Monster Factory Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Money making opportunity

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Without any doubt, this yacht also rammed into some submerged reefs.

Ye Qing stared on as it jumped out of the water, did a backflip, then came cras.h.i.+ng down on top of the water.

The yacht was specially designed to be completely sealed, so even if it laid there with its belly up like a turtle it was still able to remain afloat.

This scene……

Ye Qing felt privileged, yet nervous; it was like that feeling you have when you were one of the few that were at a rare blockbuster premier.

Two chase boats slowed down to a speed that was basically slower than crawling, as it slowly approached the flipped yacht and tried to dock next to it with mooring ropes.

The other broken speed boat was secured by the other two chase boats on its left and right sides to prevent it from sinking.

The factory's small dock wasn't far from them either. Those guys, just like walking the cable, slowly and carefully pulled the boat to the docks.

Ye Qing, with some peons in tow, headed for the docks to welcome them.

Right now every monster in the factory had a set of disguise uniforms, so Ye Qing wasn't worried about exposing the monsters. Plus, the door to underground base had been specially camouflaged to be basically invisible.

As soon as the speed boats docked, 10 Anti smuggling police officers in uniform and life jackets nimbly jumped on-sh.o.r.e with feelings of rejoice after a calamity.

Yet the size of the peons had the Anti Smuggling police quite shocked.

Of course, although muscle heads were rare, but at least everyone had met at least one before.

An Anti Smuggling officer, with haggard breath, pointed to the floating yacht in the waters and anxiously said: "This is a s.h.i.+pyard right?"

"And so um… do you guys happen to have any heavy duty cranes?"

"This place used to be a s.h.i.+pyard, but I bought it a couple of months back and turned it into a mechanical factory."

"We don't have any crane systems, but we can use trucks to tow it to sh.o.r.e." Ye Qing pointed to the two Dongfeng trucks in the yard: "The beach is right there, but you guys have to do everything yourselves."

With this kind of dangerous situation, there was no way Ye Qing would join in the chaos; who knew if they had any weapons inside there.

A chase boats was seriously damaged, and the smuggling yacht laid there like an upside down turtle, so of course they couldn't be left there alone.

The yacht was actually very large in size; twice the size of the chase boats. Only with the towing power of both trucks in play was it able to be slowly towed on sh.o.r.e.

Two officers immediately borrowed some sledgehammer from Ye Qing and went to the c.o.c.kpit window for a smas.h.i.+ng spree.

Two other officer with SMGs in hand, guarded the main hatch; just in case someone came rus.h.i.+ng out.

With a heavy swing, the yacht's gla.s.s only vibrated a bit. Those swings, which should’ve been able to smash rocks into smithereens, only left a miniscule dent in the gla.s.s.

The police, not believing in what they were seeing, swung another couple of times, yet the gla.s.s remained unbroken. What’s more, the rebounding shock from the hits actually shook their hands numb.

"Holy bullet proof gla.s.s?" An Anti Smuggling officer with a police badge on his arms was at his wit’s end as he pointed at the yacht and raged: "What the flying bull c.r.a.p is this!! How come they get all the advanced stuff!!"

Bullet proof gla.s.s, and a completely sealed s.h.i.+p is definitely harder to bite into than a turtle' sh.e.l.l.

"You could just use mechanical cutters." Ye Qing who was enjoying the fiasco in front of him had a peon fetch a random cutter for them.

Bullet proof gla.s.s has a high level of toughness mainly due to the rubber layers in the middle of it.

Its ability to absorb shocks was seriously mind blowing. Don’t mention sledgehammers, even normal bullets couldn’t pierce through it. However, everything has a natural enemy, as its anti cutting ability was seriously bad, to the point where any normal battery powered saw was able to cut it open.

Sure enough ~

When the officers switched to the cutters, the bullet proof gla.s.s immediately turned jelly, as a break point was effortlessly cut out.

The officers were staring at each other, as none of them were able to understand how the gla.s.s that could block virtually any bullet, wasn’t able to stop the cutting of a regular cutter.

Then they all gave Ye Qing multiple thumb ups of praise.

Cutting while spraying water, 10 plus minutes later, the entire gla.s.s section was cut out. Then with weapons c.o.c.ked, two officers in bulletproof vests jumped in like angry lions.

After the pa.s.sing of enough time to smoke a cig, a hidden hatch door in the cargo bay was opened from the inside. The officers came out with two b.l.o.o.d.y, bald young men.

"Hehe ~ run, continue running." Several officers swiftly gathered around with icy expressions and booked them like catching chickens.

Two white Hyundai vans with anchor badges painted on it, followed the paved road and swiftly arrived at the beach. As the doors opened, a serious looking man got out.

"Chief Chief." The Anti Smuggling officers hurriedly ran over and excitingly stated: "Chief, we got a big big haul this time. The whole boat is filled with banned animal products. Over a hundred ivory tusks and there are many rhinoceros horns as well."

"Nicely done!" The Chief of the Anti Smuggling Unit Wu Yu clapped his hands, meaning go take those two away, and then climbed onto the yacht to examine the results of the battle.

A young man with a red card on his chest also dug in with a camera. What followed was an endless amount of flashes.

"This owner, we must seriously thank you. If it weren’t for your tools, we really would have no way of opening up such a turtle sh.e.l.l." An officer laughingly walked over and shook Ye Qing’s hands.

"Ah it’s nothing, it’s really nothing." Ye Qing waved his hand and uncaringly continued: "I was just enjoying myself up there and saw you guys chase after that yacht; very cool and kinda dangerous."

*Sigh~* The officer sighed: "Look, look at the arrogance of these people."

"8 115 horsepower Yamaha outboard motors, and 25 MM thick steel plating. Look at how badly damaged our chase boats have become. If it weren’t for them hitting the reef, we would have definitely lost them."

"These years, the smugglers have kept on increasing their technologies. Last month we also chased a boat that was like this, yet they actually welded on thumb thick steel rods on the outside; just like a porcupine."

"Then why don’t you guys also order these boats and go head to head with them!" Ye Qing had some feelings for these people as the chase boats by the docks were all dented and battered. Probably left behind from their first exchanges.

"If they weld on steel rods, then why don’t you just installed a bigger rammer? That way a single smash is enough to end it."

"Haha ~ That’s also what we want." Thus officer let out an expression of looking towards the future: "But the costs are just too high. If the plates are too thick, then when we go head on with these turtles, the plates will definitely deform, which we can't fix or resell as sheet metal, which means we need a replacement, but since all s.h.i.+p plates are welded on, then it can only be cut off."

"The heavier the s.h.i.+p, the more horsepower it needs. You see those 8 Yamahas over there, that’s nearly a million. And going by the rate they’re running, within a couple of trips these engines would be busted and unusable."

"So it’s like this."

With this Ye Qing finally understood why the much lighter chase boats were getting outrun by the smugglers. Due to the occupation, they constantly have to into other s.h.i.+ps, so carbon fiber which shatters on impact was definitely unusable, so what remained was making the light weight boats out of steel.

"If it gets damaged, then we can still sell it off as sheet metal, so it's affordable."

Soon a cargo container truck arrived. The Anti Smuggling officers all rolled up their sleeves, and started to s.h.i.+p off those ivory and other illegal animal products.

The worker on the s.h.i.+p with the camera was taking pictures non-stop. From the looks of things, he was definitely preparing materials for a news broadcast later.

These things took up the entire container, yet Ye Qing was on the side deep in thought.

Because he found an opportunity to make a huge killing with these chase boats from the Anti Smuggling Unit.

Of course, it wasn't building s.h.i.+ps; Ye Qing didn’t have the manpower, resources or time to do that.

s.h.i.+pbuilding was a complex and time consuming task where you needed to plan everything out, like renovating a home, and required all kinds of permits and licenses from the government.

Monster Factory Chapter 109

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