Monster Factory Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Are you free?

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

The storm was seriously intense. Even with the wipers at max, Ye Qing still had to try really hard to see if anything was in front of him.

The good thing was that there was rarely any traffic on Huanhai Avenue. Although it was a bit far, for any place that Ye Qing wanted to go, all he needed to do was circle around on the avenue a bit, then head directly over.

Zhongyun broadcasting station was at the new area. There were tons of government bodies and inst.i.tutions, like the earthquake detection center, the weather stations, the courthouse, and so on.

When the Lagonda reached the area, there were people with blown away umbrellas, and people running around looking for cover everywhere.

When he entered the area it was 5:20. While he was pa.s.sing the broadcasting station, he actually saw a glimpse of a gymnasium sized, transparent, egg shaped structure beside the broadcasting building.

Egg shaped structure was covered with the currently really popular reflective panels. They had a type of transparent, polycarbonate plastic. Not only was it cheap, it also had great transparency.

It was just that the rain was too intense, completely obscuring the building.

Under the first floor room of the broadcasting tower were a bunch of young men and women, standing together with some really old looking people.

Underneath the storm drainage of the large gla.s.s roof were several waterfall like streams vomiting water out like a pressurized water cannon, completely drenching everyone waiting in water.

The familiar coworkers got together to size up the parked cars, while the rest were all chatting away on work related topics. It looked like many of them were waiting for the storm to clear a little before driving away.

Several station’s beauties were laughing together, and taking selfies of the waterfalls behind them.

A brightly lit silver Lagonda slipped out of the heavy rain, and parked right next to the lobby.

Everyone’s eyes lit up as they very strangely stared at this only seen in pictures luxury car.

Ye Qing glanced at the waiting people, but didn’t find DouDou; she was probably still upstairs.

Those people were all her co-workers and managers. If Ye Qing sat in the car, and didn’t greet them at all, then that was just too impolite.

Hence, Ye Qing with his umbrella, risked the rain as he ran for the lobby. Several really beautiful girls with light makeup gathered over. They were the station’s flowers, everyone was super nice to them.

"Bro! Who you here for?" A girl, who Ye Qing felt was super familiar, but he just couldn’t remember her name, asked.

"Bai Dou'r!" Ye Qing, while closing the umbrella, smilingly nodded at her, thinking how worth it this decision was.

"So you’re here for our DouDou sister. She’s still upstairs." The girls happily made small talks: “We’re all in the same situation, no need to stand so far, careful to not get yourself wet."

"I say control yourselves ladies. Don’t stick right next to them as soon as you see one. Careful of Bai Dou’r’s jealousy if she catches you." A real mature looking woman in a purple suit walked over: "Hi I’m Liu Yun, the Chief here."

"Ye Qing!" Ye Qing felt somewhat flattered. He had long before heard that the Chief of the broadcasting station was a very strong woman who loved used young people. Before he always thought that it was some big aunt aged woman, but who knew that she was​ more like a little aunt.

"I’m DouDou’s friend."

"Boy ~ friend?" Chief Liu Yun, who really can’t be considered old, made a small wild guess. Who let Ye Qing make such a grand entrance?

"A good friend, hehe ~ " Ye Qing sorted his jacket, and asked around: "Oh, I saw that there was an egg shaped building over there, is that a new filming studio or what?"

"That's a filming studio our station built for a brand new reality show." Mentioning the new building, Liu Yun proudly introduced: "Zhongyun broadcasting station has had a great viewers.h.i.+p within the province for the past couple of years, but we’re still really far from being a national level station."

"Arts programs are the key to increasing ratings nowadays, so we decided to release a brand new explorer type show, to raise our station’s reputation."

"Sorry for not properly welcoming you Mr. Ye. If you would like to post some advertis.e.m.e.nts​ on our station's network, then we welcome you with open arms."

Advertising fees were basically a broadcasting station’s only source of income. Higher income naturally meant more budget to invite more popular superstars, and higher ratings.

Luxury cars undoubtedly raise a man's status. For people like Ye Qing, Liu Yun naturally needed to keep a close connection.

"Only the boss of a small time factory, not worth mentioning." Ye Qing replied that if he were to actually be in need of advertising, then he would definitely come to Zhongyun broadcasting station first.

Everyone knew Ye Qing was being modest. Normally all those bosses coming for advertis.e.m.e.nts, would only drive Benzs at the most.

However, no one tried to get to the bottom of it. Since he was DouDou's friend, then who knew, they might actually become friends later.

It wasn't just Ye Qing who came here to pick people up. Workers joined them bit by bit, and cars also showed up one after another in front of the lobby.

Although no other luxury car showed up, so Ye Qing left a deep deep impression in everyone with his imposing appearance.

Hence, when DouDou came downstairs in a delicate black laced office clothing and high heels, and saw Ye Qing there surrounded by her co-workers, she suddenly stopped at the door, with her hand covering her lips, and looked on, dumbstruck.

She really didn't expect Ye Qing to brave this big of a storm to come pick her up.

Between the opposite s.e.x, not matter if they were friends or lovers, they would all be moved by the careless small stuff.

By comparison, Ye Qing believed that picking her up wasn't really anything big. But DouDou would never believe it as such. Ye Qing was definitely busy, as the bigger his business was, the less time he had for everything else.

Finding time in his busy schedule to pick her up under this weather, DouDou felt that, if this was anyone else, then they would also be moved.

Several girls immediately gathered around DouDou, and began to question why she was lost in thought there, and that her friend was here to pick her up, so why hadn't she gone to greeted him yet?

"Big… Big brother Ye ~ " DouDou blus.h.i.+ngly called out.

"Go on now, it's pretty cold outside." Liu Yun smilingly patted her, and conveniently left a message for her: "If you keep on blanking out, then your friend will probably get stolen."

DouDou's face blushed even redder. After all, those co-workers and managers were all older than her. Along with the fact that she had just started, the Chief's words had DouDou feel as if she was in a sedan chair.

When Ye Qing, with an umbrella, opened the door to the copilot seat, only then did DouDou respond as she turned around to say goodbye to everyone.

The rain was indeed intense. Just the two steps to the car had already left wet stains on DouDou's clothes.

Ye Qing, while starting the car, handed her a box of tissues.

"Thank you Big brother Ye." DouDou wiped away the water that was on her eyelashes and hair. Then, seeing the rain that was on Ye Qing's forehead, feeling some what nervous, pulled out a new tissue to wipe off the water that was on Ye Qing's head.

"Oh, right, have you eaten yet?" Not knowing why, but when he saw her, he suddenly felt hungry. Maybe it was all due to her alluring food stream.

Getting off work at 5:30 naturally meant having a hungry stomach. DouDou, shaking her head, said: "Big brother Ye, what do you wanna eat? I'll buy."

"As long as it has a parking lot and tastes good, I'm ok with anything."

"En! A new restaurant opened up near Wanda recently, the lamb racks there are said to be especially good.

"Ok!" Having a goal in mind, Ye Qing stepped on the gas.

When they got to Wanda, the sky had already began to darken. The restaurant DouDou picked wasn't really busy yet, so Ye Qing picked a window seat to enjoy viewing the rain.

"Big brother Ye, you're definitely really busy, so would picking me up mess with any of your business?"

DouDou took out a rubber band from her nifty purse, tied up her hair behind her, and changed to a very old kind of speech: "I hear from my co-workers that our Chief, during the year, apart from new years, she'll eat at home. The rest of the time, if it's not someone inviting her, then it's her inviting them."

Ye Qing smiled: "My job is much less complicated. I own factories. As long as products are being sold, then there's really no need for dinner feasts."

"That's good." DouDou let out a super cute smile: "Oh right, Big brother Ye, did you see that transparent ball like building?"

"Yeah, from what your Chief said, it's for a new reality show."

"The show's called

Monster Factory Chapter 101

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