Monster Factory Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Return of the king

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

When Ye Qing clicked the update b.u.t.ton, the wonderful page refreshed, and immediately turned into one of those streaming sites with a video window right in the middle.

There was that extremely arrogant t.i.tle at the top, and a high definition stream video below.

In the wide-open window, there was, in clear detail, a giant plate of steel, with 2 unwrapped mechanical engineered chairs secured to it.

Due to angle issues, the camera had problems showing the steel case in front of the chairs. That was also the reason why the 1000 or so viewers who saw the t.i.tle and the video were so perplexed.

Within the​ thousand ish viewers, a third of them were members of the ghostwriters, another third were people there to enjoy the debacles, and the rest were all owners of the mechanical engineered chairs.

As soon as the extremely arrogant t.i.tle appeared, the sightseers and ghostwriters immediately exploded.

Those people rushed back onto the forums and cursed the maker for being so arrogant. Some even further fanned the flames by saying, 'sick, quick, let me see how you’re going to wreck these ghostwriters.'

Ye Qing stared at the number of connections made to the site, and as word of Ye Qing’s arrogant t.i.tle and video got out, the number of people doubled every few minutes.

Seeing the more than 5000 connect viewers, Ye Qing decided to wait for more people before starting his display of power.

As the posts on the forum kept increasing, Ye Qing suddenly facepalmed for forgetting such a simple thing, and hurriedly called Illusion Corporation’s Yan Zhaoge.

"Hurry, help me set up a banner comment system on my site’s stream."

"Banner?" Looks like Yan Zhaoge hadn't seen Ye Qing’s statement like t.i.tle yet. Half a minute later, Yan Zhaoge’s surprised voice came over the phone: "This…… t.i.tle of yours is seriously too…… arrogant."

"How are you planning to attack?"

"Just you wait, give me 10 minutes. I’ve got the basic model of a coloured banner system here, I’ll help you set it up right away."

Yan Zhaoge, without any comments, hung up. But as the t.i.tle of the stream got around to more and more people, the amount of people connecting to the site also increased, which was leading to more people seeing Ye Qing’s extremely arrogant t.i.tle.

It was just that most of the people were there to see the maker flop and burn.

There has always been the saying that bystanders don’t mind making the situation worse. The viewers all got on to their usual hangout places, and used some very exaggerated words to describe this official move by the maker of the mechanical engineered chairs.

[Haha ~ The heartless maker is preparing to make a statement, guys quick get on!"

[The maker installed 2 chairs on a steel plate and is going to tell us what true industrialization​ is. Everyone come and witness!]

[Maker streaming chairs, but they aren’t moving at all, guys you gotta watch this.]

[Everyone come and watch with me, what is true industrial technology. That’s right — let us watch this chair securing technology.]

On Weibo, people were none stoppingly​ mentioning Lou Tianjun’s Mechanical Pioneer ID, saying that the maker was going to show them what true industrial technology was, and to come watch with them.

Without using 10 minutes, in under 7 minutes the first red floating banner appeared on the backend system.

[Banners complete!]

That was definitely sent by Yan Zhaoge. As soon as the banner was launched, the already 50 some thousand viewers all refreshed the page, and just like having found a new continent, crazily tried to leave behind their footprints.

[The maker is a complete moron!]

[I already can’t wait for how this manufacturer is going to clear himself.]

[The garbage chairs checks out, those are definitely the chairs Mechanical Pioneer dismantled.]

[Although the chair's quality is garbage, and is super expensive, but I still need to say, who ever buys it is a r.e.t.a.r.d.]

[Oh my G.o.d, this is too hilarious. Is the maker going to teach us about screws?]

[You bunch of unknowing morons. I’ve already witnessed the maker’s true techs, haven’t you guys seen how thick the maker’s face is?]

[Haha ~ Hi everyone, I’m Xiaobian from the Futuristic discussion forum. I need to tell everyone a big piece of news. I am going to show this hilarious moment for more people to see.]

[666 ~ I’m going to @ all the reporters' public accounts, so that they can also join in to see how this manufacturer is going to show us what true industrial technology is with those trash tier materials.]

The banner system basically went crazy. Countless people were all laughing at how arrogant Ye Qing was being.

Streaming hung up chairs. Was this the way the maker was going to clear the trash material t.i.tle for the mechanical engineered chairs?

Ye Qing, with his hands behind his neck, completely ignored those stupid ghostwriters' posts.

That’s right, Ye Qing adding in the banner system on the stream was just to give those ghostwriters a place to let loose.

As long as they made an account, then they could defame however they liked in front of countless audience members. That was definitely the easiest and the most fun they’ve had in a long time.

Some of those defamatory comments were savage to the point that even they didn’t want to look at it, but there weren’t any moderators to stop them at all.

Ye Qing quietly waited on the backend for more people to connect. That way, the effects of the stream would undoubtedly be better.

Furthermore, there was still some prep work that needed to be completed by the master artisans.

The trash talk ~ was completely brought sky high with those ghostwriters and the r.e.t.a.r.ded fans who actually believed the lies about the mechanical engineered chairs.

Those tiny tiny owners of the mechanical engineered chairs already decided to watch the show.

Even though they also felt very uncomfortable with the chairs just hanging off of the wall like that.

But they also couldn’t wait for the manufacturer to use methods that they couldn’t guess at all to prove to everyone the true ability of the mechanical engineered chairs.

They were seriously almost turned into turtles. Originally when they bought the chairs, everyone praised them for being stinking rich. But now, all those viewer who couldn’t afford a chair took the Mechanical Pioneer’s words as an edict, and laughed at them for being complete idiots.

10 minutes later, a master artisan ran out, to report that everything had been prepared.

And the viewer count now had already surpa.s.sed the 400,000 mark. Most of them ware all from big discussion boards and from Weibo, who came here for the fun.

Those were all real stats, no bots at all.

Seeing that the influx of people had began to slow, Ye Qing stretched his fingers, banned everyone from speaking, and sent out an admin only color changing banner.

[Open your eyes, the real show is about to begin.]

Having sent the message, Ye Qing turned off the banned mode, then commanded the master artisan to go to the workshop and operate the 2 mechanical engineered chairs from outside of the camera lenses.

[Hahahaha, I’m already dieing from laughter in front of the computer.]

[This maker really doesn’t care about face at all. I really want to see how you’re going to wash yourself clean​.]

[Those who bought the chairs are all These are my final words.]

Countless viewer, who had waited for almost half an hour, finally saw movement.

*Ka Ka*

A burst of completely mechanical joint movement sounds, penetrated through the stand alone microphone, and clearly broadcasted it into the ears of the viewers.

The crazy moving banners suddenly stopped, because the 2 mechanical engineered chairs had started to move……

The main arm, just like a real arm, moved with a real beat.

*Ka ~ KaKa ~ KaKa ~ Ka*

Accompanying the movement of the main arm were the 5 fingers of the mechanical engineered chair, making nimble, lifelike movements, just like real fingers.

Stretch, curl!

The chair that was made up by pure mechanical joints right now was just like a boxer, with his hands curled up and ready for a fight.

The 400,000 plus viewers from all over the internet that gathered to watch the manufacturer make fun of themselves were all dumbstruck by this turn of events.

The 2 chairs that were secured to the steel plate, actually…… actually……

Turned into the hands of a boxer all of a sudden. Who had ever seen this kind of never before seen transformation?

Ye Qing didn’t turn off the banner chat option, but right now, the stream was completely void of banners, just like the brains of everyone watching.

The left mechanical engineered chair, suddenly swung out its 5 fingers, to perform a very standard and professional punch.


Just when everyone was expecting it to hit nothing, a hit resonated in everyone’s ears.

Furthermore the camera finally rotated, to a very standard view, to let everyone see every detail of this stream.

A sandbag!

A leather covered, 2 meter tall large sandbag, was placed right on top of a steel case.


The right mechanical engineered chair, coming in from a curled angel, struck the large sandbag from the side.

Side uppercut!

A very standard side uppercut posture.

Due to wanting to protect the human body, the mechanical engineered chair actually had limits on how curled up the 5 fingers could be. Now Ye Qing removed the limit, letting everyone see what was true technology.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

The mechanical engineered chair completely embodied the boxer's rage. Side hook, right straight, jab, cross fist.

Every professional, nimble boxing move, when hitting the sandbag, was just like a sharp sword, ruthlessly piercing into the heart of every viewer.

The large sandbag was just like a loose leaf in the wind.

The 2 mechanical engineered chairs were just like the wind blowing the leaf.

1 minute pa.s.sed, 2 minute pa.s.sed, 5 minutes pa.s.sed……

The mechanical engineered chairs, just like a never tiring boxer, continued to let loose its wrath on the opponent.

Those ghostwriters that were hired by those other chair makers, those unbridled ghostwriters, right now were drenched in cold sweat, and trembling all over.

They really, really wanted to type. To use the already written dirt, to attack, to defame, to slander the mechanical engineered chairs.

It was just that their trembling hands, and the never before had nervousness, had them completely frozen. They were unable to type a single character at all.

There was only the loud *Bang!* *Bang!* from the sandbag being hit.

Every hit had the heart of every viewer jump once.

Weren't you guys completely shaming it? Saying how bad its quality was?

Didn't it have nothing good about it?

Weren't the welds on the aluminum alloy subpar? Wasn't the material weakened, and easy to snap?

Now, the 2 mechanical engineered chairs, having removed all their coverings, exposed the extremely futuristic and industrialized structure inside.

Using a way that no mechanic, no ergonomic chair manufacturer, no ma.s.sage chair maker would think of, be able to, or even try to prove themselves.

To prove their quality. To prove that their dignity was not something that could be trampled on.

Not knowing for how long, but when the large sandbag in the steam started to crack and leak.


The first comment banner popped up.

[Mechanical Engineered Chairs, I sincerely apologise for all my wrong accusations. I was paid to talk by Mijiesi. I’ll post everything about the exchange after all of this.]

This lonely comment floated on the high definition stream, just as this comment was about to fade away.

Replies of praises came in like a tsunami.

[I’m also sorry. Don’t worry, I’ll stream my self-slapping in a bit.]

[666, I’m completely done. This slap by the manufacturer seriously hurt.]

[My mom asked me why my face was swollen like a pig's head, I said I was b.i.t.c.h slapped by the mechanical engineered chairs.]

[Hahahaha ~ You bunch of idiots. Why aren’t you talking now? So who was the one that called me r.e.t.a.r.ded for buying the chair?]

[Louder guys, so who really is the idiot here?]

[Me!] [Me!] [Me!] [Me!] [Me!]……

[Where’s that reporter Xiaobian?]

[I’m here, legs are too weak at the moment. Let me kneel for an hour first.]

[A horizon opening experience, truly an eye opening experience. In this lifetime, I’ll only submit to the mechanical engineered chairs. The maker was completely right, this is what real industrial technology truly is.]

[Real industrial technology +1!]

[Need to quickly put down an order. From now on whoever says the chair is trash, I’m gonna fking b.i.t.c.h slap him with the chair.]

[Haha ~ order submitted!]

[88,000, even if I have to be a construction worker for the next 100 years, I’m still going to buy it.!]

[What a breath of fresh air! Haha China unite! From now on, if I find anyone say that the chairs are trash, then I’m going to send them this video.]

[Yes yes yes. I’ve already recorded all of this. I need to upload it onto all those big discussion boards, and see which idiot would still attack my mechanical engineered chairs.]

[Hold on guys, let me speak! It all started with that r.e.t.a.r.ded Mechanical Pioneer! He was definitely paid to humiliate and shame the chairs!]


Monster Factory Chapter 99

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