Legend of the Great Saint Vol 3 Chapter 142

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Chapter 142
The luscious green vines seemed to so outstanding in the midst of the world of blood and darkness. As it grew with overwhelming vitality, it formed a dense coc.o.o.n.   Not long afterwards, there was only the sound of the green vine constricting.   Qian Rong Zheng had unknowingly stopped talking and stared at the green coc.o.o.n.   Upon confirming that Qian Ting Nian had died, Diao Fei impatiently rushed up ahead and got rid of the green vines. He frisked the body of Qian Ting Nian but was unable to detect the presence of any Hundred Treasure Pouches.   This led him to immediately turning his head to face the strong 16-year-old. However, he saw that he was standing still amidst the mix of b.l.o.o.d.y corpses, watching the starry skies above devotedly. The moonlight that s.h.i.+ned on his body made it as if the bloodshed around him had no relation to him whatsoever.   The summer night’s stars were ever so bright and dense, such that even the light of the moon could not reduce its importance whatsoever. Li Qing Shan then discovered that compared to the area of corpses, the starry skies were ever much more beautiful. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/ This was not to say that he was pretending to be insightful about life at such a moment. It was just that he had a sudden feeling, as to what that feeling was, he was unable to pinpoint it. This led him to think about that dream he once had – a sea of stars drowned by a sea of blood. Once he finished his enlightenment, Li Qing Shan lowered his head: “How many have we caught?” “3. 2 got away.” “That’s a pretty good move.” “You overpraise me.” Over the course of their discussion, Diao Fei would knowingly not bring up the question of where Qian Ting Nian’s treasure pouch went, nor would he ask Qing Shan for his own share. He had his own plans, which was to chase those 2nd level Qi Refiners who posed no threat to him, before heading back to see how things developed. If Qing Shan died, then he would silently leave and report to Zhuo Zhi Bo so as to ensure that he would be safe.   However, he never thought that Qing Shan was truly able to force Qian Ting Nian to such a step. Diao Fei was most clearest that his move of entangling his targets with green vines was definitely not able to catch a 5th level Qi Refiner. Qian Ting Nian was clearly at the very end of his life, and that was the sole result of Qing Shan’s efforts.   Although he looked extremely worn out, Li Qing Shan was truly able to defeat a 5th level Qi Refiner. For such strong men, it was better to leave a few points of respect for them.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   As for the Refiners at the bottom of the mountain, even though they were distanced considerably far, there were still many ways for them to

see what happened at the top of the mountain. They were currently showing faces of disbelief. Up until this point, they had not seen any of the Eagle Wolf Guards hidden experts appear. It was just this one young man, who depended on his 2nd Level Qi Refining strength to fight with Qian Ting Nian for so long?   In the end, he even won through some strange means. Could it be that Qian Ting Nian was really so old and weak that he was taken advantaged of? This was probably the only explanation.   Gong Liang Bai quietly muttered: “How could this be?!” This was probably the cries within the hearts of all the pract.i.tioners present.   A drop of water hit the ground. Subsequently, sounds of sobbing could be heard.   Upon seeing Qian Ting Nian’s corpse, Qian Rong Zheng’s body s.h.i.+vered and the smile on her face completely disappeared. After being stunned for a moment, warm fluid started flowing from her face, but now, rather than blood, it was tears.   She did not know why she cried, but she just suddenly wailed.   Qing Shan and Diao Fei turned to look at each other and said nothing.   Qing Shan took a deep breath and said loudly: “Today’s Eagle Wolf Guards, Li Qing Shan, Diao Fei and Qian Rong Zheng, have carried out the law and executed Qian Ting Nian.” After a brief pause: “And as such, we have exterminated the Qian Family as a warning to others. All pract.i.tioners are to take note, blessed as you are, those that violate the law and harm the natural law shall meet their end as such!”   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   This sonorous voice covered Qian Rong Zheng’s sobbing sounds and was transmitted to the entire Ancient Wind City at the bottom of the mountain.   The first sound of cheers came out from an alley in a dark corner. It was from a depressed scholar who could not suppress his compliments and cheers. 2 years ago, the Qian family opened a flower garden and forcefully cleared his ancestral home, causing him and his wife to have to stay in the streets. His anger caused him to fall extremely sick and he almost lost his life. He could only recover difficultly and rent a small room where he relied on selling his calligraphy to feed his family.    However, the stone on his heart could never be removed. Originally, he thought this grudge would stay on in his heart forever, but now, he finally got to witness justice being meted out!   This cheer was like a piece of rock being thrown into a calm pool of water, sparking off a ripple of effects. This caused a wave of shouts and cheers to resound, which reverberated back up the mountain, as if to respond to Qing Shan’s announcement.
Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Li Qing Shan could see that the Ancient Wind City had lighted up bit by bit, and countless citizens walked out of their homes and cheered.

cheered. Many embraced others and shed tears of joy. Some started going around congratulating others. This was like they were celebrating a festive event as the lanterns that the Qian family forced them to prepare had finally been put to use, but now to celebrate the Qian family’s demise.   Li Qing Shan slowly smiled. Amongst the pile of corpses, there were probably many that were innocent! However, he had no ideas of being some perfect moral justice freak. As a man with steel for backbones, who had not taken on the sin of taking a few lives? Having destroyed the Qian family meant he eliminated the Qian family, there was nothing he did not dare to admit to.   How could the cries of a family equate to the cries of an entire street? (Hard to translate: Basically, one family suffers better than more families suffer)   Only those refiners that hid in the darkness had a change in their expression. Li Qing Shan’s threat was clearly towards them, which caused them to feel angry and ashamed. Yet, at the same time, there was an unspeakable pressure and fear that was sparked off within them that caused them to inspect themselves. Were they truly like the Qian family?   Li Qing Shan’s slaying of Qian Ting Nian and elimination of the Qian Family was accepted with a resounding applause by tens of thousands of people. He was like a G.o.d of justice that stood on the courts of justice and judged everything evil. No one dared to go against him directly, as they only dared to keep their heads to themselves and s.h.i.+ver in fear.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Li Qing Shan did not give these people any “face”. They headed on over to wish Qian Ting Nian well and good health on his longevity festival, but this did not mean that they were as evil as Qian Ting Nian. Some probably would explain that they did not even know the evil deeds of the Qian family.    However, towards this heaven-reaching voice that echoed out, who did not hear it? It could only be said that those who heard it did not bother listening. Protecting oneself was the most important principle. No one was willing to offend a Refining Pract.i.tioner family for a bunch of mere civilians. The refiners slowly gathered in the darkness and left the Ancient Wind City. They all remembered a name.   Li Qing Shan asked: “Are you done crying?”   Qian Rong Zheng lifted her head slowly.   Li Qing Shan said: “If you’ve cried enough then our mission is over!” The things he wanted, he had already acquired them.   And as such, without caring about Diao Fei and Qian Rong Zheng, he looked towards a tree far from them and started walking down the mountain.   Qian Rong Zheng said: “Wait!”   Li Qing Shan turned his head back suspiciously, and saw Qian Rong Zheng smiling sweetly as she wiped away her tears. “I haven’t taken anything!” She then started to search

to search among the corpses and then said: “You guys leave behind such a weak little girl, of course she will be scared.”   Qing Shan’s eyes widened. Originally, he thought that once she got to take her revenge, she would be able to release the stress in her heart. Not to say that she would put down the blade of a murderer and become a saint, but she should at least have more thoughts on life and be less evil and cunning.    However, things proved otherwise as her revenge only made some things appear from the depths of her heart.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   However, what appeared was clearly not the beautiful good things in hear heart such as a repressed kindness or innocence. Rather, she finally did not need to pretend to be some n.o.ble little girl from the Qian family. The smiling girl amongst the corpses seemed to fuse that crazy air of hers into her bones and seemed to become more and more warped in personality.   Now Qing Shan knew that all those stories about moments of enlightenments as well as giving up on evil to be good were all fabricated. The truth of the world is that a mountain of Jiang could change it’s appearance but not its location. This world had both buddhas and demons. This meant to say that, this was normal?   Qian Rong Zheng lightly gathered her composure: “Thank you two for your help rendered today. This lowly one was only able to repay her debts because of you two. If you lot do not think lowly of me, I would be willing to marry either of you to repay this grat.i.tude.” She had a face full of smiles, and looked extremely pretty with her good mood.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Li Qing Shan did not stop for a single step whereas Diao Fei moved off even quicker, as if to avoid a snake or a scorpion, throwing Qian Rong Zheng’s crazed laughter behind him.   Qian Rong Zheng moved among the pile of corpses, like a strand of black soul. At this point, she was already no longer looking for things but rather acting more like an artist who was admiring her most beloved work of art and walking along an extremely beautiful garden.   She would stop walking every now and then and hold up a familiar face to speak a few words to it. Even if she did not get an answer, she was still able to giggle for a while. Compared to this h.e.l.lish mountain of corpses, she was evidently much more terrifying.   Little An did not leave immediately upon Qing Shan’s indication. Rather, she hid in a corner anf entered an agitated posture of reflection.   A great monk who had both fortune and intellect saw that the world was like one submerged by flames and suffering, while the people of this world were sunk into it. Greedy and obnoxious, they were unable to pull themselves out. The monk then The monk then practiced the great buddhist way, but was unable to convert all lives in the world. He felt extreme grief for the unfortunate and extreme anger for the unjust.   His grief gave birth to limitless grace while his anger gave birth to endless murderous intent. When facing a natural calamity, at a deadlock, he realized that he had obstructions within his heart upon revisiting his heart, As such, he followed his instincts and set for himself the four great wishes, and as such he was able to overcome the calamity.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   He was like a heavenly demon, with a naturally demonic nature. Recognizing his base nature, he engaged in endless slaughter and finally became one with himself, eventually ending up at the same level as the one true Buddha.   …   “Oh, I understand! That great monk was a super genius, but saw that everyone was so stubborn and stupid. No matter what he said, they wouldn’t listen. No matter what he explained, they wouldn’t understand. So his heart grew dark. At the same time, he was always suppressed by the four words “My Buddha’s Gracious Sympathy”, and his inner desires could not be released so he became even more stressed.”   “It’s actually comparable to a, hmm no, compared to converting a bunch of stupid fools, it’s much easier to kill them with a single knife. It’s just like him being surrounded by a bunch of flies. He has to grab a fly and rip open it’s stomach and use it’s intestines to strangle it’s neck. Hur, even the tongue has to be stretched out! However, he just has to use a knife to get rid of it. Huaaaaa – the entire world is cleaner.”   At a hostel near the bottom of the mountain, Little An told Li Qing Shan his learnings through his writings on a piece of paper. After Li Qing Shan thought about it for a while, he gave his own a.n.a.logy.   Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Little An was shocked. He sort of felt that after Li Qing Shan said this, that great monk’s prestige in his mind fell by not only one level. Originally, the White Bone Bodhisattva had great strength and intellect despite falling into the demonic path. However, now Little An felt that this Bodhisattva’s experience of suffering and pain seemed to be no different from a common folk.   Li Qing Shan said: “Nah, Little An, I’ll tell you the truth, as a person, the most important thing is to be happy. As a skeleton you should do the same. Don’t go to the extreme, those that do go to the extreme are crazy. If you meet those that make sense, then you can talk it out. Those that don’t, just give them a stab.”   Done Done note: Apologies my friends, was settling my uni and US visa stuff. Couldn’t translate due to these stuff. Will maintain once a week now. Thanks and hope y’all enjoy.

Legend of the Great Saint Vol 3 Chapter 142

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