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At Taiyou’s question, Kotone tilts her head and asks a question in return.

「We aren’t allowed to converse normally?」

「Rather than saying you can’t, I’m just really surprised is all. Aren’t you guys the least bit suspicious or don’t you feel this is all really strange? 」

「At first it was a little strange, however」

「Yeah, we saw what happened」

Kotone and Suzune gazed at each other at then nodded as if agreeing upon something.

「After Taiyou-san finished the kiss with Kaza-chan, around that time, her figure suddenly appeared」

「Before that we couldn’t see her. Then suddenly the s.p.a.ce/airs.p.a.ce cracked. After that we were able to see Hera-chan! Seeing her trying to help you out, we thought……”oh so this is what it’s all about”」

Kotone and Suzune starts of the explanation and Kazane finishes off their sentences.

「At first I wasn’t able to see Hera-chan, however I was able to feel and understand what Koto-chan and Suzu-chan felt and soon after Hera-chan’s name resounded within my head」

「Around the same timing both me and Koto-chan was also able to hear her name within our heads」

「Finally we were convinced of her existence」


Taiyou rubs his temples in contemplation. Their explanations were stopped for the time being.

「So Hera, why is this all happening?」

His thoughts were all getting jumbled and confused, therefore he faced Hera and was hoping she could clarify things out.

「Even for someone like me there are some things that I don’t understand desu〜」

「Isn’t there a time when I can depend on you! Or more like, isn’t there more things you don’t know, then things you actually comprehend?! I know it’s a little late but, where exactly did you come from and for what reason are you even here, seriously」

「I was born in order to meet you〜」

「You really like those kinds of cheesy lines don’t you!」

「Excuse me, Taiyou-san…….」

When they were able to hear what Hera had said, three people from the back called towards Taiyou in a quiet/mellow voice. When he faced them, the three sisters were teary eyed and looked at him with puppy eyes.

The voice of the three sisters confessed………at the same time.

「「「We were also, born just so we could meet with you」」」

After hearing such a confession from the girls Taiyou’s heart shook/faltered. Unlike when a certain “silly” fairy confessed in a cheerful manner, the feelings of the three girls was deep with emotion and this was definitely conveyed to Taiyou. The confession was filled with so much pa.s.sion that, he truly believed/was convinced they meant it when they said they were born for the specific purpose of meeting him.

He was at a loss for words as his heart strings were stirred up. Like never before, his heart was beating/raging like it was going to burst out of his chest.

When his reactions were spotted by Hera who was right next to him, she raised her voice and made an objection.

「Ahh〜 Taiyou-chan you meanie desu〜. Your reactions are completely different to when I said it desu〜」

「S, stop being so fussy」

Taiyou responds in a snappish tone. Taiyou’s ears were totally hot, and he thought that for sure his face was burning up and completely red.

As if that wasn’t enough, the three sisters seemed to pursue him even more aggressively, and they were currently holding their hands in prayer (like a nun praying pose) whilst looking up towards him. They stood still in that pose without saying anything, however their gazes held a different message.

Since a little while ago, two kinds of emotions
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arose within Taiyou’s heart/mind.

The feelings of embarra.s.sment and a craving desire.

Although both feelings were on an even balance, looking at the girl’s pa.s.sionate gazes, the scales completely tipped to one side.

Taiyou took a deep breath in, and reciprocated their intense gaze, he then gave each of the girls another kiss.

He barely grazed their lips, and the kiss itself did not last more than a second. A parched sound of a breath being inhaled resounded in the night sky.

The girls who were kissed were all enraptured. Whilst Taiyou on the other hand had an earnest expression on his face as he asked the girls a question in a serious tone.

「Let me ask you guys one thing. You girls, what do you want to do from now on? I understand that you girls like me, and just now, we each shared a kiss. ……..But from now on, what do you wish to do? 」

「Taiyou-chan that’s totally unfair, it’s boorish/ungentlemanly. In this kind of times, as a man Taiyou-chan should be the one to make the decisions desuyo〜」

Hera tried to b.u.t.t into their conversation, seeing this Taiyou completely disregarded her existence. Right now, he truly believed that the earnest words he stated was necessary between them.

After he exchanged kisses between them he felt it even more, that he could not sense their existence or read their minds and he was an entirely separate individual from them. Furthermore the hearts of the three sisters were connected by the mind.

Taiyou didn’t possess such an ability, therefore he could not discern their intentions without just straightforwardly asking them.

As a result, he wanted to hear it directly from their mouths.

The girls did not have an ounce of hesitation…….they did not need to exchange glances between each other like usual, instead they were able to immediately reply Taiyou’s question.

「We want to be together with you」

「All three of us do」

「Forever and ever」

「…….I understand」

Taiyou nodded in affirmation, and he gently closed his eyes. As usual he wasn’t able to feel their existence, however, after hearing their words it was satisfactory/sufficient enough for him.

Still having his eyes closed………He had various resolutions made in his mind. And when he opened his eyes, he gave them a bright smile. For some reason the girls seemed to be surprised, but without worrying about such details he spoke to them.

「In that case, I have one last thing that I need to tell you……..It is of the most importance to me」

Hearing such words from him, the girls had a serious look on their faces. Without saying a single word, they expectantly waited for Taiyou’s next words.

「Even when we are apart my thoughts will always be with you girls. This I will promise」


The three sisters nodded their heads and jumped into Taiyou’s arms at the same time.

The three girls often accompanied each other, and even when they were apart they were still connected.

For the girl’s this was a natural part of who they were, knowing this Taiyou thought that it would be good if he could build the same level of trust between them.

It was not from obligation, the actions he took were because he truly・・・・・liked the girls for who they were.

For a while they were embracing each other, until they naturally parted.

It was a sweet atmosphere.

「Then its settled in one go isn’t it, congratulations〜, with this Taiyou-chan will become even more popular from now on desuyo〜」

「Why would it become like that?」

「Let me explain, kay〜?」

Hera closes her eyes and raises her index finger, she talks to Taiyou as if he was a child and she had to make him understand by narrating slowly.

「Rather than a man which no woman wants to hang out with, a guy who is surrounded by women will become more approachable/popular, this is common knowledge desu〜. For someone like you who started out without a single girl to interact with, as soon as they obtain their first girlfriend, they will instantly become popular desuyo〜」

「……….You are referring to the Caligula Effect? 」

「What is that?」

「It’s when somebody is prohibited from doing something, they contrarily want to try it instead」

「『Don’t push that b.u.t.ton, definitely do not push it』is what you mean desune〜」

「That’s a completely different context!」

Taiyou decisively repudiates her statement.

「Anyways, the point is, it has a name of its own desune〜. As I thought Taiyou-chan is going to become even more popular from now on, only having one girlfriend is enough to make someone popular, let alone Taiyou-chan, who actually has three girlfriends, he’s going to become crazily popular desu〜」

「No to be honest your logic is way off the mark」

「1+1+1 is equal to 300 nanodesu〜 that’s 10 times more popular desuyo〜」

「Please give me a break already, the more you speak the worst you are starting to sound!」

When Taiyou raised his voice at Hera to retort her ridiculous logic, the three sisters all at once gathered close to his body.

「Taiyou-san if you become more popular will you become more happy?」


「If you will become happy………We will gladly cooperate with you」

「No no, What exactly are you guys saying here?」

「So tell us what you really think」

He was just staring at the girls who seemed determined to help him become “popular”.

The three eyes he stared at really did seem serious about their proposition. It was the type of eyes that said, if you wished for it, we would even die for you without complaining.

I mean he was glad for their feelings, however, this is not what he intended for them at all.

He looked back at the three girls with a gaze that wouldn’t lose to them in intensity.

「Those kind of things are not something you guys need to think about. Even if you don’t do something like that for me, I will—」

Before being able to finish off his sentence, Suddenly Pechi! Hera slapped him on the head. Although it didn’t hurt him, he was slightly annoyed, at this point in time what could she want anyways.

Although he was glaring at Hera, he noticed that the girls had a look of astonishment on their faces.

「As I thought Taiyou-chan is boorish and a blockhead at that〜」

「Haa? What are you on about? 」

「If you keep on pampering/spoiling them without letting them do anything for you, any woman will become obsolete desuyo〜」

「Well if it’s good woman, they deserve to be spoi—No」

Taiyou shut his own mouth before finis.h.i.+ng his sentence.

It was exactly as Hera had said.

Thinking that Hera was right, he cleared his throat and once again began speaking to the three sisters.

「In that case, Please let me become popular」

After he said such things, the girls actually showed him the best smile he’d ever seen plastered on their faces.

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