Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 375: Piercing Thorn

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Chapter 375: Piercing Thorn

“Then artificial humans?” SpyingBlade thought of the other group.

“Artificial humans usually have antisocial tendencies. Research into artificial humans is not as taboo as mutants. Even the federation is secretly researching it, in order to perfect human antibodies and genes. Although they have also caused calamities, but let’s not talk about that. For non-federation made humans, we usually choose to destroy them, because it is impossible to release them into society…” Ye Cang said sadly.

“You…” SpyingBlade heard Ye Cang’s tone, as if he was losing his voice.

“Yeah…” Ye Cang nodded. Fang Ci had also come to the conclusion that Ye Cang was not a normal person after going through the 10 Commandments database.

“I only learned about it a few years ago. I’m the only survivor in a tragedy, picked up by a grandmother that loved me very much, experiencing human relations, so I understand how precious these feelings are. I also know the hards.h.i.+p and pain of losing someone important. But not all artificial humans have this knowledge. With their innate gift, many of them grow up hating society, and become weapons employed by 10,000 Souls…” Ye Cang’s tone suddenly changed. “Anyways, in the future, you will have to depend on yourselves. In the organization, besides Cold Moon and Hunting Flame, don’t trust anyone. Be extra careful around Thousand Spirits…”

The two of them had their own thoughts.

Wednesday. Today was the start of top 16. Thorns and Roses was up again the League of Tyrants. On the field, ThunderQuake was looking at Really New Village’s Three Brothers. All three of the are fierce. They actually promoted 3 characters in a row. Just where did that little lady Rose find this team of villains?

The spectators were excited to see Brother Hero and Brother Diamond’s SS rank characters, so the seats were packed full.

“There’s unusually many people watching today…” Brother Zhao looked at the audience and smiled.

“The three brothers are like tornados, sucking up fans, making them feel antic.i.p.ation. Even my niece is a die-hard fan of Mad Devil Le…” Brother Zhong said, brus.h.i.+ng his hand through his crazy golden hair. He turned and looked at Zuo Yiyi, who was already madly looking through the stocks. “I feel like you haven’t slept for a few days, always watching those numbers rise and fall…”

“How can you sleep seeing the Three Brother’s character stocks soar!?” Zuo Yiyi said in a bad mood.

“I’ve also haven’t had proper rest in many days…” Brother Zhao said.

Th.o.r.n.yRose watched as the League of Tyrants members walked over. If possible, she really didn’t want to face this team. ThunderShock was a boss of the imperial city’s underground, and his strength was tremendous. The League of Tyrants had already occupied the imperial city for hundreds of years, so how could they be weak…

“Rose, I hear you left the lesbian community, ditching FrozenBlood for a man…” The woman beside ThunderShock came over and began to gossip.

“Senior, what do you mean left? I was never a lesbian…” Th.o.r.n.yRose smiled bitterly. The woman who was speaking was ThunderShock’s wife, ClearMoon, a senior from her college. They were two grades apart, and their relations.h.i.+p was pretty good. Everytime she went to the imperial city, she would go visit and play with her son. This was a woman who was influential wherever she went.

“Hah… don’t blame her. Such is life…” FrozenBlood turned away sadly. Th.o.r.n.yRose saw the look of contempt that ThunderShock and ClearMoon were giving her, as if they were looking at a heartless wench. She couldn’t even cry. FrozenBlood you two-faced b*tch.

ThunderShock noticed the gazes of the three brothers, who were abnormally calm, and nodded to them. Zhang ZhengXiong specially caught his attention. That was the guy who openly challenged CloudDragon, very much to his liking. How good would it be if he had such a general under him. Brother Hero was talented, and Mad Devil Le was half a sinister advisor and half a mad murderer. He faintly smiled, “Let’s meet on the field…”

First off was the single elimination duels. Th.o.r.n.yRose had Ye Cang be the vanguard.

“The new Blade… Eh, the name has changed. It’s now called Piercing Thorn. Tsk tsk, that must have cost them a lot, and it’s not something you can do with just money. Only when a character has changed so much that the name no longer fits is it possible…” Brother Zhao said as he looked at the new character’s data.

Ye Cang leapt onto the stage, changing into his character mid-leap. Silver armor, black clothing, and a black coat that hung to the ground. He stood straight, with his left hand on his scabbard…

“It really is no longer a Blade Demoness, even the loadout has changed, leaving only a long rapier. Compared to the original sharp blades, it now looks much lighter. Judging by appearance, this must be a speed type fencer…” Brother Zhong looked at the new Piercing Thorn and muttered.

“It looks much better than before. No, it looks much more elegant and free. A black coat with silver armor, it makes him look very das.h.i.+ng. The black coat looks especially good with his white hair. Very eye-catching. After this, the number of female fans will probably rise explosively…” Zuo Yiyi commented.

ThunderShock looked at Ye Cang on stage. Is this still the Blade Demoness? “Little Strong, go test the waters…”

The gold haired Little Strong also used an SS rank character - Gangster. “Hehe. Boss, I’m going!”

Dressed like a hooligan, with a brick in one hand and a golden machete in the other, he raised his hand and threw the brick. When it was thrown, it began to grow bigger and bigger. Ye Cang’s figure disappeared and suddenly appeared behind him. As before, he stood perfectly straight, with his left hand on the scabbard, and his right hand on the hilt. There was a flash towards Little Strong’s heart, then instakill. Little Strong felt his heart stopping.

“Player PaleSnow has slain Player StrongBlondy…”

“What kind of speed is that…” ThunderShock frowned. He feared that this was one of the fastest characters in the union. He didn’t even use a teleport skill, but a speed increasing skill! Also, that normal looking strike, actually instantly killed Little Strong. The Gangster was a half tank type characters, so its health wasn’t small.

“An instant kill type skill? It must be his Limit Break Ultimate. It looks so ordinary, which makes it that much more problematic…” CloudDragon muttered while watching from the spectator seat.

“Look at the slow motion footage. He activated some sort of speed type skill and zapped over like lightning. Now look at his sword drawing posture when he arrives. This is the most perfect sword draw I’ve ever seen. There isn’t any extra movement. It’s breathtakingly clean…” Brother Zhong said, playing the scene in slow motion.

“Especially that instakill skill. Things will get interesting now that he has given the League of t.i.tans such a display of might…” Brother Zhao was getting excited.

“I think ThunderShock’s character was also personally promoted…” Zuo Yiyi said.

“ClearMoon too…” Brother Zhong added.

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 375: Piercing Thorn

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