Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 374: Little Ye Tian’s Depression

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Chapter 374: Little Ye Tian’s Depression

Th.o.r.n.yRose watched as the Happy Firmaments team thoughtlessly logged off just like that, and sighed. She then began to plan everyone’s roles since she had to clearly define everyone’s main duty. The new Blade Demoness’s most important role was that of an that cut into the back row. In hero mode, his role would either be jungle or solo lane. Lele and Shaking Bear could only play solo lane. Lele could also jungle, but with Lele’s temperament, it didn’t suit him. Perhaps in the future. SpyingBlade’s position was pretty much the same as Ye Cang’s but he leaned more towards jungling. The Fist Hero would be given to FrozenCloud to use, so now they had one more player with an S rank character. If herself or FrozenBlood could also pa.s.s the promotion exam, that would be good. In order to rise to SS rank, they had been training for two years, but still weren’t ready. She had no hope of getting promoted on her own. She could only wait for an opportunity to be promoted as a pair.

“Seeing them all promote, I’m a bit unwilling to just accept this…” FrozenBlood muttered.

“Just maintain the status-quo for now. Our promotion, I’ll arrange for it in half a month…” Th.o.r.n.yRose said slowly.

Seaside Cottage.

“Little Tian, tomorrow for your exam, are you confident?” Ye Cang asked.

“Mm, I’ll do my best…” Little Ye Tian nodded. She saw that Lin Le seemed to be doing some sort of evil curse ceremony, and her heart tightened. He’s cursing me…

The next day.

Everyone watched Little Ye Tian’s exam. A support’s exam was different from the others, it was done in group battle mode. What made FrozenCloud break out in cold sweat was Little Tian’s enemy team. They were a team of 5 nukers, all with heavy firepower. As for Little Ye Tian’s team, there was only 1 swordsmen, the others were all support. Together with Little Ye Tian, they were had 4 support. After 1 minute of the match, no one could bear to watch any longer. Little Ye Tian’s side got bombed until not even a corpse remained. It was just a continuous rain of explosions.

“Player NightSky promotion failed…”

“Little Tian, this time, you can only blame your team for being… well… and the enemy team was actually 5 nukers…” Th.o.r.n.yRose comforted the extremely sullen Little Ye Tian.

“You can try again next time…” Ye Cang said indifferently.

“Little Tian, don’t feel bad. You’ll have more chances…” Zhang ZhengXiong also comforted. Behind the two of them, Lin Le was making faces and mouthing: “Little Tian~ More like Little Chicken~ You actually lost~ You suck~” Little Ye Tian clenched he fist and screamed in her heart. AAAAAAAAH!! This d.a.m.n Lele! It’s all because of your curse! How else could it random like this!? Out of 5 people, 4 are support! What could I do besides die faster or slower!? No plan could have overturned that situation…

A week later, on a tuesday night, outside the seaside cottage.

On a beach, with no one around them for 10 kilometers, Ye Cang began to guide SpyingBlade, Fang Ci, and Lin Le on how to undo their first gene lock. What made Ye Cang astonished and a little bit shocked was that Lin Le was the first to succeed, and he even proceeded to effortlessly undo his second lock. His two hidden powers were Prediction and Telekinesis, a lot like Little Tian’s power. What surprised Ye Cang the most however, was that his mental powers were actually very strong. He had Little Ye Tian compete with him using telekinesis, and the two of them actually fought to a tie. Even Little Ye Tian was stunned. That d.a.m.n Lele’s mental strength might even be above her own, and his spiritual domain seemed to be very similar to hers. What was going on? He wasn’t an artificial human. After thinking about it, it was perhaps because he had received her father’s blood, but she still felt like something was off.

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci also undid their first gene lock. With Ye Cang’s guidance, the two of them became more familiar with their new strength, which gave them a mysterious and unknown feeling. Although they could only vaguely understand, it felt so familiar as if they had simply found something they had lost. According to Ye Cang, they had simply taken back the innate power of humans that were sealed by G.o.d. It was truly very mysterious.

“We can now be considered from the same sect. Does our sect have a name?” SpyingBlade smiled.

Ye Cang never thought of a name for before. Thinking about it now, it was proper to have a name. He saw the words ‘The King of Lockpicking’ on a nearby electric pole, and had a flash of insight. “Lockpicking Sect…”

“……” SpyingBlade, Fang Ci, and Zhang ZhengXiong all had complicated expressions. Why do they have to sound like a group of thieves.

“Come come, I’ll be the sect master. A’Xiong and Lele are the vice sect-masters. You’ll all be elders! Remember, we currently have 2 disciples…” Ye Cang was having fun.

Zhang ZhengXiong sleepily brought the competing Lin Le and Little Ye Tian back to the cottage. Ye Cang looked at the remaining two. “Slowly build up your foundation. The stronger your body, the longer you can use the power for. Your power will also increased proportionally. Once you’ve opened the second lock, Cold Moon will have some people bring you on missions. Be careful, especially SpyingBlade. She told me about what happened at the base. Actually, it’s not like you were wrong, mutants and artificial beings are all still people, but you have to consider the situation. Different results arise from different circ.u.mstances. I have a mutant friend. He grew up in a human environment, so he understands how to be human. However, those cultivated by Salvation are forced to give up their hearts, so they can’t be considered human anymore. Of course, Cold Moon… Hah, her extreme hatred for mutants makes it so that she can’t stand having one in front of her. Even if it is a neutral or kind-hearted one, she still detests them. At least she won’t wantonly kill them. Fang Ci can probably relate, as you are also a survivor of Zhentan city. It’s just that she was someone who didn’t escape even till the end. She fought against the mutants to protect her family’s bodies. She was only 12 years old at that time. By giving up many of her emotions and all of her expressions, she awakened. That is why she doesn’t show anything on her face.”

Spying Blade slowly nodded. Zhentan City was something that happened 5 years ago, which means that right now, Cold Moon probably wasn’t even 18 years old. She was only a young girl when it happened. He began to picture a weak young girl desperately struggling with her life against the mutants. Compared to that… he really was too inexperienced.

“There are good mutants?” This was what caught Fang Ci’s interest, making his brows furrowed tightly. He was also someone who hated mutants.

“Yeah. I’ll explained it like this. Mutants is actually a collective term, but generally speaking, there are three types. The first are natural one types. The second are bred. The third undergo mutation due to a catalyst such as medicine and become evil. The first kind are the original mutants, most of them are not much different than humans. Many of them live as hermits, and have unusual strength and wisdom. The second type, some of them may retain their humanity, but most of them have had their human nature erased by Salvation or 10,000 Souls turning them into weapons. The third are completely weapons. The tragedy of Zhentan City is the third type, caused by some sort of biochemical weapon, while Salvation’s artificially engineered mutants also joined the fray.” Ye Cang explained.

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 374: Little Ye Tian’s Depression

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