Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death Chapter 10 Part2

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Part 2 out of 4. Minimal edits. h.e.l.lo again dearies. Again, this novel is up for adoption.

Vacation time.

The bully trio and a few boys and girls surround me, envious and innocent.

"Lian! I'm looking forward to the trip!"

"I get to be together with Lian for three days!"

"Staying with Lian… I can't wait! I can't wait!"

"…Right," I say, forcing out a smile.

The cla.s.sroom is already up in a fuss. While these dangerous situations are still happening around us, I just can't feel at ease during school excursions abroad. I'm not even sure how to describe how I feel.

I guess gloomy is the best way to put it.

…How's Alfred doing?

He's just a kid after all, so he should be pretty pumped for the school trip. A few male and female students sit nearby, the surrounding noisy and full of fun. As they chatter about the sweets and clothes they'll pack for the trip, I glance sideways at the seat by the window.

Alfred's seat.

Those golden locks that seem to trap the light of the sun are conspicuous even among so many students.

Oh. Is the crowd around him as large as mine?

He's just cruising along so smoothly. Truly the future hero.

The future hero peers out the window, his face sporting an annoyed expression.


He's probably thinking that he has to skip his part-time job and not see the church for three days.

Yeah. That must be it.

But there'll be disaster if he doesn't go. The fate of the world is resting on his shoulders.

The sleepy clear-blue eyes that once stared out the window suddenly aim at me.

Gaaah! Those eyes!

I desperately try to hold down the cold sweat threatening to soak my back. So scary. I can't read the emotions in his gaze. Not to mention, he's staring at me.

For the time being, I'll just bring out my usual smile. The trick is to raise the chin just a bit. I manage to do it in pressing times.

A well-shaped golden brow arches. He's still looking at me. Even if I look away it's no use. It's a loss on my part.

What do I say? Ha! Yeah, there should be a cla.s.sroom scene like this where Lian has a line of dialogue. Dangerous, so dangerous! I was distracted by his eyes and almost forgot this.

"Hehehe. Isn't that good, Alfred? A trip that you don't have to spend money for. Of course you're coming, right?"

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Say that you'll go on the trip. I'll go. I mean, it's troublesome. Mainly for me. It's a pain to go. But I'll have trouble even if I don't. This contradiction is very tiring.

All the while, Alfred's unreadable blue eyes continue to gaze at me.

"…You want me to come?"


Did he hear me?!

Eh?! H-hold on, there's such a development?

S-since so much time has pa.s.sed I can not remember the details. So I don't understand it well.

That's why I'm saying you, Alfred, are bad at ad-lip! Make it simple!

"Yea—I mean no, I mean you! Do you think you want to go?"

Blue eyes slightly narrow. Looks like he's thinking hard about something. What are you thinking of? Stop being so expressionless. It's really scary.

Still staring at me, Alred sighs. "…Understood. It can't be helped. I'll come on this trip too."

So he's going. Thank goodness.

I mean, he did say it can't be helped. What can't be helped?

Well, as long as he feels like coming on the trip, then it's all good.

As Alfred breaks into a laugh, I feel relieved. What a laugh. But now he's staring again.

"W-what is it?" I ask.

"Nothing much," Alfred replies.

Nothing much apart from what? Argh, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Giving me such a troublesome answer!


For now, I decide to plaster a smile on my face whenever I feel in trouble. Let's try to retire now. I'm exhausted.

However, as soon as they see Alfred, the trio of bullies grumble.

"Lian! That guy's been recently!"

"Yeah, pretty audacious! And yet, he's still poor!"

"Too bad!"

To be fair, he certainly has been standing out these days.

That's why Alfred has a bad reputation among the poor male students.

"Now, now. We're moving to a different cla.s.sroom next," I say. "Shall we go, everyone?"


And so I rise from my desk. The faces of the crowd around me glow red.

Thank goodness. Thank goodness that we have to move rooms for the next cla.s.s. It gives me a good excuse to end the conversation.

Within my heart, I secretly wipe the sweat off my brow.

A quick chapter part because you guys are amazing. Seriously though, anyone interested in adopting this novel XD

Luckily, splitting up chapters in so many parts seem to make it more manageable for me. But yeah, the translation isn't very smooth because I am super rusty at j.a.panese. A lot of things I just Hail Marry'ed.

I got so annoyed with the “coming” and “going” part, cause it's basically an entire three paragraphs of Lian contemplating that to himself LOL. Oh well. At least the scene with Alfred was cute. What “it can't be helped?” He totally wants to go on the trip to be with Lian.

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Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death Chapter 10 Part2

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