Monster Factory Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: The horrific rainstorm

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

On Weibo, Lou Tianjun’s account was cursed to h.e.l.l and back. His followers were dripping just like a rollercoaster​.

The people who followed him were mostly overtime clocking workers, and white collars.

Because they had strong buying power, but had very little free time, when they bought anything, they like to see its reviews first.

Wanting the white collars to understand what the industrial index meant was already too much.

But the stream on the mechanical engineered chair’s site straightforwardly told them what true quality was.

Finding out that they were swindled, naturally those white collars were angry.

Lou Tianjun also completely turtled up. Right now he didn't even have the time to delete those raging comments anymore.

The product live stream video this time also became the main focal point for many tech websites and video hosting services.

Currently it's the age where the internet can control people's knowledge. Most people nowadays look up online reviews before buying anything. Thus, due to the short amount of time since the mechanical engineered chairs had been released, it basically had a nonexistent reputation…….

Its sales would naturally plummet with someone shaming it. But now that it had proven itself, its sudden sales increase was completely normal.

It was just that, when the clock struck mid-night, the mechanical engineered chair actually sold 700 plus units; completely doubling its total sales from before.

Having too many orders to process naturally meant lining up. Waiting for 2 to 3 days was completely normal.

Right now Ye Qing was excited to the point of being completely unable to sleep. One reason was because of the rapid increase in chair sales, and the other was that the secret base, that main body of the metal smelting center, had finally been completely a.s.sembled by the raging miners and peons.

All the welding on the metal smelting center was completed by the MPCV. The modifications to the pressure press and the electric furnace were completed with the master artisans squeezing out extra time from production.

The extras required to complete the metal smelting center were basically all over the place. For example it needed four 500 kilowatt transformers, which needed to be ripped apart and linked together.

The four transformers cost more than 7 million. It's arc generator, drives, feed servo motors and such due to dimension and precision needs, Ye Qing straight up bought raw copper and made them himself.

The forging module in the metal smelting center was the modified pressure press. When that thing was completed, it was straight up taller than the original. Not only was its size huge, it could also be like CNC mills, freely switching around its workbench, to press out all shapes of metal.

The upgraded million ton pressure press, million ton free forge machine, was a must have for all industrialized nations.

It was just that when compared to those nations with free forge machines, the forging ability of the one in the metal smelting center was just like the different between a 5 axis computer guided mill on full power versus a very normal CNC mill.

Now that the main body had been completed, it was just missing the entire control system.

After completing it, the Monster Factory would apply its one time upgrade to it, then Ye Qing would have to face his skyrocketed electricity bills.

The electric wiring also need re-adjusting, however this was as simple as handing in a form to upgrade to a 100KV line to the power supply bureau, then waiting for the installation of the wires.

Ye Qing had prepared wiring and transformers a long time ago. Nowadays, the industry's need for electricity had been on a constant drop, but what the power supply bureau loved were enterprises with high-powered industrial equipments. That way, at 1 yuan per kilowatt, the power supply bureau would use unimaginable speed to satisfy their needs.

The electric furnace was a great electricity sucker, so all Ye Qing had to do was make two of them to dupe the power supply office from raising any suspicion.

Leaving two master artisans, and two peons to install the control system, Ye Qing went back to get some much needed sleep.

The next day, the sky was completely covered in thick clouds, as if it could rain any moment.

Ye Qing brought a mechanical engineered chair as a gift and paid Li Huaxing a visit. Next week was Shanghai's International Science and Technology exhibition, Huaxing Heavy Industry would definitely be taking part in it, so Ye Qing asked him to help him get Monster Factory Inc. a spot there.

Li Huaxing directly had his secretary do stuff like signing up, but due to signing up too late, right now all the good spots had already been taken, only some remote places were still free.

The position was whatever because Ye Qing's main goal this time was to fk over Kangyuan's product display.

Yes, that's right, who cared whether or not he could get the creativity award, the main goal was to screw over all of Kangyuan's business deals.

Weren't they planning on releasing an all new AI a.s.sisted ma.s.sage chair to enter foreign markets?

Then Ye Qing was going to enter the arena, and steal every single one of their deals.

When the time came, all he needed were a couple of peons to act as bodyguards, and Kangyuan would be guaranteed to be unable to say anything at all.

1:20 in the afternoon, the sky was completely black.

Entering the summer season, torrential rain for coastal cities was a common occurrence.

When it was the hottest time in July and August, high levels of evaporation from the ocean would form clouds. The clouds, due to low temperature, and high temperature range, would attract greater levels of evaporation, so at that time coastal cities would enter typhoon mitigation mode.

Although Zhongyun was close to the Yellow sea, it wasn't like the South China Sea that was in the direct path of typhoons. But basically, there would always be some giant wind storms. As for named typhoons, Ye Qing only ever remembered encountering three of them.

Right now was the middle of June, the factories at the Dragon Creek Beach were all built to withstand high wind levels, plus there was a high surrounding wall acting as a deterrent.

The arrival of typhoon meant a free to watch show of the power of mother nature.

Ye Qing, having finished lunch, directly entered his Lagonda, turned on the radio to MF 106.9, and prepared to listen to DouDou new show [News by your ears].

Since Ye Qing promised to be one of her first listeners, naturally he had to uphold his promise.

To be honest, a beautifully famous streamer friend, turned real life radio host, ma.s.sively peaked Ye Qing's interest as it was just straight up rare. Thus, on her first showing, he needed to make an effort no matter what.

Time flew as he surfed the web on his cell phone while listening to the redundant ads. Half an hour later, the musical entrance for [News by your ears] sounded right on time.

Several seconds later, from the Levinson sounds system in the car, came a familiar voice.

"Good afternoon to all my wonderful listeners. Thank you for tuning into MF 106.9, I'm your host DouDou, and this is [News by your ears]."

"Today at 7 in the morning, our Vice-Mayor Wu Shunyun, who was in charge of urban health and cultural construction works, led the team responsible for improving the culture and health safety of the city on to the streets to help out the sanitation workers with keeping the city clean."

"During the campaign, Vice Mayor Wu Shunyu, without fear of getting dirty and tired, rejected the offered gloves, personally knelt down beside the road curbs and began to pick up used cigarette b.u.t.ts."

"At the same time during the interview, Vice Mayor Wu Shunyu encourage every government official, office worker, and citizen to partake in the citywide clean up exercise."

If it wasn’t for DouDou's angel like voice, and his promise to listen, then Ye Qing would definitely have turned off the radio.

There was​ still at least another month before the nationwide culture and health inspection team arrived; the local government was seriously too anxious.

Lowering the sound a bit, Ye Qing continued to surf the web on his phone as he got onto the mechanical engineered chair’s page to see all the new threads.

After 15 minutes of news, it was time for connecting with the audience.

Connecting with the audience was the show’s only highlight, because very often the caller will only speak in the local dialect, and it was pretty funny hearing the host trying to convince the caller to speak in Mandarin.

At the same time, it was a test of the host’s ability to cope, because when the callers were calling in, sometimes they would be really agitated, so it was very likely that they would step on some sensitive landmine without knowing.

The first caller was pretty funny: "OMG, I’ve heard almost a year of Old man Zhang saying the news, today they finally switched to a girl! Girl how old are you? Are you going to keep hosting the show?"

The second caller was very straight forward, and in the local dialect said: "Girl, can you guys not report on the cultural health thing 24/7?"

"I was riding my bike going the opposite way today, but the G.o.d d.a.m.n traffic cop at that d.a.m.n intersection actually booked me, took my ID card and gave me a 50 yuan ticket."

"So what’ll happen if I don’t pay this 50 yuan?"

Ye Qing was listening to this 15 minutes of audience calling for the jokes. Of the 7 lucky callers today, 3 of them were complaining about getting ticketed for going the opposite direction of the lane they were in.

The cultural health thing was seriously everywhere. Wonder what’ll happen if they actually book some elementary kid.

Hearing out the entire show, Ye Qing got out of the car to stretch. Having gotten used to sitting in the mechanical engineered chair, going back to sitting in the Lagonda’s built-in seats, its comfort level really needed getting used to.

Or maybe making a series of mechanical engineered chairs specifically for cars was another way out.

A drop of rain hit Ye Qing's face from the sky. Just when Ye Qing raised his head, the heavy droplets, as if having let loose, all suddenly dropped down.

"Let the rain fall fiercer!" Ye Qing, with his arms wide open, yelled at the boundless sea.


A strike of lightning suddenly lit the sky, and struck the edge of the sea. Then the rain got bigger and bigger, to the point where Ye Qing could only run inside and hide.

It just so happened that this major rainstorm was a great excuse to delay s.h.i.+pments. Ye Qing got on Tmall, saying that due to the torrential rain in the area, to prevent any potential damage, all product s.h.i.+pments were delayed for the next few days.

To be fair, production hadn’t stopped at all, and it wasn't like it was raining knives. Ye Qing had the peons hammer a couple long and st.u.r.dy steel rods into the surrounding hills to act as lightning rods, guaranteed to be more effective than Thor’s hammer.

Ye Qing sent DouDou a message on WeChat asked if she was still at the radio station.

There was a torrential downpour outside right now, did she need him to come pick her up?

DouDou quickly replied, saying 'no need Big brother Ye, I brought a rain jacket with me. By 5, the rain will probably be over.'

It was just that the storm today had held in for too long, from 2 to 5 it didn’t relent at all, and it looked as if it could keep on going.

On the roof, on the ground, and in the sea, they were all literally completely covered by the storm. Visibility outside was even worse than antic.i.p.ated.

Grabbing an umbrella, Ye Qing, without even messaging DouDou, drove right behind the wheel of the Lagonda.

There would definitely be difficulties getting a cab under these conditions. Add on the fact that DouDou’s family doesn’t own a car, Ye Qing worried that DouDou, with her paper thin face, wouldn’t ask him at all, so he decided to wait for her to get off work at the radio station.

Monster Factory Chapter 100

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