Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death Chapter 10 Part1

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Hi guys. I know I said I dropped NHAD, but the group that said they would take it didn't realize the novel was in j.a.panese (They're a completely competent Chinese translating group). Then me being the dumbo I am didn't realize they emailed be as soon as they realized their oopsie, and this went on for a month. I am so sorry guys. This was completely my fault for missing their email. The group is Dummy Translations and they do incredible translations of Chinese BL novels.

To make up for this, I'm going to be translating chapter 10 and hope that someone else can pick this novel up. This chapter is 11,000 characters, 19 full pages, so I'm splitting it into four parts.  Alternatively, Dummy Translations can still pick up the novel. Just keep in mind they specialize in Chinese.

If you are part of a j.a.panese translating group and would like to pick up NHAD, please let me know.

The sun s.h.i.+nes brightly into the cla.s.sroom.

Both the teacher who's standing in front of the blackboard and the students who sit behind their desks wear their summer outfits and uniform, feeling nice and breezy.

Among them is a dude in a summer hoodie and flashy swim trunks. Moreover, the zipper is pulled all the way down. Does this guy think he's already on vacation? Showing off muscles when it's sweltering. Go dive into the nearby river and never return. Apart from the fact that I don't have as much muscle, I'm not jealous. T-that's right. d.a.m.n it.

When I'm under particularly strong suns.h.i.+ne, my skin starts to burn quickly. So I have to wear a thin cardigan, long-sleeved s.h.i.+rt, and breezy long pants even during the summer. I never get to have a nice tan. The girls are all jealous of my pale skin, but I'm not at all happy. It's the color of light snow! Tell me what kind of man would be pleased about that.

I sigh heavily.

Ah… I'm depressed.

And now, summer has finally arrived. That event… also occurs in the summer.

As I listen to the teacher talk, I try to to recall my excitement while playing Arcadia. Ah, that was a fun time. Currently I am not excited, but rather anxious and afraid, stomach churning.

From my memories, this upcoming event is hard to beat.

Here's an overview of what's to come.

In the summer of Alfred's third grade, there will be a school event called "Summer Outdoor Training." It'll last for three days and two nights.

Basically, an event where people practice what they have learned up until now in a remote mountain, where they will not disturbed. Sounds fine to me.

…The problem comes during the second night of training.

An event that will definitely be incorporated into the summer event: test of courage.

Just thinking about what's in the test of courage makes my head spin. It's okay. The teachers are busy and the event seems exciting.

By the way, I hate it.

It's too scary to go to the bathroom at night! But no one else is scared besides me!? Those who say they're not afraid are liars.

The real problem is the three bullies. And Lian…

Because of Alfred's recent height spurt, Lian and the three bullies will devise a plan to take down this person who's growing fast like a high-speed highway.

When the teacher asks for help for the test of courage, Lian will undertake the troublesome supporting role.

But when it's Alfred's turn, they'll try to surprise him a little. Push him off the cliff.

So scary. But sometimes kids do terrible things.

And Alfred, who is shoved off a dark cliff all alone, will cry out for help. The scenario that Lian and his three goons think up is terrifying, where simple, clear, child-specific cruelty is a glimpsed.

Still, that he cries… Anyway, Alfred is silent and angry, but still afraid.

This is all in antic.i.p.ation. And from here on, my stomach's going to wreak havoc on me.

There's a demon-repelling fence on this side of the cliff. So that area is relatively safe as long as you don't cross the fence. Of course, if there's a powerful demon or a b.l.o.o.d.y and ferocious demon, that's a different story.

Also, there's no such limitations on the other side of the fence.

I s.h.i.+ver. If it's just a game, then I can keep trying until I beat that part. But in this world, there is no redo b.u.t.ton. If you die, then it's just "Game Over" for you.

I'm troubled thinking about how to avoid such a dangerous event. The problem is that if I do manage to avoid it, the storyline may diverge into something I have no knowledge of.

If we follow the plot, after Alfred defeats the demon dogs, he will receive an item that is integral to the main storyline.  Nearby the den of demon dogs should be the scorched and weathered corpse of a priest. And next to the corpse should be a ring.

G.o.ddess Faltie's Ring of Divine Protection.

This event is absolutely essential in order to obtain the Sword of Dawn and Twilight. Without the ring, you won't be able to reach where the sword is held, let alone defeat the G.o.ddess Faltie, who is the guardian of that sword.

Needless to say, it's a critical ring.

Anyway, without the Sword of Dawn and Twilight, you can't take down the Demon King. So if I avoid the test of courage event, that means Alfred will not get the ring. Which in turn means he won't defeat the Demon King, leading the future to a bad end.

Now that I've thought about it, not avoiding this event is the best course of action.

However, after Alfred's been pushed down the cliff… I'll have to request this from him. Whatever he does, he has to clear the event in one try. Because if he dies, it's over.

Ahh. My stomach hurts.

Minimal editing done. Sorry. Again, this story is up for adoption.

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Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death Chapter 10 Part1

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