Legend of the Great Saint Vol 3 Chapter 138

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Chapter 138
The two elders of the Qian family, 3rd Level of Qi Refining, were clearly men with high calibre, that is if they were taken on directly. Diao Fei could definitely not so easily kill either of them. However, they did not expect that there would actually be people that dared to take action against them during the longevity banquet itself in front of public eye. Hence, they simply ended up dead without any retaliation. And as such, the Qian family no longer had anymore 3rd Level Qi warriors. In the midst of the experts of the Qian family, as well as the guests, there were over tens of Qi Refining warriors that surrounded Diao Fei as he nervously approached Li Qing Shan’s side. This was the first time that he realised that being nearer to some people could actually give him a sense of security. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/ Last night, Li Qing Shan only said three sentences to him. "Don't tell Qian Rong Zheng. We take action during the banquet tomorrow night. Leave Qian Ting Nian to me!" With just those three sentences, Diao Fei was stuck considering his options for a day and night before he finally decided to fight. Li Qing Shan viewed the ten or so Qi Refining experts as if they were not there. He then took out a doc.u.ment and read it out loud: “After a report by Qian Rong Zheng, the illegal acts of the Qian family are reported to be as follows: 1. Killing of the innocent. 2. Killing the imperial officials of the court...” A voice containing True Qi, even louder than that of the explosion before, reached the foothills of the mountain in the Ancient Wind City. Everyone stopped eating and looked up to listen. “Qian Rong Zheng? That’s impossible!” Qian Ting Nian wanted to strike out. When he heard the words “Qian Rong Zheng,” he was stunned. The most intelligent and obedient of all children who brought him much happiness as a child. How could she betray him? But he was shocked to discover that upon looking back, Qian Rong Zheng was no longer at his side. Li Qing Shan continued to read unaffected: “...were delegated by Jia Ping City, under the command of the Eagle Wold guard leader, Zhuo Zhi Bo, to head on over to investigate. The investigation has revealed the truth, and Qian Ting Nian and the other criminals are to be convicted on the spot!” Qian Ting Nian looked for Qian Rong Zheng in the crowd. Only to discover that she had, unbeknownst to him, slipped out from among the crows and arrived at the side of Li Qing Shan and Diao Fei. Looking at Qing Shan, her face was gloomy as Li Qing Shan completely disrupted her plan. The words

"convicted on the spot" continue to echo, and all trickery and hidden plans were reduced to nothing in Li Qing Shan’s eyes. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Li Qing Shan put down the doc.u.ment and said: "People who are uninvolved, may take their leave right now, and will not be implicated. If they dare to obstruct justice, they will be killed without mercy!" Qian Ting Nian eyes opened wide: "Was it really you? You b.i.t.c.h!" Gong Liang Bai asked: "Miss Qian, is this for real?" Qian Rong Zheng bit her lip and said: "All of this is true. You can ask any of the civilians of the Ancient Wind city. Our leader Zhuo is on the way. You all should hurry and leave!" Although she hated Li Qing Shan, she had no choice but to stand on his side at this moment, or she would be annihilated by the furious Qian Ting Nian. Near Jia Ping, who has not heard of Zhuo Zhi Bo's prestige? Who is willing to defend the miserable and despicable Qian Family against the Eagle Wolf Guard. The Qi Refiners looked at each other and unknowingly, after the first leg was raised, everyone was rus.h.i.+ng for to leave the hall. However, their looks towards Li Qing Shan and the others were that of looking at dead people. They did not plan to stay behind to help the Qian Family. An important reason for that was that the Qian family does not need their help. A 3rd level Qi Refiner and two 2nd level Qi Refiners would instantly perish under the anger of Qian Ting Nian. With this in mind, their speed while leaving increased. If Zhuo Zhi Bo really came and saw the corpses of three Eagle Wolf Guards, and they were regarded as the Qian Family’s a.s.sistants, then they would surely be at the blunt end of his wrath. They left quickly, and the maids and servants also took the opportunity to leave quickly. In the blink of an eye, the lobby was empty, leaving only the Qian family and two dead bodies. Countless guests rushed down the hill and only the people of the Qian Family pushed against the crowd and rushed to the lobby. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/ Li Qing Shan said: "Qian Ting Nian, you have committed plenty of sins." Compared to sneaky a.s.sa.s.sinations, he still preferred this kind of scene. Weapons out, and straight to the point. Looking back at the two, he used a special method to unite his two colleagues who had separate ambitions and forced them to work together to face the enemy in front of them. Qian Ting Nian walked furiously step by step. The bricks shattered and cracked, and his eyes stared straight at Qian Rong Zheng: “You are an ungrateful b.i.t.c.h!” Li Qing Shan read it

it so uprightly that there was no longer any turning point nor room for backing out. Even if they killed Li Qing Shan and the other 2, the Qian family was already on the black list of the Eagle Wolf Guard. And becoming the target of the Eagle Wolf Guard resulted in the Qian Family being on the verge of destruction. And all this was caused by the Qian Rong Zheng that he had raised up with all his efforts. He cried, "I gave you everything!" Instead, Qian Rong Zheng laughed sweetly: “Grandpa, haven't I come to repay you?” and then to the remaining two masters of the 2nd level Qi Refining: “We only want to eradicate the bloodline of the Qian’s. You have been oppressed by the Qian for so many years. Are you still going to follow the Qian family to the death?" Amongst the 5 masters of the 2nd level of Qi Refining, only one was considered to possess direct relations to Qian Ting Nian. Originally, they were all furious when they looked at Qian Rong Zheng, but after hearing this, they all looked at each other. The raging Qian Ting Nian was not likely to allow the three guards to leave. But what were the consequences of killing the Eagle Wold Guard in public? They were all very clear! If they stayed here, they might be suspected of being involved in this terrible crime and becoming a prisoner who would be chased by the world. There would be no place for them to hide. "Shut up!" Qian Ting Nian furiously shot out his hands, sending palm blasts of True Qi towards Qian Rong Zheng. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   There was a bright flash, as the long knife left the scabbard and sounded like the howl of a tiger. The wind severing knife was in front of the pale-faced Qian Rong Zheng, and cut the palm blast into two. A huge pit was left behind on the ground, and the door beam collapsed. Between the scenes of destruction was the pale white face of Qian Rong Zheng. Li Qing Shan held onto the wind severing knife and kept looking forward as he beckoned Qian Rong Zheng: "Continue speaking!" This woman truly had the gift of the gab and had just a bit of use. However, Qian Rong Zheng's response was to turn and run! Li Qing Shan was stunned. He really overestimated this woman. However, he did not expect that the 2nd level Qi Refining warriors escaped through the broken windows simultaneously. Even the one who had blood relations with Ting Nian did so. It seemed that even his own son was of no exception. This was not only due to the words of Qian Rong Zheng, but also due to the rule of Qian Ting

Qian Ting Nian in these years, which caused the entire family to have no heart nor soul, and had little to no cohesiveness. Normally, it could be sustained with the fear of his power as well as the attractiveness of the medicinal pills. However, in the event of a major crisis, it immediately collapsed into a mess. Qian Ting Nian did not regard Li Qing Shan and the others as he shot out another palm blast. A 2ndLevel Qi Refining expert was smashed against the wall, with his innards crushed as he stared at Ting Nian: “Father!” He was Ting Nian’s biological son amongst these people. Qian Ting Nian’s eyes went bloodshot: "Traitor! You deserve to die!" "I will leave things to you here. I will chase them!" Diao Fei said with a loud voice, and followed them out. He did not have the courage to face a 5th Level Qi Refiner. For different reasons, the lobby had become a land of calamity that no one could avoid. Only Li Qing Shan and Qian Ting Nian were left. Li Qing Shan said to himself: "This is just fine. All the benefits shall be mine!" Then he looked up at Qian Ting Nian: "Today is your birthday. The very next year, this day shall be your death anniversary.” Qian Ting Nian walked to the front of Li Qing Shan. His thin and frail monkey like body suddenly seemed like it grew much bigger, seeming to throw down a shadow that enveloped Li Qing Shan. "Die!" Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   One hundred and thirty-two years ago, when a child was born in Ancient Wind city, he had a poor life and he was bullied. Until one day, he was valued by a pa.s.sing priest and brought to the mountain to cultivate. Thirty years later, when he returned, he was already a middle-aged man who was able to make clear judgements. He went to seek out those who bullied him 30 years ago and killed all of them before building up the Qian Family. He never had a woman, so he hurriedly married all the women he deemed fit for himself and they all became tools and toys to satisfy himself. He did not have a nice living place before, so he stole the property of the landlords and built his own manor. He wanted to have what he never had before, to replenish what he lacked in the past. Nearly a hundred years later, the Qian family became the one and only large family in the Ancient Wind City, with five generations and hundreds of children and grandchildren. He wanted to ensure his bloodline continued to extend on. Qian Rong Zheng rushed out of the hall and her mind was in a mess: she had to flee from here and find here and find a place to hide. After Qian Ting Nian killed Li Qing Shan, the next one he would look for was her. "You s.l.u.t, b.i.t.c.h, daring to betray my Qian Family, Grandpa will kill you!" When Qian Rong Zheng walked out for a small distance, she heard a shout towards her from behind. She turned her head, and discovered that it was Qian Xing Wei, eldest grandchild of the Qian Family. He did not dare to partic.i.p.ate in the fight amongst the Qi Refiners. But being unwilling to leave, he hid in the corner, and waited for his grandfather Qian Ting Nian, to solve all the problems. Qian Rong Zheng stopped and turned to look down at the mountain. People with the surname Qian were rus.h.i.+ng up. Among them were countless familiar faces. They all slowly appeared in her heart, obscene faces, contemptuous eyes, and threatening fists. All of these att.i.tudes and demeanours merged to form a single face in her mind. She held onto her head and felt a sting in her mind. Two wills began to struggle. One was life, and the other was death. When Qian Xing Wei saw that Qian Rong Zheng was standing still, with her head lowered and her body constantly trembling, he thought she was scared and shouted, “You s.l.u.tty b.i.t.c.h! The Qian family should not take you in. I should have skinned you back then!" Qian Rong looked up and smiled. She even used her fine fingernails to tidy her hair as she walked towards Qian Xing Wei. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/ Life was the longing for survival, and death would be to seek the evil fire of revenge! At this moment, life was no longer important. Death occupied her heart. "You ... What do you want to do?" Qian Xing Wei finally felt a trace of fear. He often had Qian Ting Nian to protect him. Whatever he did to her, she wouldn't resist. It was also because he got used to her docility that he dared to jump out to berate her. It was only at this moment that he seemed to suddenly recall that Qian Rong Zheng is a powerful Qi refiner. “Grandpa save me!” Qian Xing Wei mustered his strength and jumped away as he shouted out loud. Qian Rong Zheng extended her right hand and seized Qian Xing Wei’s shoulder and pulled him in front of her. The index finger pointed towards Qian Xing Wei’s forehead: “Why do you flee?” The long nails punctured inwards and a stream of blood ran down. "Stop! I'm your brother!"   Qian Rong Zheng smiled and softly said: "When you wanted to peel my skin, was it supposed to be like this?" Fingertips sharp as a paper knife slid down, and screams echoed out towards the halls ahead of them.

Legend of the Great Saint Vol 3 Chapter 138

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