Monster Factory Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Sea chase

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

The 3D camera’s overpoweredness exceeded even Ye Qing’s imagination.

Ye Qing thought that for a 3D picture, he needed to at least take a set of pictures of the thing in question from all 360 angles. Yet, who would’ve thought that all that was actually needed was to just take a picture of the thing in question like normal, and the memory chip inside the camera would include an all new CAD file.

These car casings are of irregular geometric shapes. If they relied on measuring alone, then that would require all kinds of measuring instruments, and require the building of an electronic model with tons and tons of set coordinates.

Now, this could all be completed with just a single click from the 3D camera.

The engine cover, b.u.mper, and the likes could be made a bit thinner, but those related to to the body of the car, especially the doors, must be as thick as possible.

After all, apart from the presidential bullet proof lincolns, all other luxury cars, no matter how good they were, none of them could stand the full force of a head on collision.

Ye Qing was quite familiar with CAD drawings. Only using the morning, the smelting center was lit up again, to create a dazzling silver memory alloy casing.

Previously, the Lagonda had a layer of silver paint on its casing, now that it had switched to the nickel-t.i.tanium memory alloy casing, there weren’t any major differences, rather it just felt more metallic and more beautiful to the eye.

Its size was also slightly larger due to being thicker at certain areas as per Ye Qing’s wishes.

After having completed the outer casing for the Lagonda, Ye Qing had the metal smelting center operate at full power to produce standard steel I beams and columns for further expansions of the underground base.

If he wanted to further expand the underground base, then structurally strengthening the entire base was a must. The pyramid shape like ceiling needed more support bars at the top, the support bars then needed to be secured in place by more beams underneath, which were required to be drilled into the rocks walls.

Within the underground base, Ye Qing with the industrial data, and the 3D camera, just like an Asian tourist, took pictures of the entire base.

With those pictures of the base, Ye Qing could easily plan out the exact details of future expansions accordingly.

Having finished taking pictures of the inside, Ye Qing then ran off to one of the barren hills to the north, to take full area pictures of the already hollowed out western hills.

The base was seriously stifling, and there was no signal at all.

Ye Qing planned on adding in a hidden ventilation shaft, and a small signal broadcasting tower.

When Ye Qing collected all the necessary data, he took off the, faced the sea, and stretched out his cramping arms.

Standing high means seeing far; which includes the whole sea region of the Dragon Creek Beach.

Of course, the natural scenery of the Dragon Creek Beach was simply terrible. Not mentioning the still deteriorating water quality, the entire region was filled with hidden corals. Borrowing the currently clear skies, Ye Qing stared out into the sea, and found tons of large dark shadows hidden underneath the waters.

Those giant shadows were quite stimulating to the mind. The longer one looked at it, the more they would be reminded of deep-sea monsters and ancient sirens.

Ye Qing had some fear of the deep sea. This was also the main reason why he hadn’t taken the MPCV for a deep-sea spin.

Of course, those moving shadows weren't sea monsters, rather, they were giant submerged coral reefs. Their existence was also the reason why large s.h.i.+ps couldn’t access the beach, and even small boats had to be on the lookout​ when traveling through here.

Taking in the view and feeling the sea breeze for a bit, Ye Qing was ready to head back down.

Who knew that a random glance actually caused Ye Qing to stare on, completely dumbstruck.

At the far end of the sea in the south, a beetle like black yacht was skipping through the waves and headed straight for the beach at Dragon Creek.

And right behind the yacht were five white speed boats, who were just like surfers turning left and right, trying their hardest to cut off the black boat.

As for that yacht, it was in complete savage mode. Whenever a white speed boat wanted to get close to it, the yacht would always quickly turn and use its black body to viciously smash into them.

The white speed boat was clearly weaker by several tiers, as they tried their hardest to avoid a head on collision.

Ye Qing hurriedly put on the data, held onto his jaw, and stunningly looked at the scene on the sea, which came quite close to those blockbuster scenes from Hollywood.

That black yacht's speed actually reached 48 knots as it flew through the sea surface. By the data a.n.a.lysed by the, Ye Qing suddenly found that the waves emitted by the boat were actually made up of eight small waves.

So what does that mean?

That means eight high speed outboard motors. Normally a speed boat only needed one propeller to start flying, yet this boat actually had eight installed, and are high torque ones at that.

However, those white speed boats also brought shock to Ye Qing’s eyes.

Not to mention that they only had four outboard motors, the one at the very front actually had a pure black machine gun at its bow.

If it weren’t for the Anti Smuggling Unit words painted on the hull of the five white s.h.i.+ps, Ye Qing right now would definitely be lying on the ground with his head completely hidden.

It was also these data that showed Ye Qing the details of these boats, and why the black yacht was fleeing this crazily.

That was a specially customized smuggling boat, as the eight outbound motors gave it unimaginable speed and power. The tortoise sh.e.l.l like steel armor on it's outside let it easily ram and knock over any boat that tried to block its path.

The chase after greater profits has happened nonstop throughout the ages. However, as technology advanced, both side had begun to adopt more and more advanced tech.

Ye Qing had seen all kinds of news articles about sea smuggling on the TV, and how those specially customized boats easily escaped the pursuit of the Anti Smuggling Units.

After all, they were afraid of being found to begin with, so how the heck could you expect them to stop and wait for your inspections?

Add on thick steel plating to the mix, and unless military grade ammunition were used, even bullets became useless.

Ye Qing reckoned that the yacht had tons of illegal stuff stashed, otherwise there was no way for four motor boats to catch up to their eight engine s.h.i.+p.

As they got even closer, Ye Qing who was at the top of the hills, could hear the roars coming from those speed boat engines as well as those warning calls coming from the Anti Smuggling Unit's loudspeakers.



"Why aren't you shooting?!" Ye Qing, while on the hill, was feeling ever anxious for the Anti Smuggling Units as their boats kept on getting rammed.

The yacht was still continuing on its way, and even began to pull S maneuvers to actively try to ram the Anti Smuggling Units' boats.

The Anti Smuggling boat in front of the smugglers was definitely piloted by a veteran, as no matter how the smugglers tried to get close, it always dodged with the closest of margins.

"Run run run ~ I don't believe you've got only gas as cargo. Let's see how far you can still run." The yacht's actions had probably pushed the Anti smuggling police to beyond snapping point, as the loud speakers suddenly transmitted raging roars.

Yet, right at that moment, Ye Qing suddenly missed a heartbeat.

Because the Anti Smuggling s.h.i.+p had unknowingly sailed on top of a giant shadow in the sea.

Then Ye Qing could only stare on helplessly as that s.h.i.+p, just like having hit a naval mine, jumped out of the waters.

*BOOM ~ *

The s.h.i.+p shot up nearly a full meter, before coming cras.h.i.+ng down with huge wave.

Good thing 46 knots was only like 80 km/h, and there was the seawater there for cus.h.i.+oning, so when the boat landed it didn't perform the dreaded roll. Rather, the inertia of the impact brought it forward for another dozen meters, then accompanied by large amount of air bubbles, it started to slowly sink.

At such a critical juncture, two chase boats immediately abandoned the chase and approached the damaged boat. Seven or so officers in life jackets hurriedly jumped onto the damaged boat help rescue the ones...o...b..ard.

Seeing them still not firing, Ye Qing reckoned that the Anti Smuggling Unit didn't bring any ammunition at all.

*BOOM ~ *

A sky splitting explosion, sounded off in Ye Qing's ears, as the black yacht suddenly flew higher.

And higher.

Monster Factory Chapter 108

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