Legend of the Great Saint Chapter 143

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Li Qing Shan went on to say: "Well, a good person usually has to extend is right cheek when getting slapped in the left cheek. And if he ends up being unable to take it, he will go on to become a bad person. Then he has to kill whoever he sees and even disown his own relatives. If you can’t convert others then you decide to go and eradicate them instead, isn’t that just a sign of mental illness? This cultivation technique is something you should just cultivate as it is, don’t think too much about it."

As a result, the power of a certain being above the nine heavens was degraded to being on the level of someone with mental illness.

If the green ox were here, it would definitely be in approval of what he just said. Not that what Qing Shan said was something extraordinary, or that it was some exceedingly intellectual matter. To the contrary, what he said was something that completely disregarded intellectual ability. However, matters of philosophy and the natural order were things that he never specialised in.

He was not an intellectual. He had no great intellectual ability to speak of. Neither was he benevolent, as he was neither graceful nor merciful.

He was a brave man, and he had an arrogant and unscrupulous spirit. With a spirit that had no regards for others, whatever he did not understand he would not think about. If not, how could he be relaxed and carefree.

These words are easy to say, but even a cultivator who is thousands of times stronger than Li Qing Shan, when facing the ethereal Nine Heavens above him, as well as the abilities created by the immortals and buddhas, could only focus on carefully learning from these abilities. It would be impossible for them to say things like Li Qing Shan, “Don’t be too serious.”

People can't be without respect and fear, but the brave are fearless. Even if an ability you mentioned was earth shattering, it would merely be tool in my hands, to serve my free will. He would never let any strange thoughts overwhelm him and take over his base nature.

Li Qing Shan’s embarra.s.sing teachings were, as usual, treated as the greatest of sayings by Little An. Little An respected these words of his even more than the essence of the “Dao of Beautiful Bones”. Although he felt that there should be something wrong with what Li Qing Shan said, it would definitely not be Li Qing Shan’s fault. Rather, it should be he himself that did not understand, or that the great monk had a problem. Somehow or another, this managed to relieve Little An from the stress and confusion of his own thoughts and not be too influenced by his own cultivation techniques.

For there to be such a miraculous effect from a c.r.a.ppy teacher who met a blur student, was a situation no one expected.

    Li Qing Shan was quite self-conceited. No matter how talented and intelligent, Little An was still a child, and he needs to guide him like a bright light.

In the midst of talking, Li Qing Shan’s stomach started growling. After a big fight, it was inevitable that he would easily get hungry. After he went out for a nice meal, he returned and closed the room door.

Li Qing Shan pressed down the excitement in his heart and took out the treasure pouch of Qian Ting Nian. "Let’s see, what is the harvest from this trip!"

He just injected the True Qi into it, and he couldn't help but sigh. The s.p.a.ce inside was the size of a utility room. This was the biggest treasure pouch that he had gotten, which was bigger than Zhao Liang Qing’s.

Qing Shan was afraid of using Zhao Liang Qing’s treasure pouch because he was wary about whether his treasure pouch had his sect’s marking on it. Hence, he did not dare to bring it on him. This could without a doubt replace the one that the Eagle Wolf Guard replaced.

In the treasure pouch, there were all kinds of things, and they were quite exquisite.

The first thing Li Qing Shan wanted to ama.s.s was the medicinal pills.

There was one thing that Qian Rong Zheng didn't lie about. He took out small porcelain bottles one after another and put them on the table. After a while, he filled the table. Although the Qian Family's refining skills seem to be not good, each one of the Qi condensation pills are at least the size of a longan, and one bottle could only store 3 of such pills.

But even so, there were more than four hundred. What was originally Qian Ting Nian’s greatest tool to control the Qian family had now completely been taken advantage of by Li Qing Shan. With these medicinal herbs, it would be enough for him to take it to the next level.

The "Great Ox Demon Fist" was probably able to reach the second level with this! Then he could start to cultivate in the "Tiger Demon Bone Refining Fist". As for " Spiritual Turtle Suppresses the Seas Scripture", Li Qing Shan was cultivating in it every day. Basically whenever he was refining Qi, there was no exception, whether he was absorbing energy from his medicinal pills or from his surroundings, most of the Qi would be swallowed up by it. Although there was still a long way to go before he would encounter his first heavenly tribute and rise in the ranks to become a demon general, there was still a long road for him to walk. This didn’t stop him from trying to power walk through this road in haste though.

Hundreds of bottles of Qi Condensation pills were placed together. Li Qing Shan was in a momentary daze as he leaked out a smile as if he were a poor beggar that suddenly struck it rich. He stretched out his hand to grab a pill and he tossed it into the air. However, instead of swallowing it straight away, he kept it in his mouth like it was candy. The tens of different medicinal gra.s.ses that were refined into the Qi Condensation pill made it taste extremely bitter as it cruelly stimulated his mouth but Qing Shan acted as if he were appreciating tea of sorts, tasting a sort of bittersweet taste in the process.

Little An saw Qing Shan frown, then smile absurdly before counting the number of pills on the table again. This reminded him of the scene of Qian Rong Zheng speaking to the corpses.

The medicinal pills he obtained were not just Qi Condensation pills, but also a few bottles containing pills similar to the Dewdrop Pill. There were also more expensive medicinal pills like the Hundred Gra.s.s Pill, which could be considered an enhanced version of the Qi Condensation pill. Because it needed more valuable herbs, this led to a need for greater skill in alchemy. Hence, the number was very little, totalling to about just over 10 pills. Qing Shan was prepared to use them in important situations such as when he needed to break through.

In addition, there were haemostasis pills and the like, which were used to strengthen the qi and blood. It was obvious that Qian Ting Nian knew that he had not much life left, and that he wanted to live for a few more years.

27 Spiritual talismans. This was greater than the amount of spiritual talismans that Qing Shan had obtained in his whole life. Looking at the wavy lines on top of the talismans he acquired, Qing Shan was only able to recognise less than half of them. These included the medium grade Thunder Drawing talisman which had great power. If it were used in a rainy day, it would be able to draw natural thunder from the heavens which would be extremely destructive.

Not to mention the other talismans, just these 5 Thunder Drawing talismans would be able to instantly kill anyone below a 6th level Qi Refiner if Qian Ting Nian was relentless enough to use all of them. Even a 6th level Qi Refiner would not dare to take it easy against this kind of formation.

If Qing Shan did not have the toughness from his demonification and intended to cause trouble for Qian Ting Nian, he would simply be asking for death.

However, what made Qing Shan feel regretful was that amongst his newly found “treasures”, he was not able to find many spiritual artifacts. There were only 2 of such in the lower grade. It seemed that Qian Ting Nian did not specialise in artifact refining and neither could he be like an Eagle Wolf guard who went around killing Qi Refiners.

As for these two lower grade equipment, one was a foot long sword with flowery patterns on it. After injecting true Qi into it, a 5 foot long sword light would be emitted from it and turn it into a lengthy sword. Qing Shan immediately gave it to Little An.

The other lower grade equipment was more special. It was a wooden s.h.i.+eld about the size of a washbasin. After injecting True Qi into it, it enlarged into the size of a milling board and became much heavier.

  Qing Shan knew that there were some spiritual equipment that could change their forms, such as the Iron Ruler in w.a.n.g Pu s.h.i.+’s hands. However, this was the first time he obtained such an equipment, what more a defensive one.

However, this seemed to fit his intentions as with this, he could hold it as a giant kite s.h.i.+eld which he could rush around with. If he met any enemies, he could simply slap them with it. Who could resist such a heavy blow?

Aside from these, there were other more secular items. First off was the money. 1.5 million silver notes. It was lesser than he expected. For Qian Ting Nian to rule over Ancient Wind City for so long, yet not have as much money as Zhao Liang Qing was simply weird. However, upon further reflection, the Qian Family was a large organisation and needed to feed many people. It seemed that most of the money would be in the control of managers under him.

Besides, it was not just money. There were also many housing deeds as well. Just taking a casual look around, it appeared that the Qian Family controlled more than half of the real estate in Ancient Wind City as well as the plantations outside of it.

According to the law, all the gains that an Eagle Wolf Guard has received during the mission will belong to that guard. For Li Qing Shan to become a big landlord overnight, he could not help but feel a myriad of emotions as he thought back to his days in the cowshed.

Originally, Li Qing Shan also wanted to find the cultivation technique that allowed Qian Ting Nian to eject out Sword Qi from his nostrils. However, he was unable to find it. Yet, he did not feel regretful over it because he would be able to redeem his mission rewards in for other techniques in the Eagle Wolf Guard’s hidden book collection.  Also until he finished practising his “Xian Tian Qi Refining Scripture” to the 9th level, he did not plan on switching techniques, so there was no rush for him as of now.

The celebrations outside the window have not stopped, and the sound of the drums and the firecrackers seemed like they would go on for a whole night.

Li Qing Shan smiled slightly, swallowed a Qi Condensation pill and began to cultivate.

Little An also began to meditate in silence like an old monk, sitting cross-legged beside him.

The next morning, a county magistrate with a bitter face that was full of smiles knocked on Qing Shan’s door. Upon seeing Qing Shan’s face, he was taken aback. He didn’t expect the Eagle Wolf guard that shocked the Ancient Wind City yesterday to be so young. He was almost in doubt as to whether he was mistaken.

Li Qing Shan said: "My lord, what are you here for?"

The official found this voice that echoed throughout the night skies ever so familiar and was clear that the one before him was the correct person without a doubt and began to convey his intentions.

Li Qing Shan couldn't help but laugh. This county magistrate wanted to dress him up in red ribbons and take him to walk the streets. He even mentioned that the sedans were prepared below. Of course, he refused.

The county magistrate did not dare to persuade him any further. For a figure who so much resembled a fierce G.o.d, who would dare to force him.

Li Qing Shan said: "Compared to this matter, it would be better to quickly dispose of the corpses on the mountain. Now that the weather is hot, I don't wish for there to be a plague."

The county magistrate replied : "What my lord has mentioned is a great reminder. This one has already sent people to go and clear it. Not far from the Qian manor, at the bottom of the west mountain, there is a natural cavity. This official will gather some farmers to transport the corpses there. However, these farmers dislike the filth and blood, what more them being the corpses of the Qian Family. Hence, they are not willing to put in effort for this."

Li Qing Shan thoughtfully answered: "In the middle of the Qian manor, there should be a lot of gold and silver tools remaining. You can send someone to search for it. Treat it as an incentive for the people. It must be handled properly by today, and there must be no mistakes."

The magistrate was beaming, and was busy acknowledging his response. He was thinking in his heart that this lord was really compa.s.sionate! If Li Qing Shan does not mention it, who dared to move things in the Qian manor.

Li Qing Shan had another plan in his heart. He sent the county magistrate off and returned to the room. He said to Little An: "Is it really possible to cultivate in such a manner?"

Little An nodded.

 Li Qing Shan said: "Roughly how long would it take?"

 Little An shook his head.

Li Qing Shan said: "Well, let's stay for a while. Just nice, we can calm down and cultivate for a while before returning to Jia Ping City. I am afraid that it will not be so calm when we return."

"Good for you, Li Qing Shan!"

In the city of Jia Ping, at the Eagle Wolf Guard office, in a small garden, Zhuo Zhi Bo folded a letter as his eyes twitched. His anger surged and his palm smashed the stone table.

The informant in Clear River Prefecture delivered a letter to him and he now finally knew what happened outside the Qing Yang city.

Done Done Note: *Little An can now evolve. Press B to stop the evolution!*

Legend of the Great Saint Chapter 143

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