Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 376: Second Rate Club

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Chapter 376: Second Rate Club

Ye Cang’s sword had come out with a flash, then was sheathed. His posture before and after were exactly the same, standing ramrod straight with his left hand on the sheath and right hand on the hilt.

“I’ll go up against him…” ClearMoon said with a loveable smile, then she jumped onto the stage, changing into her own SS rank character - Shadow The moment she entered the stage, she activated stealth, and stifled her breathing.

Ye Cang didn’t move. He simply stood in place and closed his eyes…

“Oh~ The inner eye…” CloudDragon raised his brows.

ClearMoon didn’t dare be careless. He closed his eyes. Is it the inner eye? Really a remarkable guy. She wandered around him, looking for an opening, being extremely patient. Ye Cang was even more patient, simply standing in place. His fingers on his sword hilt began to move, pulling it out just a little bit. The thumb wide blade made a crisp clink. Ye Cang faintly smiled, rapidly attacking towards the hidden ClearMoon, his sword leaving a beautiful stream of light…

“Echolocation. Th.o.r.n.yRose really found herself a monster. Though the people capable of using echolocation are not few, applying it in the virtual world to lock onto a target is not easy…” ThunderShock was amazed.

“Dang!” ClearMoon’s dagger knocked aside Ye Cang’s thrust. Before she could recover, she felt and acute pain on her stomach. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the sheath in his left hand stabbing at her abdomen. Not good! I can’t move! Flash of Life!

Ye Cang frowned. It actually failed. Even the paralysis failed to take effect. He swept with his sheath, blocking the dagger coming at his heart. He suddenly took a step back, then Blade Edge Sprint! Hit! Thrust Flurry!

“Limit Break Ultimate, Void Transformation…” ClearMoon’s figure darkened. Ye Cang’s thrusts, which filled the sky, pa.s.sed right through her. Not only did it deal no damage, he even received quite a bit of damage in return. Touching that shadowy figure seemed to cause shadow damage. He suddenly sheathed his sword, his eyes wide open, his stance faintly lowered. His hand was ready on his sword hilt as he watched ClearMoon carefully, ready to react.

ClearMoon didn’t dare approach into his attack range. His speed was a whole grade higher than hers. Even as an SS rank with the best speed, she was still slower than him. If she enters his range and allows him to strike, she would probably be comboed to death. The new Piercing Thorn’s comboing ability was still unknown, but even if it were weakened, she still had to probe for any changes. In the past, every 10 strikes would allow a teleport, while every weapon swap gave +5% sheath speed, +3 draw speed, and could stack endlessly; but that was for 5 weapons. If any sheaths or draws were too slow, the effect would be lost. She reversed the grip on her left dagger, while holding her right one normally. She flipped back and once again entered stealth. She hid behind a pillar, avoiding the echolocation…

Ye Cang unsheathed his sword a little, making another loud clink, however, all he got back was the positions of 4 concrete pillars. Since you can hide, you think I can’t too? He began to take rapid steps and suddenly he disappeared, leaving a fading afterimage.

“This is a skill like windwalk which uses speed to a.s.similate with the air…” Brother Zhao explained as he watched Ye Cang disappear.

“He even has an’s stealth. Although Piercing Thorn is still a specialist at fighting against the back row, but having a stealth skill has dramatically raised its value…” Brother Zhong said seriously.

ClearMoon was alarmed. He could also stealth? His aura disappeared. She remained vigilant of all directions, and suddenly felt a chill down her back! She raised her two daggers, blocking the thrust going for her throat, then followed up with a high kick. Ye Cang leaned his head, dodging it, then struck at her throat once again, but with the sword hilt. The strike stunned her for only a moment, however, combo start! Sword afterimages interweaved as 3 near-instantaneous attacks stabbed through her heart, throat, and head.

At her time of death, ClearMoon’s pa.s.sive ultimate activated, allowing her to avoid the mortal blow, leaving her with only 1% health. Ye Cang had already disappeared without a trace, and unbenounced to when, she felt that something had stabbed through her back. Seeing the thin sword that was sticking out through her chest, she began to laugh bitterly. Such a powerful character. That must have been an teleport. It had only been a few hits of the combo, yet he could already blink.

“I more or less understand. The new Piercing Thorn gave up the multi-weapon stacking for a single weapon stacking. It can still be stacked without limit, and no longer requires that complicated combo. Since his speed is already so terrifyingly fast, he gave up that lackl.u.s.ter speed boost. I’ve roughly counted that every 3 or 4 strikes, he can activated a short-distance teleport…” Brother Zhong said, playing the recording of the battle.

Th.o.r.n.yRose smiled silently. It was 3 strikes for a Blink, 5 for a Triple Strike, 10 for a Piercing Displacement (A charge that allows both sword and user to pierce through and appear behind the target). Also, as for how the buffs stack, in the past, it was extremely limited, but now, it only required 3 hits and 1 draw every 5 seconds to obtain 2% attack speed and 4% drawing speed (four stacks). It would continue until the requirements could no longer be met. It was not something that the old Blade Demoness could hope to even compare with. In hero mode, this character’s limit breaker ultimate was available as early as level 6 (most are at level 11 or 16), making it an extremely powerful early game killer.There was also the fact he still had a new ultimate that he had yet to reveal, an extremely strong counterattack skill. Blade Edge Blink - Counter Storm (Does not share cooldown with Blade Edge Blink, is considered a completely different skill).

“Careful, the Piercing Thorn is tough. He can probably teleport in just 3 strikes…” ClearMoon appeared below the stage and warned ThunderShock.

“I know. The current Thorns and Roses, dueling wise, is now amongst the best of the first rate club. She really picked up some treasures. My Giant Blade Warrior…” ThunderShock nodded, then looked at Lin Le with a sad sigh. An 80 times increase in value. The Giant Blade Warrior use to uselessly expensive trash, but now… just how much money is that…

ThunderShock loudly landed on the stage. On his back were two battle-axes. He gave a thrilling smile, “Little Hero Bro, let me take you on…”

Ye Cang stared at the floor, depressed. His hand reached to his sword hilt as he said, in a disappointed tone, “Come. Another one to fall to my blade. Hah, there’s no helping it. It’s my fault for being the ace of this second rate club run by an immoral woman.”

ThunderShock faintly smiled, “Then let’s see if you have the capability!”

Th.o.r.n.yRose gnashed her teeth. Dammit! What do you mean second rate club!? This lady pays your wages, gives you SS rank treatment, yet this is how you treat this lady!? She pointed at Ye Cang, her finger trembling with rage. Will you die if you don’t pose!?

“Our club is second rate?” Lin Le asked, looking like he couldn’t believe it.

“Theoretically, before we came they were second rate…” Little Ye Tian said seriously.

These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Th.o.r.n.yRose chewed on her nails, recalling how her mother, father, and grandfather all liked those two more than her. She sighed deeply. They’re just children, don’t be mad.

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 376: Second Rate Club

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