Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Vol 1 Chapter 17

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「What are you doing just staring into s.p.a.ce〜? Quickly you must give them each a kiss〜」

Hera was standing up shouting at him, However, Taiyou had a face which said “Why are you telling me to do such things so suddenly?” whilst glaring at Hera.

This was definitely not the time and place for such things, and they weren’t in a lover’s relations.h.i.+p either.

「Quick-a-ly〜, You must Kiss them〜」

Even after he glared at Hera she did not turn meek, instead she directly looked at Taiyou, and almost as if she had eight eyes like a bug she urged him on.

When it was to this extent he figured that there must be some sort of reason as to why Hera was acting like this.

Telling him to do such strange thing and at this exact moment.

He thought that it could possibly have some meaning to it, therefore he faced the three sisters.

At that moment, all his doubts disappeared and his hesitations were blown away.

Kotone, Suzune and Kazane.

Although it was only for an instant, the three girls met their eyes with Taiyou’s.

The same rhythm, the same wavelength.

The three sisters in that instant were looking towards Taiyou with the same gaze on their face.

It was filled with love/adoration and determination.

The moment Taiyou saw such eyes which had all their condensed feelings in it, Taiyou’s heart skipped a beat.

There are certain things person can only learn if they put in the effort, and at this time, it was one of those things people could just naturally understand when the time came.

The sincere gaze that the three girls looked at him with, he just instinctually knew what it meant in one go.

It was the kind of look that meant that they would sacrifice everything for the person they loved, it was filled with that kind of determination.

That was the true colours of their looks.

Charm: 65535

The reason the girls felt so strongly for him was without a doubt due to the influence of this figure. It was most definitely, not because of his own attractiveness or charm.

Even Taiyou could discern something as simple as this and he was not foolish enough to misunderstand.

Even if that was the case, the fact that they were letting Taiyou into their hearts at this juncture was also unmistakable. This was a phenomenon which happened for a fact.

In that case, at least.

I want to repay their sincere feelings and give it my all as well.

Taiyou silently moves his hand and entwines it around Kotone’s waist, he pulls her in close and embraces her in his arms.

Kotone didn’t expect this to happen at all and her face began to tremble.

Just like that, he gave her a Kiss! (Ill.u.s.tration: Kiss All Three!)


At first she was really shocked and opened her eyes wide, however she soon melted into his arms, and she accepted his everything. She wrapped her arms around his back, and she entrusted both her mind and body to Taiyou.


「That looks nice….」

Looking at their elder sister making out with Taiyou, they started muttering in an intoxicated tone.

Their feelings came out uncontrollably and became words.

After a good while, their kiss was finally over. The two girls had slightly opened lips, and as if they were going to faint, they released a hot sigh from their lips.

「Thank you, Kotone」

After hearing his voice, Kotone’s legs began to waver and as if she lost the strength to stand, she slowly slid down to the ground.

Next was Suzune’s turn. He turned to face her and he tenderly held on to her shoulders whilst she was standing on her tiptoes and puckering up her lips.

After a while the ki
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ss ended, and just like her sister, Suzune’s legs began to sway and she sat next to Kotone on the floor.

Last of all it was Kazane’s turn. Although at first he felt guilty about kissing Kazane because it felt like he was committing a crime, right now, beyond those feelings he truly felt like she was just so precious/dear to him.

Taiyou kneels on one knee, and just as he kissed the other two, he also kissed Kazane in the same way.

Kazane’s lips were as expected just as soft as the other two. And her beating heart was also just like the other two.

If he kept on kissing them, or if he could go to the next level and do something above kissing, would the girls behave in the same exact manner?………And would they be able to share the sensations that their body experiences? If they could share such pleasure amongst themselves, the experience was surely wonderful Taiyou thought.

Whilst thinking such things, he reluctantly parted from her lips and Kazane joined her two sisters slumping to the floor.

Now then, With this—

「TE RE RE TE TE TE –♪ Taiyou-chan has Leveled Up〜!」


The atmosphere was lovey dovey and even Sakura was effected by it as she was intently watching the scene between them whilst she gently swallowed the saliva she held in her mouth due to the tension.

That was all blown away when Hera made her usual rhythmical and comical announcement.

It was a completely unexpected development for him, raising his level was the last thing Taiyou expected to happen.

Watching Taiyou level up, Hera had a proud/elated facial expression.

「With this you have reached level 5 desu〜. A – N -D! As a privilege of reaching level 5, you are allowed to learn one new “Skill”〜」

「Did you just say “Skill”?」

「Yes desu〜, depending on the person and their level everyone has different “skills” they can acquire, the current Taiyou-chan has a choice from three unique abilities!〜. From here you are only allowed to you choose one, kay〜」

Similar to the sensation he felt when his status had popped directly into his mind, a string of characters suddenly emerged directly into his brain.

Active Skill: Super Armor Pa.s.sive Skill: Experience Boost Pa.s.sive Skill: Long distance immunity

As Taiyou is an avid gamer who actually raised many of his characters to the maximum level, the terms stated here were seemingly familiar to him, additionally, he could imagine what the effects of each “skill” was going to give him.

Normally, following his usual path he would have wanted to optimise the amount of experience points he could obtain and he would without a doubt choose “Experience Boost”. However right now it was completely different.

“Means” to an “end”, he was a man who could clearly distinguish between the two and what he needed right now was a way to get out of the predicament.

「I choose Long range Immunity」

「Yes desu〜」

As she said this, Taiyou’s body began to glow in a flash of white like a camera flash……it settled down shortly after.

「Is it done now?」

He gazed at the palm of his own hands, His exterior looks….no it’s not even about his exterior looks, even the person himself was unable to discern exactly what changed within his own body.

「Yes desu〜, Taiyou-chan has acquired the skill 『Long Distance Immunity』as his first skill〜, It is one of the strongest skills capable of making a.s.sault rifles become useless against you〜」

「I don’t really………Feel anything different about my body though」

Taiyou nodded, and he once again faced towards Sakura.

「I made you wait didn’t I」

「…….What’s with you, where did all this confidence suddenly come out from? 」

Sakura watched him vigilantly. For Sakura who was unable to see what just occurred as Hera is invisible to her, it was natural did she would feel that something was clearly off with Taiyou.

「My confidence gushed forth?…….Well In a certain sense, I guess you could put it that way」

「You aren’t going to tell me, that the more you kiss the stronger you will become right?」

「What if I say that is exactly the case?」


Sakura took a quick glance at Taiyou, and she deliberately clicked her fingers. (*Pachin*, *Click*)


Bullets appeared out of nowhere in particular and flew in Taiyou’s direction, it accurately hit both his hands and both his feet in quick succession. Technically if that hit a normal person, they would be left with holes, bleeding limbs and blood flowing/gus.h.i.+ng out like a river.

However, this did not happen to Taiyou. In fact the bullets that hit Taiyou made absolutely no sound, it was as if the bullet was sucked up by some cotton wool and it dropped harmlessly towards the ground.

Long Distance Immunity. Taiyou immediately feels the amount of power this ability gave him, and his mind leapt at the endless possibilities this presented to him.

But, he silently kept such words within his own mouth.

「That was impressive, they were able to accurately hit all four of my limbs. They were aiming for my non-vital parts and trying to disable me as quickly/effectively as possible without actually killing me」

「Yo, youu exactly what are you?……..」

「Who knows? It could be that I’m some sort of cheat character」

Taiyou smiles mischievously as he throws out another bluff to Sakura.

He was able to think things through calmly.

Thanks to the ability “Long Distance Immunity” I am able to eliminate Sakura’s trump card which is the Sniper squad and make them completely useless. However, if somebody like that white girl appeared with a Katana to cut me, the situation will turn back to a pinch in one swoop.

After all Long Distance Immunity doesn’t suddenly make me great at fighting in close quarters combat.

Therefore by throwing this kind of bluff, it forces Sakura’s hand to be revealed.

Taiyou recalls the previous events in which she was able to discern his truths from his lies and beat him at his own game of bluffing.

「Ahh, let me just say one thing. Even if I got hit by a nuclear bomb, I could probably get away unscathed」

He stretched his bluff to the utmost, by proclaiming something which sounded completely ridiculous.

「It’s alright now〜 All of them have left desuyo」

Hera had become used to scouting for Taiyou. Hearing her report, Taiyou was finally able to let go off the tension he acc.u.mulated.

「Is that so? Thank you, because of you we are saved」


「However, this time around wasn’t leveling up way too easy, all it took was three kisses right? I mean literally it was only three times, you know? If you compare it to the amount of times I had to turn the coin over and over again, which was around 10,000 times, it can’t even be a comparison」

「That’s not quite true desuyo〜, That was not three kisses, it was three different people that you kissed〜. Well To be honest, the amount of people who reach level 5 in this world is a really low percentage〜. Even if they do reach level 5, they are usually very slow. 90 percent of people usually drop out after reaching level 5 or they return to trying to gain experience by hitting walls〜. Well, they can’t really obtain any experience from purely hitting walls so most of them also end up dropping out」

「Ahh…..If you say it like that, it does seem like an incredibly difficult thing to accomplish」

Taiyou smiles wryly, He guessed that means that luck must of been on his side for it to be so easy for him.

「That’s right, Taiyou-chan is a really lucky guy desuyo〜」

「I’m not really sure what’s going on but, we were able to be of some help to Taiyou-san right? 」

Kotone spoke, and the other two girls also joined the conversation.

「Heyy umm, does this mean that if we kiss you even more, we will become even more useful? 」

「If that’s the case let’s do it! I want to do it more! 」

「It is a shame, every level a different action must be done in order to acc.u.mulate the experience desuyo〜」

「Is that so……tsk」

「It’s alright Koto-chan, even if it’s not of any use, we can still kiss whenever we want」

「Or more like we must do it! I want to do it more! 」

「………Hang on a minute?!」

Taiyou had just let all the tension in his body dissipate, and half way through the girls conversation he was just absentmindedly staring into s.p.a.ce, however, he soon realized that there was something awfully strange going on. He held his hand out and interrupted the girl’s conversations.

「What’s wrong?〜」

「How are you girls, able to converse normally with Hera?」

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