Legend of the Great Saint Vol 3 Chapter 139

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Chapter 139
“Xing Wei!” Qian Ting Nian heard the scream outside the hall and he could not help but step forward. How could Li Qing Shan let this opportunity pa.s.s? The wind severing knife cut across the waist of Qian Ting Nian.   The knife was extremely fast and fierce. The colour of Qian Ting Nian's face changed. He never expected that a 2nd level Qi Condensation Warrior would be able to make such a fierce strike.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Li Qing Shan being able to kill the gray-s.h.i.+rted old man who was one of the Qian family elders was in Qian Ting Nian's view but the result of a shameful surprise attack. Therefore, Li Qing Shan was not regarded as a threat to his eyes at all and was only a bug that could be swatted to death at any point in time.   The reason why he did not immediately attack was merely because he was still considering the consequences of killing an Eagle Wolf Guard, as well as thinking about whether there were still any means to turn the situation around.   But Li Qing Shan clearly told Qian Ting Nian with this knife. Now the question is not merely as to whether you wish to kill me, but rather that I want to kill you!   "Go and die, brat!" Qian Ting Nian shouted as he grabbed on to the blade of the knife with his chicken-claw like left hand.  Looking closely, there was actually a tiny distance between the blade and his palm. The True Qi of Li Qing Shan and Qian Ting Nian were violently clas.h.i.+ng in this miniscule s.p.a.ce. It was like the battle between two armies on the frontlines. On one side was a platoon of elite soldiers, but yet they could not fend off the attack of the enemy army of over a hundred size greater. Li Qing Shan’s veins were popping as he put all his strength on the knife. Yet, he was not able to let the blade advance even one inch further.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Qian Ting Nian also was surprised, that with his strength, he was not able to take the knife away from Li Qing Shan. The strength of this brat was simply amazing. The st.u.r.dy wind severing knife began to emit a squeaky sound. A hundred thoughts flashed by in an instant, and the two people reacted almost at the same time. Qian Ting Nian punched Li Qing Shan's chest. Li Qing Shan’s hand reached for the head of Qian Ting Nian and completely ignored the palm. After exchanging but a single strike, both of them begun a life and death exchange with their lives on the line.   Li Qing

Shan did not have confidence in much things, but he was full of confidence in his own defence. This one had thick blood and strong defences, taking several strikes was nothing, but if you had to receive any of mine then you would have to die! Qian Ting Nian felt that if he received that claw, then his head would be crushed. He was old and treasured his life more than anything else. How could he fight against Li Qing Shan in such a dangerous exchange? Letting go of the wind severing knife, he retreated hastily and let loose over ten to twenty hits. Li Qing Shan was at the same time trying to take the opportunity to grasp the upper hand as he keenly watched the strikes that the old man released. Facing it directly, he wielded his Wind Severing Knife and released a glint of light as he protected his body from the attacks. “Peng, Peng, Peng, Peng” A series of striking noises were released and the winds howled as the huge tables were all flipped and the lights in the hall were all extinguished. Li Qing Shan was pushed back and his feet ploughed two deep traces on the marble bricks.  “Ka Chan”, he used one of his feet to smash the high door thresholds(in olden days, the Chinese doors would have such planks on the floor of their doors so people had to raise their legs to enter) so as to stablise his body. He arched his brow and stared at Qian Ting Nian.  “You are a Body Refining Warrior!” Qian Ting Nian said in shock. If it were an ordinary 2nd Level Qi Refiner, he would have already had his lungs shattered by the True Qi or even possibly be completely smashed, unless he had strengthened his body with the arts of Body Refining. Li Qing Shan did not feel any discomfort throughout his whole body, but rather felt that there was a sort of comfort that came from stretching his tendons and stressing his bones. Staring at Qian Ting Nian, his eyes leeked out a strong bloodthirsty light.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Qian Ting Nian looked at Li Qing Shan, no longer with any scorn in his eyes, but rather with more caution in his eyes, but it was only a bit more. Previously, he was just a little too conceited, which gave Li Qing Shan a chance to smack him with his sword. A 2nd level Qi Refiner can never be the opponent of a 5th level Qi Refiner. This was common understanding. "Just able to block a few strokes of mine, and you really believed that you could kill me ? Since

Since you are looking to die, this old man will help you, then I will kill that b.i.t.c.h, Qian Rong Zheng." Outside the hall, Qian Xing Wei’s screams became more and more shrill, but Qian Ting Nian was already turning a deaf ear to it. Although he liked this eldest grandson of his, he had numerous children and grandchildren, one or two dying was of no importance to him. During Qian Ting Nian’s speech, Li Qing Shan was not idle. He held the knife in both hands and lifted it high. The True Qi in his body flowed from the Yang Heel meridian and into the Wind Severing Knife along the arm. The True Qi became a layer of s.h.i.+ny sparkles on the knife and as he moved his arms, a sharp wind blade was fired off towards Qian Ting Nian. Qian Ting Nian harrumphed and took a deep breath, A golden light was shot out from his nostrils and penetrated the Wind Knife as it flew towards Li Qing Shan, creating a golden streak in the air. Flying Sword? Wasn't it only the 6th level of Qi Refiners that could use it?   Li Qing Shan was a bit surprised but reacted instantly. This should not be a flying sword, but a certain kind of technique. However, it is much more powerful than ordinary techniques. It was most likely a technique that could let 5th Level Qi Refiners possess abilities close to that of a 6th Level Qi Refiner. The information given by Qian Rong Zheng mentioned that the strength of Qian Ting Nian, was only that of a 4th level Qi Refiner. It was simply false. As a 5th Level Qi Refiner, Qian Ting Nian did not only cultivate the “Xian Tian Qi Refining Technique” which could only be used up to the 3rd Level of Qi Refining. He also cultivated in the stronger cultivation technique, “Gold Murderous Qi Technique”. And this move was the “Gold Qi Sword” of the “Gold Murderous Qi Technique”. Metal attributed lungs, would condense Qi within them and would release them through the nose to form a Qi Sword. The sword, when piercing through air, would create a shrill noise. If it were an ordinary person, just listening to this shrill sound would lead to death. Li Qing Shan slightly bent his knees, and leapt high as the Qi Sword brushed past the bottom of his feet. He took advantage of the fact that this Qi Sword could not be recovered and jumped Qian Ting Nian, closing the distance he had between him and Qian Ting Nian. When Qian Ting Nian looked at Li Qing Shan, he harrumphed again as his eyes became hazy.   Suddenly, there was another

was another Qi Sword that was released from his nostrils and stabbed Li Qing Shan mid-air. At the same time, the other Qi sword turned in direction and stabbed Li Qing Shan's back. There are two lungs in a body, left and right. The Golden Sword Qi also came in pairs, and would absolutely kill anyone in their way.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Li Qing Shan hooked his right foot on the beam, and flipped himself on top, narrowly dodging the QI Sword that pa.s.sed him by. Then at the next moment, the Qi Sword went from bottom to top and penetrated the beam. He jerked backwards as the Qi Sword brushed past his face and caused his eyebrows to s.h.i.+ne. Li Qing Shan had long been prepared as he waved his sword and stabbed the Qi Sword. "Clang!" The weapons collided and the Wind Severing knife had a tiny gap chipped on it. At the same time, it also caused the Qi Sword to collapse. However, it was too early to be happy. The broken Qi Sword once again condensed, but now it lacked a tinge of the murderous spirit it had before. Li Qing Shan moved his body and leapt away instantaneously with the Qi Sword sticking to him closely. In the wide lobby, he continued to hop and turn, often dodging the sword by the difference by mere millimetres and was as dexterous as a monkey. When he was unable to dodge it, he would strike out with his Wind Severing Knife and hit the Qi Sword to temporarily block it. Although he found that the Qi Sword was almost similar to a flying sword, it was not as fast nor as smart as Zhou Wen Bin's flying sword. Otherwise, it would be impossible to dodge physically. However, it must have also been due to the strength of Qian Ting Nian not being sufficient. If not, this Qi Sword would not be any worse than a flying sword. Qian Ting Nian’s face paled, and he was constantly harrumphing. He began to put in greater efforts to manipulate the Gold Qi Swords to chase after Li Qing Shan, but he was cautious enough to leave a Qi Sword to surround him. Not only because he was worried about Li Qing Shan’s surprise attack but also because he was too old and his mind was deteriorating. Splitting his attention to manipulate two Qi Swords was a tad difficult, but he believed that with only one Qi Sword, it would be enough to kill Li Qing Shan. In this way of both attacking and defending, he was undefeatable as he had no openings. Li Qing Shan was amazed at was amazed at the fact that 5th Level Qi Refiners were actually so great. He wondered what technique did Qian Ting Nian cultivate in? Although he did not know the name of "Gold Murderous Qi Technique", he still knew that these two Qi Swords were surely the core ability of this technique which was why they could be manipulated in such a detailed manner. In contrast, the "Xian Tian Qi Refining Technique" is as its name implies, a technique that only allows one to refine Qi, without a single ability that this other technique had. When he killed Zhao Liang Qing, he directly crushed him with an absolute strength gap and killed him with a single stroke, so he did not realize the competencies of the 5th Level Qi Refiners. Now, although there was no one around, he was not in a hurry to change his form. It was easy for him to eradicate the old man in a single move. But this would let the whole word know that Zhao Liang Qing was killed by him. Therefore, he must think of a perfect solution. Now, he decided to play around with the old man, and hone his martial arts along the way. He wished to understand the abilities of the 2nd Level of Qi Refining better through direct combat.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Qian Ting Nian thought that he had the upper hand. How could he know that Li Qing Shan only saw him as meat on the chopping board, and who was actually thinking about how he should go about cutting him up. Furthermore, before he even killed him, it seemed he wanted to entertain himself. Seeing that Li Qing Shan could not be simply eliminated, he feared that Qian Rong Zheng would escape, and he was worried about whether what Qian Rong Zheng said was true. If Zhuo Zhi Bo was really on the way, he had to get away quickly, and he took out a hundred treasure pouch. Li Qing Shan's eyes lighted up as he finally saw the biggest goal of this trip. Then he saw that Qian Ting Nian took out a spiritual talisman and wanted to use it. Li Qing Shan shouted: "Stop you old thief!" Qian Ting Nian laughed: "Finally afraid?" Li Qing Shan coldly said: "What you have in your hundred treasure pouch, whether they are spiritual medicine or spiritual talisman, are all my property. You'd better not use them indiscriminately, otherwise, I’ll make sure you will die soon!" Your stuff is mine! Don't use it! This was a very arrogant statement. Qian Ting Nian also became extremely angry, and without any hesitation, the spiritual talisman in his hands burst in a ball of light.

Legend of the Great Saint Vol 3 Chapter 139

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