Monster Factory Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: During the storm

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

DouDou swears that this wasn’t planned at all.

It was just that she slowly found that, whenever she was with Ye Qing, her brain just didn’t want to work. When they chatted about movies, she immediately had the urge to go watch a movie together with him.

As soon as she said that, her heart beat rapidly.

'He's probably really busy right? Suddenly asking him for movies…….'

'Am I too weird here? When has it become a girl asking a guy out……'

Ye Qing wasn't paying too much attention to DouDou’s expression. Of course, he wouldn’t reject going to Xu Ninggong’s premier with DouDou.

Going to the movies with DouDou was already a very pleasing experience. Moreover, the movie's main star, Xu Ninggong, would also be there. Wonder if she still remembers him.

Hearing Ye Qing nonchalantly​ agree, a burst of sweetness exploded within DouDou. That was a never experienced feeling, it was indescribable and strange to the max.

Good thing that the food came right then, as they were pushed over by a waiter on a trolley, successfully rescuing her from all the awkwardness.

This restaurant’s style was seriously high. The lamb ribs were placed on top of a volcanic stone plate. The boiling hot stone could easily keep the food warm for hours.

There were places to make money everywhere in life. Ye Qing felt that if he were to use the metal engraver to carve some precise pattern on the plate, then he could easily make a couple million.

However, currently the mechanical engineered chairs could earn him tens of millions a day, so Ye Qing didn’t really care about this chump change anymore.

The lamb was truly fragrant. Ye Qing, seeing how familiar DouDou was with the knife and fork, braved the humiliation and had her cut it apart for him as well.

The meal lasted all the way past 8. For Ye Qing, chatting away with DouDou felt very relaxing and enjoyable. The black laced office attire DouDou wore today, plus that unscarred face of hers, had Ye Qing no matter the angle, enjoy it to the max.

After being filled, naturally meant going back.

Ye Qing naturally remembered where her house was. It was just that it was pretty cold today, and the two of them hadn't worn anything thick, so Ye Qing turned up the heat.

Ye Qing was focused on driving, but DouDou kept on stealing glances to the left from time to time. She felt that when a man was focused on doing something, they had this indescribable charm to them.

Wanda here was a commercial district. Right now, with its low level of traffic, Ye Qing successfully arrived at a s.p.a.cious red light. Just when Ye Qing was thinking of playing some music, he suddenly found a person with a rain jacket lying on top of the lane dividers, besides him was a forgotten about bicycle.

With the help of the street lights, the person looked like a student with that uniform like pants. Below him was full of water, and didn’t look like anything happened at all.

When Ye Qing stopped the car, both he and DouDou were stunned.

"Looks like some student. I’ll go take a look, wait for me here." Ye Qing, with his umbrella, opened the door and ran out.

Just a few steps was more than enough to completely soak it. Under the intense rain, Ye Qing felt like the student was crying, the really tragic kind.

"Holy c.r.a.p ~ What happened friend?" Ye Qing got scared and rushed over. A 14/5 year old student was currently hugging the dividers and crying all out. Besides him was a clearly bent bike.

By being able to cry like this, then he clearly was alright. Ye Qing seeing that he was sitting there on the ground, thought that his legs were broken, and wanted to move him off of the road.

"Waaa Waaa ~ Don’t touch me!" This man continued to cry, it would appear he had a plastic bag in his hand.

"My pad broke, and got soaked in water, the birthday gift for my girlfriend." The man's face was covered in scratches, yet the rain continued to wash away the blood: "The pad that I saved half a year for!"

"Ahhh ~ I don’t want to live anymore! Let the rain kill me!" The despair in his voice, easily gave people the impression that he wanted to commit suicide.

A gust of wind, straight up blew Ye Qing’s umbrella into the wind.

"Fk your girlfriend!"

Ye Qing who was almost already completely soaked threw away his umbrella, and raged: "Holy s.h.i.+t, I thought you got hit by a fking car!"

"Waa Waa ~ d.a.m.n this wind, making me crash into the divider on my bike, my pad, my girlfriend’s birthday gift……"

Within the Lagonda, due to it’s great soundproofing and the screaming winds, DouDou couldn’t even hear what Ye Qing was yelling about. However, she could still see Ye Qing throwing away the broken umbrella; emotionally.

DouDou, who didn’t know what was going on at all, was already nervous to begin with. Now she was as nervous as having a fully drawn bow that was right about to snap beside her.

She had an umbrella in her bag, but the bag was on the back seat. DouDou, who was confused as all heck, cared naught for an umbrella, opened the door, and ran out in her expensive heels.

"Get the fk up if you’re fine then. If your girlfriend saw you like this, then it’s definitely over." Ye Qing, who was both cold and angry, hated not being able to give him a good beating.

The young man slowly crawled up as he hugged the plastic bag and dumbstruckly spoke: "Bro you girlfriend​’s here……"

"What girlfriend?" Ye Qing quickly turned around, and found the s.h.i.+vering DouDou slowly hopping over.

"Didn’t I tell you to stay in the car? Ye Qing wiping his face, hurriedly ran over to DouDou and caringly asked: "What happened? Did you sprain your feet?"

"I didn’t pay attention when I was running, nothing major." DouDou smiled: "I saw you throw the umbrella, and thought something major happened."

"This guy just got broken up on, so he's crying there unable to move on." The rain basically made the two into wet dogs, so Ye Qing hurriedly rushed her back into the car.

That guy who was just crying his life out ran over. Ye Qing lowered his window and asked: "Yo, what school, what cla.s.s? I’ll find someone to beat you tomorrow."

"Bro, your girlfriend’s seriously beautiful. So like my G.o.ddess DouDou. Sorry for having you worry about me."

"Forget it, go back to crying. Oh, and stop watching streams, go back to your games.

This here was an intersection, Ye Qing hurriedly parked the car at a nearby parking lot.

"Alright, bring your feet up. Let me see how serious it is."

DouDou was cold to the point of s.h.i.+vering. Due to just starting at the broadcasting station, she was wearing formal wear, and had almost never worn stilettos before. Due to her hurriedness before, and maybe she stepped on something, she twisted her right foot.

Right now she was completely soaked through and ice cold.

Hearing that Ye Qing wanted her to raise her feet, DouDou was completely against letting Big brother Ye see her feet……

DouDou felt that her earlobes were on fire. It was almost as if letting him see it once was more embarra.s.sing than getting kissed.

"Come on, let me take a look." Ye Qing seriously repeated again.

This time she really couldn't decline. DouDou, with her hands covering her face, leaned against the car door, and raised her feet just like an injured kitty.

Good thing I wore a long skirt today. DouDou began to have some impure thoughts.

Seeing DouDou covering her face, and not even leaving a slip, Ye Qing, before examining the injury, first swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Not only did the rain drench her, but it also drew out her alluring curves. The milky white skin was just like the byproduct of the moon, exposing a man’s primal instincts.

Of course, now wasn’t the time to think about that. Ye Qing was moved by her caring nature, even willing to talk under the rain with an injured foot.

Now that she was hurt, Ye Qing felt heartache.

DouDou’s ankle was clearly bruised. Ye Qing lightly loosened the knot at the ankle, and took off the pink stilettos. Taking hold of her snow white foot, he slowly turned it, and asked DouDou if it hurt.

A blus.h.i.+ng red, quickly spread from DouDou’s cheeks, covering her entire face in a few seconds, and was rapidly approaching her neck. Her two ears were to the point of burning red.

It hurt to the point of almost screaming out, but DouDou still managed to weakly say 'not really, it’s only a slight sprain, nothing serious.'

She felt all her strength leave her, and didn’t know if it was because of the pain, or because her foot was being held by Ye Qing.

Turning it around couple of rounds, Ye Qing seeing that nothing major was damaged, relaxed. He pulled out a refrigerated bottle of water from the back, and lightly placed it on her ankle.

The interior temperature was raised up to 25°C by Ye Qing. Sitting in the Lagonda, which came with interior circulation, didn’t feel a bit hot, rather it was the uncomfortableness from all the wet clothing.

Ah screw it. It wasn't like Ye Qing could or wanted to drive naked. DouDou had a jacket and a white laced dress s.h.i.+rt underneath. Ye Qing had her quickly take off the jacket; to prevent her from catching the cold.

Her posture right now really had difficulties getting up. Plus her right foot was like it had a magnet attached to it, so Ye Qing had to give her a pull, before DouDou was actually able to remove the jacket.

The white dress s.h.i.+rt was basically see-through now. DouDou, hugging her chest, hated not being able to find a crack in the earth to hide in.

'So embara.s.sing, from now on I can’t raise my head in front of Big brother Ye ever again.'

Ye Qing, just like a seasoned truck driver, had his left hand on the wheel, and helped her keep the water bottle in place with the right. DouDou, without saying a word, closed her eyes and acted like an ostrich.

But this ostrich act wasn’t forever, as the embarra.s.sing silence continued all the way until Ye Qing drove into the neighborhood.

Seeing that DouDou was still putting on the ostrich act, Ye Qing found it hilarious and tickled the center of her foot. Then DouDou shot up like having been electrocuted and covered her mouth.

"We’re here, which one?"

"On… on the right…… The second one……" DouDou’s voice was just like a kitty meowing.

Driving all the way to the main lobby of the building, Ye Qing helped her open the door, and while standing in the rain: "Come on now. I’ll carry you up."

Monster Factory Chapter 102

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