Monster Factory Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Official stream

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing slowly dug up all the dirt Lou Tianjun kept on every customer he had before and the chat records of attacking the mechanical engineered chair, then transferred them all onto an USB stick as backup.

Ye Qing didn’t touch the money Lou Tianjun took. This had Lou Tianjun’s still nervous heart, relax somewhat. Money is his life, if he’s still got that, then he can start all over.

Ye Qing turned around and faced Lou Tianjun: "I don’t need to tell you what to do now, correct?"

"Nope nope. I’ll immediately make another post, with complete professionalism to clean away the mechanical engineered chair." Lou Tianjun hated having evidence fall into the hands of others, but all he could do now was clench his teeth and bear with it.

"No need. If you were to wash yourself clean, then wouldn’t that just tip Kangyuan off?" Ye Qing told him to just do nothing, when Kangyuan actually sends over the necessary information on the ‘incident', then he should follow his instructions.

Lou Tianjun, just like a featherless crow, nodded with no strength.

"Remember, don’t do this stupid s.h.i.+t again." Ye Qing patted his bruised cheek, then left.

When Ye Qing drove back to Zhongyun in the Lagonda, the first thing he did was. .h.i.t the electronics market to buy 2 high definition cameras, a stand alone microphone, and a bunch of extending cables.

Then, from a nearby health equipment store, he bought a Kangyuan s.p.a.ce capsule series ma.s.sage chair.

Ye Qing had the chair directly delivered to the Dragon Creek Beach factory, while he went off for dinner before heading back.

While on the road Xu Xiaohu called to inform him of a piece of really terrible news.

From noon till now, there was 11 new orders for the mechanical engineered chairs.

Many potential clients called customer service to ask, why was the mechanical engineered chair so expensive, yet used such poor quality materials, and not yet willing to import in some foreign made automated welders.

The customer service girls were cursed pretty badly. So Ye Qing told Xu Xiaohu to tell the girls to turn off their computers and take the rest of the day off.

Having gotten back to the Dragon Creek Beach factory, Ye Qing took a deep breath and logged on to see the new state of things on the internet.

Lou Tianjun’s Weibo had already stopped updating, but Ye Qing still got on the discussion forums to find many viewers using Lou Tianjun’s words to further expand the damages by saying how the trashy materials in the chair would definitely make the chair break not too long after it was bought.

Furthermore, some technology websites, under the new technology section, borrowed Lou Tianjun’s words to describe how the awaited mechanical engineered chair for many VR users still had a long ways to go.

Of course, when there are people protesting, there are always supporters.

Illusion’s official site even made a statement, saying how they were going to cooperate with Monster Factory Inc. to develop VR specific software for clients to experience the unknown.

Furthermore, they emphasized that the mechanical engineered chair produced by the Monster Factory Inc. was the best product they had ever seen on the market, and that someone was specially targeting the chairs to destroy their brand.

There were also real mechanical engineered chair users writing posts to explain.

Sadly, those people were just too little, as most of the replies to those posts were all saying how they were ghostwriters hired by the maker.

No one really cared about whether or not the maker of the mechanical engineered chair was truly being targeted. It wasn't like they could buy it to begin with, so they might as well as join in the fun.

In the evening, on many discussion boards, a bunch of new and very inactive accounts suddenly popped up.

They all posted, from price to quality, criticisms about the mechanical engineered chair. Most of the posters said they were actual clients who had bought the chairs. However the chairs they got basically had problems everywhere, as they’ll break after trivial use, and that the maker doesn’t provide any warranty at all.

The storm clouds were brewing.

In total the mechanical engineered chair had sold less than 800 units. As for where the h.e.l.l the ghostwriters got the chairs, it was all probably from their dreams.

Kangyuan, being the leading player in the domestic high end ma.s.sage chair sector, was completely ousted by Ye Qing's mechanical engineered chair's quality alone.

Them spending money to hire people to attack him was completely understandable.

Now with the appearance of this group that were clearly ghostwriters, very likely they were hired by other ergonomic and ma.s.sage chair makers.

The wicked sales for the mechanical engineered chairs definitely hit a nerve for those guys. Now that there was someone taking the lead, and seeing the chance to enlarge the damages, they all jumped on it.

Beating the h.e.l.l out of Lou Tianjun the scapegoat, although it might have felt great, the amount of actual effect it had was next to none.

Although the mechanical engineered chair was only released recently, it still caused quite the stir on all those video sites.

It was also the chair's short life that made it such a ma.s.sive target, as it couldn't be like those well-known companies, with their age old reputation and ma.s.sive clienteles. Thus, they could ignore all defamation, as there was just no room to begin with.

Up to now, there weren't even 1000 true users of the mechanical engineered chairs.

It was a very small group. The voice they were able to make would be drowned out by all those who couldn't actually buy the chairs.

It could be said that with these ghostwriters in the mix, they successfully made the mechanical engineered chairs a hot topic of discussion on the internet for the next few days.

Ye Qing then got onto the newly set up official site for the mechanical engineered chair, and found that it had basically become the base of operations for the ghostwriters. Over 500 posts on the forums, with the majority of them being flat out lies, like how when they bought the chair, it came with all kinds of different problems.

[I just bought the chair yesterday, but who knew that today its armrests stopped moving. I asked customer service for a refund, but they said that this was the result of my improper actions, so no refunds.]

[My chair's remote control has issues. When I pressed ma.s.sage, it actually started the swinging function.]

[The quality of this chair is just too poor, the leather even has a smell on it. It's definitely man made.]

[Haha ~ Come on ghostwriters, be more professional will you? Even coming up remote controls, you think this is like a race car? The mechanical engineered chair is all software controlled. Do some G.o.dd.a.m.n research will ya?]

[Pics or it’s a lie. I’ve already posted a picture of my chair, if you morons can actually come up with a legitimate picture of a chair, then I’ll stream myself eating a chair.]

The rest of the posts were all from real chair users. They also made the site their base, and began to unite as they fought off the ghostwriters.

As Ye Qing sat in front of the computer, his rage from the beginning, in the wake of the ever increasing ghostwriters, began to subside.

The bigger the crisis, the bigger the opportunity.

As long as Ye Qing was able to grab onto this opportunity, then he could turn the crisis into a great piece of advertis.e.m.e.nt.

And what Ye Qing wanted to do was to use actions to prove the lies of these ghostwriters, and to give those that started all of this a big slap on the face.

Didn’t they say that the chair's quality sucked, and that hand welding was unreliable?

Then Ye Qing will use the most straightforward way, to prove to those people, what true industrial tech really meant.

Walking into the workshop, Ye Qing had the peons move two still uncovered silvery white chairs over.

The mechanical engineered chair had a square shaped aluminum base. Ye Qing had the peons secure the chair's base to another giant plate of steel with screws.

Ye Qing had the peons move this piece of steel plate into the corner of the workshop, and secure it onto the wall with screws, then hide it all behind a case.

After completing all of this, Ye Qing brought out the camera he bought on the road, and connected it from the corner all the way to the computer in the office.

Having tested the images from the high definition cameras to be crystal clear at 1080 pixels, it let Ye Qing see every detail from the silvery white chairs.

The official site set up by Illusion Corporation had many features.

Not only did the front page have advertis.e.m.e.nt slots, there was even a slot right in the center that allowed for video stream. At the same time, the servers in question from Ali Enterprise were all the high end ones with no data limits.

Ye Qing, using his admin privileges, connected the high resolution signals from the cameras to the stream on the site.

And furthermore, at the very top of the front page, left a t.i.tle that was arrogant beyond doubt.

[I, the mechanical engineered chair, will show you what true industrial technology really is.]

Monster Factory Chapter 98

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