Legend of the Great Saint Chapter 141

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The spiritual talisman converted into a thunderstorm, causing the dark hall to light up instantly. 

However, it did not outs.h.i.+ne the two red dots that hovered in that s.p.a.ce.

The blazing lightning bolts struck the black iron skin without leaving a trace

Qian Ting Nian stepped back and looked at the giant tower-like monster in front of him, revealing a panicked look: "Demon... Monster!"

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Although he did not feel even the slightest bit of demon Qi, that huge sense of oppression he felt on his chest made him almost have problems regulating his breathing.

His mind was in complete chaos. Why that weak second level Qi Refining boy could have such a change was completely beyond his imagination.

Li Qing Shan stretched himself a bit. The sharp horns on his head almost touched the beams on the ceiling as he looked down at Qian Ting Nian. With a voice that sounded like the screeching of metals, it looked down at him and said “I said, stop! Why can’t you be more obedient? Hmm?"

Qian Ting Nian soon released a loud roar, as his two Qi Swords flashed off in a golden light and pierced towards Li Qing Shan. This huge body oh his made it seem as if it would be difficult to dodge such an attack, and Li Qing Shan also did not have the intent to dodge.

Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/

Before the Qi Swords touched Li Qing Shan's skin, they struck upon s.h.i.+elds in the shape of a turtle sh.e.l.l and were reflected by Demon Qi. This immediately disintegrated them, and caused them to be unable to be gathered ever again.

 Qian Ting Nian instinctively touched his hundred treasure pouch, which contained his life-saving spiritual talismans. There were also table-turning medicines that might allow him to win in dire situations. The hundred treasure pouch was a Qi Refiners second lifeline.

A pillar-like index finger, ejected a claw as sharp as a machete which hummed as if in excitement, stopping in front of Qian Ting Nian’s forehead. He froze instantly, and did not dare to move as the speed was so overwhelming that he could not react in time.

If Li Qing Shan wanted to kill him, his claw could have run through his head and taken away his life.

Qian Ting Nian s.h.i.+vered: "What do you want, I can give you anything! Don’t kill me!"

Li Qing Shan took away the hundred treasure pouch from the hands of Qian Ting Nian as he pinched it between his fingers and picked up the wind severing knife as if it were a small toy.

Qian Ting Nian’s face had a complex look that attempted to curry favour and appeal for help, yet seeming fearful at the same time. Shortly after, the expression on his face collapsed like a mask.

Li Qing Shan did not hesitate to stab into the chest of Qian Ting Nian. This was not a fatal injury to a 5th level Qi Refiner, but it was enough to make him lose most of his combat effectiveness, especially for a hundred-year-old man.

Qian Ting Nian opened his eyes and his mouth as if he wanted to say something.

Li Qing Shan's flicked his index finger in a snap, and like a catapult to the city walls, it broke the lower jaw of Qian Ting Nian.

Then Li Qing Shan pulled out the wind severing knife and took a few steps back. His physique gradually narrowed and he reverted to his human form and said to Qian Ting Nian: “Now, let's continue! Pay attention, I'm coming over now!”

He had his treasure pouch taken away, lost his Sword Qi and his chest was stabbed. Qian Ting Nian was like a seriously injured beast who had had his teeth plucked from him. He issued a meaningless roar from his mouth.

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As if he knew that it was impossible to escape, Qian Ting Nian forced the closure of his wound with his True Qi, and rushed to Li Qing Shan after stimulating the True Qi in his whole body.

Before anyone could tell, the wind rushed forth. Qian Ting Nian’s body began to emit a pale golden l.u.s.ter.

Li Qing Shan put in all his strength to strike downwards, and Qian Ting Nian did not shy away as his hands condensed a pale gold blade, which smashed towards Li Qing Shan’s ribs.

"Dang," a sound of metal colliding echoed, caused by Li Qing Shan’s monstrous strength as well as True Qi in his wind severing knife while it gradually broke apart the Murderous Gold True Qi technique that Qian Ting Nian used to protect his body. This left a b.l.o.o.d.y wound down Qing Shan’s shoulder.

Li Qing Shan disregarded this and twirled his wind severing knife to cut the neck of Qian Ting Nian. Another sound of metal clinging together ringed out which caused him to experience two bouts of piercing pain in his ribs.

Qian Ting Nian's hand knife easily penetrated the Eagle Wolf Guard’s uniform and Li Qing Shan's True Qi protection, but it could not penetrate the tough demonic bull skin of Li Qing Shan.

A series of loud noises ringed out as densely as rain in a confined s.p.a.ce. The two did not retreat nor avoid as they struck out at their opponent for tens of strikes.

Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/

Li Qing Shan's Eagle Wolf uniform was devastated to the point of no return, and Qian Ting Nian was also covered with b.l.o.o.d.y wounds. His chest's wounds continued to ooze blood.

Qian Ting Nian’s eyes reddened and in a desperate burst, without regard for any technique, pinned Li Qing Shan and charged towards the pillars.

Dong Dong Dong Dong Dong, he knocked down five pillars in a row, and the dust in the lobby rose everywhere.

Li Qing Shan was covered with dust, seeming to be in extremely dire states, but his eyes showed composure like that of still water. Such a wild attack would certainly not harm him, and such an earth-shattering combat effect was exactly what he wanted.

A 5th level Qi Refiner that knew he would die and engaged in desperate beastlike battle had endurance far greater than Li Qing Shan’s expectations. Even if he was seriously injured, he could still display an amazing combat strength.

Li Qing Shan found that with the strength of the 2nd level of Qi Refining, even if he had a strong body, it would be difficult for him to win.

Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/

In the explosion of thick True Qi, Li Qing Shan had almost no room to counter. Eventually, he was struck in the chest heavily and he did not control his body and allowed himself to fly outside and land heavily on the platform. He didn’t forget to say, "How strong!"

This was an act of course. He wanted to kill Qian Ting Nian publicly, but he must not resort to instant-kill techniques. He deliberately wanted to make a ruckus and clear his relations.h.i.+p with the death of Zhao Liang Qing and hide his ident.i.ty of being a demon.

Not only will this show weakness to potential enemies, so as to numb their wariness of him, this can also confuse other potential enemies. They would not hurry to take action against him and give him more time to grow. This ploy of his was not a shallow indeed.

However, Li Qing Shan did not have time to take pride in the play he directed, as when he saw his surroundings, he was stunned.

A thick b.l.o.o.d.y smell enveloped the entire platform. The wet blood darkened as it dried. There were thousands of corpses, men and women, adults and children, that paved the entire mountain road and the platform. Anyone who had not seen it themselves would be unable to imagine how cruel and devastating the scene was like.

There was countless limbs and distorted faces, with enlarged eyes that seemed to not be able to find peace. Before, Li Qing Shan and Qian Ting Nian were engaged in a death battle in the hall and they paid no heed to the shouting outside the hall. At this time, when he saw it with his own eyes, even though he had killed many and thought he was used to witnessing blood and death, he still felt a strong shock from this.

Who did this? What happened here?

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The moon escaped the dark clouds, and the moon s.h.i.+ned a layer of silver frost on everything. The surroundings were deathly silent. There was no sound of insect nor frogs singing, as if the natural world was also stunned and did not dare to disturb.

And the instigator for all this, Qian Rong Zheng was carrying a pike, and was sending all those moaning and breathing survivors in the piles of corpses to h.e.l.l, one by one.

Qian Rong Hui struggled to retreat: "No, Rong Zheng, we have no grudge between us!" He was the first person to be involved in the b.l.o.o.d.y frenzy, but with his strength of the pinnacle of the 1st level of Qi Refining, he survived, but he had exhausted all of his True Qi. He had many injuries all over his body and did not have a strand of strength left.

Qian Rong Zheng said: "Fourteen years ago in Fall, August 15, you called me a s.l.u.t!" The pike stabbed Qian Rong Hui’s head mercilessly.

After Qian Ting Nian chased to the outside of the hall, he saw this scene, and was stuck momentarily. When his mind regained clarity, he thought was the Qian Family finished like this?

Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/

Qian Rong Zheng looked back at Qian Ting Nian. There was no fear in her face. Instead, she was very happy: "Haha, grandpa, have you seen it? Your children and grandchildren are dead!"

With a deranged roar, Qian Ting Nian fell into deeper madness, as he ignored Li Qing Shan and threw himself at Qian Rong Zheng.

Li Qing Shan clenched his wind severing knife that was ridden with holes, but did not rush out. The woman was cruel in her methods and was repeatedly causing trouble to him. How could he go and save her.

Looking at the Qian Ting Nian fly in, and Qian Rong Zheng retrieved three fire talismans and turned them into fireb.a.l.l.s which struck Qian Ting Nian.

Hong Hong Hong! The three explosions caused hot flames to burst into the sky and the airwaves pushed off the dead bodies.

However, before Qian Rong Zheng could be happy, she saw Qian Ting Nian rush through the flames. His scarce hair was being burnt and his whole body had burn wounds, but he still rushed towards her without any concern for the fire on his body.

Qian Rong Zheng finally showed a trace of fear in her face, but she did not escape, as she held tightly the pike in her hands and pierced out a blue light which shot towards Qian Ting Nian.

Suddenly, a green rattan grows out of the ground and like a snake, it wrapped up around Qian Ting Nian. Ting Nian stimulated the Murderous Metal True Qi and snapped off the rattan, but he was stopped for a while. A s.h.i.+ning blue light pierced his chest, and the wound that had been pierced by Li Qing Shan began to gust out more and more blood which could not be stopped.

Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/

Qian Ting Nian took a few steps forward again, as more vines growing under his feet winded him up. He was like a moth falling deeper into a cobweb and his struggles became weaker and weaker.

Without anyone knowing, Diao Fei had returned, and his right hand was maintained in front of his chest as he stared concentratedly at Qian Ting Nian. Those green vines were the techniques that he had employed.

Li Qing Shan learned that Diao Fei’s cultivation technique was not “Xian Tian Qi Condensation Scripture.” This was probably the martial moves of Green Vine Mountain!

Qian Rong Zheng did not seem to think that this blow could have had such an effect. Her face floated with mad ecstasy but she did not rush to attack again. Instead, she cautiously stepped back a dozen steps: “Grandpa, your wife and children, all of them are here. Do you see them? They are at your feet, Aiya, you kicked your beloved wife’s head. Never mind, those traitors of the Qian family were also killed by me. How about it? The debt of grat.i.tude I have towards the Qian family has been repaid right?"

Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/

Qian Ting Nian roared, but in the fierce battle with Li Qing Shan, he was already almost burnt out. This rush was his last remaining strength. With his last breath of True Qi to maintain his life, he stared at Qian Rong Zheng, as if he wanted to bite off her meat.

However, Qian Rong Zheng just said: "I remember you used to promise me to become the head of the Qian Family. Of course, I know that you lied to me. How could you make an outsider, or rather, a woman, become the family head? But now, there is no one else that can inherit this position, so it can only be done by me, I guess.”

She also showed distressed expression: "But now the Qian family has no one. Becoming the family head also means nothing. I think I will return this position to you, the first and the last family head of the Qian Family."

Qian Rong Zheng’s every word struck like a knife, piercing Qian Ting Nian as he trembled. However, his lower jaw was crushed and he could not say a single sentence. Looking up, he spat a mouth of blood, and then got swallowed by the green vines.

Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/

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Chapter 141: The death of Qian Ting Nian!

Legend of the Great Saint Chapter 141

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