came from. SpyingBlade just accepted the fact that he was Ye Cang's distant cousin.

Everyone learned that Fang Ci could summon skeleton soldiers. They were bare bones, holding only a damaged sword. FrozenCloud could smash them to pieces with a single fist. She immediately felt that necromancers were weak. Fang Ci could also summon a skeleton mage who would cast a small fireball from time to time. This was not bad, but couldn't compare to w.a.n.g's water elemental. w.a.n.g's water elemental could even outdo Wu Na in extended battles because of it's ma.s.sive mana pool and mana recovery rate, which was on a completely different level compared to everyone else. The water elemental was really a spellcaster that was blessed by the heavens.

"Don't jump to conclusions. like necromancers have always been late bloomers. Human wave tactics with a sea of bones is quite dreadful, despair inducing even." SpyingBlade said seriously.

Fang Ci then showed off his minor raise corpse skill, bringing a prairie wolf back to life to join the battle. "This skill can only resurrect one, and can't be used on creatures that are too strong. It's probably an issue with the skill level."

As for other magic, Fang Ci could cast magic missile, which was a spell most spellcasters learned to deal with certain situations. His cla.s.s spell was Spirit Ball, which was surprisingly considered a mental attack.

Fang Ci watched as the tigerkin Little Ren pushed the handcart. Lin Le sat on it, looking very relaxed. This tigerkin probably isn't a player. The first time they had met, he had almost been deceived. He then turned and looked at Little Ye Tian who was riding on a bug as big as a horse, and was holding a doll that looked like a lesser demon.

Bal Village.

Everyone examined the new infrastructure and facilities. The original crude houses had all become ordinary houses. The outer wall was 5 meters tall. There were 6 sentry towers positioned around it, perfectly stationed at strategic locations. They were now beginning to build the shortcut to the open s.p.a.ce above the cliff, while also starting construction above. The two story general store had already been built, and opened for business. The manager was the man they met on the road who had sold them a mushroom, who also turned out to be a villager. He was very thankful to Ye Cang for the changes he brought to Bal Village. The blacksmith, the inn, and other important facilities were already completed and operating normally. On the streets, fishmen could be seen, while goblins occasionally helped with construction. The three races acted cordially. Verali waved at Ye Cang from the distance. Ye Cang saw that her wave had accidently smacked a goblin flying. He broke out in cold sweat as he recalled his near death experience, and waved back awkwardly.

"I'm hungry!!" After waving, Verali suddenly turned and roared. The surrounding goblins quickly offered her food.

"What kind of creature is that…" Fang Ci said, visibly shaken.

"The true king of this mountain. The chief's granddaughter… Verali. She's on our side. My bro officiated her wedding…" Zhang ZhengXiong replied.

"……" Fang Ci expression was grotesque. Wedding!? The chief's granddaughter? Are you sure that was born from a human!?

Verali gnawed a few mouthfuls of meat. "Mayor PaleSnow, I've brought some people down to help. Don't worry, if someone wants to attack Bal Village, I'll be the first to step up and have my husband beat them up."

Ye Cang automatically translated the words to "I'll help you watch over this place" in his mind, and nodded. After chatting with her for a bit, he went to find the chief and ask if there were any noteworthy areas in the Black Peaks. The old chief searched his memories, then pointed to the north-west. "When I was young, I chased after a Rock Boar with the hunters, and we ran into a ruin. It was in a swamp between the mountains; practically no one knows about it. I remember that it should be around that direction. Back then, we were just there to chase the injured boar. Truth be told, we didn't even approach, and just withdrew. Those ruins were a bit strange, I was s.h.i.+vering before even getting close. There were also all sorts of strange noises. Mayor, brave warriors, if you really intend to go there, you must be careful…"

Little Ye Tian quickly asked, "Grandpa Chief, do you still remember what it looked like?"

"How should I explain. They weren't like normal buildings. Most if it was destroyed but some of the buildings had plant designs…" Old Chief Fayr tried describing what he remembered.

Little Ye Tian began to think, very quickly coming to a conclusion. "It should be a place dedicated to wors.h.i.+pping the G.o.ddess of nature…"

"Also, there are stories that say the Black Peaks were once the territory of the elves. Due to the ever encroaching northern wastelands, they fled to the south. Wanting an elf to live in a dessert is as bad as castrating them. They should have all moved to the Evernight Forest near the Planetary Empire. It's said that it is a vast s.p.a.ce, even bigger than the Steel Empire and Planetary Empire put together, and it is filled with nature such as forests, hills, and lakes." The Old Chief recalled from the writings. Little Ye Tian hadn't read about that yet, so curiously asked the old chief to lend her his books. Fang Ci watched stunned as she memorized tens of books in minutes, each only taking seconds. Watching her read was like watching a money printing machine spitting out paper. "Father, I more or less understand Black Peak's history. Other than the G.o.ddess of nature, there is also a dwarven ruin. There could also be some mysterious existence sealed somewhere, but the records are too vague, I can only use reasoning to make an educated guess."

SpyingBlade and the others were all stunned. Such a big stack of books, and she had finished within minutes. She had even been a.n.a.lysing and arranging the data while doing so. What kind of brain is that!?

"Don't worry about the rest for now. Let's go in the direction the chief pointed to first." Ye Cang said looking towards the mountains in the north-west.

Th.o.r.n.yRose and the others also set out towards the Black Peaks. Her party consisted of herself, DyedLily, FrozenBlood, ElegantFragrance, GreenDew, Pa.s.singBreeze, KittyKat, DemonSpirit, and the normal LittleJade.

"Your little sister left home to live in Lin Hai with the d.a.m.n lowlife?" Th.o.r.n.yRose's looked at FrozenBlood with a strange expression.

"Mm, she's a student of Lin Hai college now, and even got an invitation to join the five schools compet.i.tion team." FrozenBlood replied.

"See, I told you that she would leave if you kept acting like that." ElegantFragrance sighed.

"It's fine, at least she decided on it herself instead of forcing herself at home." FrozenBlood shrugged.

"Speaking of which, what are team leader and them doing now?" GreenDew asked curiously.

"G.o.d knows. I heard they are the mayor of a village now. We can go take a look and get some information." Th.o.r.n.yRose said grouchily.

Back to Ye Cang's group who was heading north-west.

Fang Ci sighed when he saw this party's might. The rumors about Really New Village's three brothers were not an exaggeration. The leader, Ye Cang, had terrifying magic attacks, his melee capabilities were also unbelievably good, and he even had high ranged physical damage. Brother Xiong's tanking made him look even more fierce than the monsters. Brother Le, with his short height, swung that ma.s.sive sword around, looking terrifying. Thinking that he shouldn't be a burden, he summoned a skeleton soldier and skeleton mage. He commanded the skeleton soldier to not attack, because it couldn't tank a single blow. Then, he took out the bones in his bag and began chanting. He did his best to contribute his share. SpyingBlade looked admiringly at Fang Ci. Not bad, this kid has pretty good judgement.

The group crossed forests, and even discovered an exposed mining point. What made Zhang Zhengxiong happy was that the ores were all magic iron, an essential material to make gold quality equipment. Dark gold quality required magic steel which could be produced from magic iron. This was a rare find. Of course, it's not so simple that one could make items just by finding magic iron.

"Climbing up and down so many times is making me sick." Wu Na began to complain.

"Eat something, and drink some water. Recover some strength before continuing." Before Ye Cang had a chance to take out his pot, Wu Na quickly began walking with everyone without lagging behind. Fang Ci broke out in cold sweat. What was that? Isn't taking a break for some food and water good? But he didn't ask, and just followed. Ye Cang pouted, feeling a bit unhappy. When can we rest so I can show off my new skills…

Little Ye Tian continuously improved her map during the journey. Finally, they arrived at a jungle which covered a hill, and saw a broken stone pillar. Ye Cang walked over and wiped off the thick layer of mud, revealing a delicate flower designs.

"This should be the place." Little Ye Tian said, surveying the area.

SpyingBlade walked up, then went downhill, "This way…"

Everyone quickly rushed after SpyingBlade. Following the hill downwards, the area became a swamp. In the distance, they could vaguely make out what was probably rubble. Although it was covered in vegetation, but they could still tell it wasn't natural.

"Let's go down." Ye Cang took the lead to scurry down the forested hill. Everyone followed.

Ye Cang suddenly stopped. Everyone looked at him doubtfully, but they soon also felt the unnatural chill in the air.

Little Ye Tian looked at the moss covered ruins, and the nearby skeleton. It looked like the skeleton of a Rock Boar. This must be the place the old chief was talking about.

"Wait, it must be dangerous. Let's back up first and buff up before continuing." Ye Cang said seriously. He made everyone walk back to some flat ground partway up the hill. Everyone pointed out that they had dark gold weapons, so they didn't need food buffs, but Ye Cang was determined, saying that one must take every precaution, which was hard to retort.

Everyone listened as he sang a little song. The contents were more or less about him learning a new cooking skill and how proud he was. Then they saw him preparing the ingredients, it seems like he was going to make something abnormal. They all trembled and their hearts screamed. You said so many things to convince us just so you can conduct your biochemistry experiments!

Zhang ZhengXiong skillfully and helplessly started the fire. Lin Le had his palms together in prayer. Little Ren was so scared that he was in fetal position, shaking like a little girl. Fang Ci wiped his cold sweat. What kind of reaction is that? Wu Na looked at Fang Ci's perplexed expression, and recalled her first time. With a heavy sigh and sincere expression, she patted his shoulder. "Just endure it."

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 310

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