Zhan Long Chapter 1054

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„Works as!"

Town Yue Dao leaves the sound of sheath to be exceptionally resounding, under the mountain both sides are one piece have fought randomly, our superiority have the a.s.sistance of heavy artillery camp, the Long Jing artillery and hot crag artillery crash into the crowd, has let the players in former Qingyan city very painful, they left behind all NPC to protect the Qingyan city, has not actually thought that within one hour had been broken through by us, the chess missed one move to lose full Pan.

The ripples have extended by my center together, the town mountain battle song arrives rapidly, Dancing Forest, One Second Hero and the others have also used the skill effect on weapon, significantly has promoted the striking power of [Zhan Long] melt G.o.d cavalry and archer, at this moment, I looked to Dong Cheng Yue, said with a smile: „East city, both sides dogfight in same place, with Aiersha scepter skill, like this we have been able the use of maximum degree this skill, after 2 minutes, started with on the line!"


Dong Cheng Yue to the front, opened the country to fight the attacking mode, the flame stone and Lightning Eagle Wave skill lost suddenly in the crowd, but I raised town Yue Dao, gave a loud shout, leading the melt G.o.d cavalry officially to join the fight, bang the hoofbeat resounded through the skies, [Zhan Long] thousand + person almost start whole-heartedly attack!

After minute minute, suddenly the surroundings become a piece are severely cold, this effect is somewhat familiar, but day Han players do not know obviously that the next quarter, the snow and ice shock-wave sweeps across the whole piece Long Lake map together instantaneously, together gave to freeze together with the Qingyan city, but the front several million day Korean War area player instantaneously was also frozen, dumbfounded standing degenerated into the killed object there!

Fights the scene, several million people prey on the jungle plain, 2 minutes of too big practical significance, how many people 2 minutes you cannot kill actually, how many steps can also go forward?

However, this skill is heavy in attack morale!

Under the impact of melt G.o.d cavalry, in 2 minutes date Korean War area first Guild fought the war casualty loss to be serious, the front cavalry was killed at least over 2000 people, they had been frozen majority, without the supplies, met melt G.o.d cavalry main attack the branch of the services naturally to suffer a loss, when the snow and ice melted time, the frost forest rode is enduring the dragon, was in an uncontrollable rage, raises the sword blade edge to shout to clear the way lowly: „Anti- [a.s.sault], destroys completely them to me!"

The wishes are what a pity good, but the reality is cruel, the player in day Korean War area has not experienced the might of superfusion G.o.d cavalry, unexpectedly with our [a.s.sault] face-to-face, the [Zhan Long] guild made them experience fierce of Chinese war zone strongest branch of the services finally immediately, the flying general + under the speeding away effect, riding that the war died young fought the department in abundance by the dizziness, subsequently degenerated into the killed object, behind by Long Jing artillery such baptism, less than a half hour was defeated the shape to reveal again finally, the entire attack position has creakied.

„How frost forest will draw out from a fire Dragon Rider within the body the sword blade edge like this", carries over the tepid the blood, but his side killed war dies young the Guild player more are more.

After melt G.o.d cavalry, is the [Zhan Long] new branch of the services, has 164 levels of Divine Tier BOSS level mount scarlet hot cavalries, altogether thousand person, becomes the [Zhan Long] 2 ply nucleus, the melt G.o.d cavalry broke through the enemy lines, the scarlet hot cavalry to harvest, has formed very tacit combination, but with is [Appearance Alliance], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] that we fought shoulder to shoulder and other first-cla.s.s guilds, in addition I a.s.sembled thousand Flame Hawk Archers from the sky to get air-dominance, the instantaneous overall battlefield has sided with this side us completely.

Even, the South Korean war zone was known as first „the King state" Guild the front in the fire collapses directly, Lee and MYRA these become famous for a long time world-cla.s.s star player to fall from the sky one after another in Long Jing artillery [a.s.sault] of roaring flame and in melt G.o.d cavalry, the j.a.panese war zone and South Korean war zone this time has defeated, moreover defeats very thoroughly.

Since the first round country loses the Linhai city after the war, they have rolled up in the little Qingyan city, depends upon to capture the surrounding small map to barely manage to maintain a feeble existence, on Level and equipment greatly were inferior that the surrounding several servers, the present fight demonstrated very obvious present situation, their magnificent time pa.s.sed.

A time fades, means the coming of another time, in our strengths soon in this country will fight to show completely, making our enemies s.h.i.+ver!

Engages in fierce battle for 5 hours, the day Korean War area official rout, thousand + person was ma.s.sacred over 80%, other players are becoming a fugitive in the wilderness, but I sent out the melt G.o.d cavalry to chase down, every 1000 people were one team, in addition the scarlet hot cavalry, altogether 30 teams hunted to obtain the country to fight points in the wilderness everywhere.

And, lost including the final main city Qingyan city, they even link the main city that reactivates once more not to have, therefore the system determined these vagrant players to want the words that continued to reactivate immediately in the wilderness in the Coordinate to reactivate, has caused immediately many tragedies, for example resurrected in the vault of heaven armed forces camps, or resurrected on the melt G.o.d cavalry [a.s.sault] road, just got online is hacked to death by the chaotic sword, this feeling definitely did not feel better.

„The KING corps, ended" have stood above the great crag, Mu Xuan looks at the battlefield of distant place, feeling that could not bear, said: „Before, we were almost look that the compet.i.tion of KING corps grew up, now unexpectedly visits them such distressedly, a time such ended, but also really made in the will of the people not feel better."

I show a faint smile: „This does not have anything, left sentimentally, after all now also many people are watching our compet.i.tions, we ended the KING time, but we were next [Legend]."

„Um!" A Mu Xuan layer on layer nod, said with a smile: „Is small, to celebrate the victory, can kiss?"

„Does a bit less"

„, The soul is pale, unexpectedly such directly rejects me, such man" the Mu Xuan flour bright red, then said: „Such man, but also is really swoonsome!"

„You sufficed." I shot a look at her one eyes, Mu Xuan is what kind of person, is the Chinese war zone becomes famous for a long time woman, her city palace is not I can compare by far, if moved to her, finally what that definitely obtains is her ridicule, the human should have self-knowledge, Mu Xuan this woman does not prepare for me inborn.

Around 9 : 00 pm times, the fight of Qingyan city formally ended, this main city has tacitly approved to belong to the Chinese war zone, when so long as the country war ends officially will decide to belong, to guarantee the Qingyan city does not lose, I dispatched the 200 000 + military strength to reenforce from Tian Ling Empire, and encouraged the Chinese players to move into the Qingyan city, the bait was this main city belonged to the date Korean War area, after we captured, perhaps will have the thinking meter beautiful women and elegant mie Diemei females in date Korean War area to move into, when the time comes the advantage of being close to somebody moon/month, everybody understood first!

Actually this has the precedent, for example [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] had the male player to fight Riga in the previous time country the contact method of day Korean War area female player, later started online to make friends, it is said a [Hero's Mound] minute of pledge had to hold the flag Wei Tebie good luck, has picked up a j.a.panese little girl, finally the country war ended is less than 7 days, that j.a.panese beautiful woman flew the mainland from Tokyo, then the turnover finally arrived in this to hold flag Wei's hometown Hunan Changsha repeatedly, later was the good fortune( please with stress) luck contently live, it is said that boy has not gotten online consecutively for 9 days, got online again. Time body weight light 10 jin (0.5 kg), good to disappear the human to be thin and pale for He/She, Q-Sword his held flag Wei Zhiwei when envying to lu, the reason ignored a proper occupation!

Naturally, in our allies also has such lucky fellow, [Judgement] Guild First Division had an archer young male student to pick up a South Korean young girl, it is said that little girl extremely delightfully, two person countries fought later one week formally to start to a.s.sociate, then at the Beijing secret meeting, result two months later that little girl has gone bad five months of pregnancy, the young fellow prepared to win the South Korean wife in the hometown Hubei Wuhan happily, was quite happy!

Mentioned this matter, Ye Lai took down to clamp the hard helmet in the armpit, for fear that we said his hard helmet dyeing by the thick patch of gra.s.s juice green, actually that hard helmet originally on some Pan-Green camp, the star magical instrument of legend, mediocre, ahem!

The battlefield cleanup, the melt G.o.d cavalry as before You Yi in the surrounding map, the young fellow in full vigour, will want to gain some countries to fight points I not to block, but my points had already been among the best, will not need to strive for anything again, will therefore stay and defend one's post in the Qingyan city, this city and antiquity palace wall were very near, in three big main cities, back and forth coordinated the rapidness.

About 10 : 00 o'clock at night, the distant place spreads the news, the player who Ze deep pool city, looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, and first Cooldown attacks Tian Ling Empire, they „Singapore" there have a fight of surely rank in the den of hot lion mercenary soldier unexpectedly, the wild city that to compete for this defensive power collapses at the first blow, does not have the prospect simply!

Looks at the situation, they want to arrive in the words of Chinese war zone, at least also takes about 5 hours, if the pure cavalry soldier, about 3 hours can arrive!

Therefore, I gave Han Yuan, Xiao Li and other military officers to issue an order, making them defend in Fan Shu City . Moreover, additionally appointed flame Long Jun, the military strength of hot axe armed forces altogether thousand person to guard outside Fan Shu City, southwest of Fan Shu City in Tian Ling Empire, joined the Russian in Ze deep pool city to attack, then bore the brunt was Fan Shu City, but Fan Shu City was I and palace guard and [Zhan Long] den, was our strength bases, made no mistake, must defend, at least after being attacked, must defend the reinforcements to arrive.

Thinks of here, looks again to southwest, there flame soar to the heavens, is having the intense fight, the team of day imperial book repository is attacking the Linhai city, but the clear pupil of Linhai city will develop black ink and maplewood being drunk naturally not to sit waiting for death, this was their final cities.

To around 2 : 00 o'clock at night times, the Linhai city for a long time cannot capture, but thousand person who the rumor takes away the buckle has surpa.s.sed 60%, therefore the rumor demanded the reinforcements by the status of political integrity yue to Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword unceasingly, thinks that these festival yue pressure incomparable big, I was not day of imperial book repository organization luckily, the central government powerless in local, no one could manage me.

4 : 00 am, indistinct toot transmits from north, but northern direction

In my heart moves, finally, Fang Ge Que must begin, then was about Tian Ling Empire and fight between highest heaven cities?

It is not able to prevent!

Zhan Long Chapter 1054

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